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AL East week one - Different ways to win

Posted on: April 11, 2011 11:38 am
AL East - 1st full week  -  9 games in,  as of April 11th, 2011

Clubs Find Different Ways to Win

 5-4 Blue Jays  -   Hitting & Pitching, ERA 2.63
 6-3 Orioles      -   Living on Pitching, Dying at the plate:  Hitting .216 but holding opponents to .216
 5-4 Yankees    -   Slugging .471 hides >> Hitting .236, which can't beat >> ERA 4.84
 2-7 Red Sox    -   Digging out but men LOB, Pitching better as ERA drops to 6.24 from 9+
 1-8 Rays          -   Hitting .163, opponents .271, scoring 2.7 runs less / game

NY Yankee Trends :  Slow starters at the plate can't overcome awful pitching:

- Mark Teixeira carried the club early as everyone else slumped, but now slugging percent disguises recent drought like Jorge Posada who had HRs early, now 0 for 17.   Lucky to have new bats Russell Martin, Eric ChavezRobinson Cano (thanks to Fenway) and Alex Rodriguez are the only regulars on track.

After 9 games, little traction at the plate:

 Nick Swisher           219
 Derek Jeter             206
 Mark Teixeira           182
 Curtis Granderson 172
 Brett Gardner          167
 Jorge Posada         138
- Especially hurts at the top of the order, low OBP in front of a sackful of homers.  3rd best slugging % in AL (behind White Sox and the unconscious Texas Rangers), but 8th in batting average, 12th in ERA.   18 HRs, tied with Texas.

A Few questions?

Who would have bet A.J. Burnett would be 2-0?   A lucky 2-0.
Why is Boone Logan used as a "stopper against lefties" when he doesn't stop lefties?
How about a leadoff hitter who hits for average instead of speed that's never on base?
When is Derek Jeter going to snap out of it at the plate and get back to being a #2 hitter?

With the Orioles and Texas coming up, the only bright spot is they'll play at the Stadium, while the Sox play the Rays, Jays and then head West for the A's and surging Angels.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 2:11 pm

AL East week one - Different ways to win

Wednesday night:

Disgraceful job by the soothsayer weatherguy who conjured a two day break so the could duck the 3rd game with the - 8 hours or more *before* game time?  Not MLB, Not the National Weather Service, Not any of the main TV stations - just a tin foil hat type with a stray dog and a dowsing rod.  Not impending rain, but "standing water".  Note to Fenway groundcrew:  ever heard of the concept of drainage?  Squeegee?   Field Maintenance?    It's only been 100 years, huh?  Long learning curve I guess.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 10:33 am

AL East week one - Different ways to win

Wednesday, 4/13:  After the Red Sox lose 2 at home to the Rays (who should have been an easy stretch) and fall to 2-9, what's the outlook?  Next up they face the strong Toronto Blue Jays and then travel to the West coast for the Oakland A's and LA Angels.  Here's a good point NYNasty made, and my projection about the uphill climb:

Of immediate concern to me if I'm a fan is the upcoming west coast swing. They never play well out there even when they're going good.  Maybe it's a bizarro year, and they'll kick in there, who knows?  But the potential to dig this hole a lil deeper looms as well.

How deep is the hole now?    If the Red Sox win 6/10 the next 40, they'll be *one* game over .500 by game 51.  If the hole gets any deeper (west coast possible?) and they win 6/10 after that trip, they'll be *one* game over by game 71.  

Maybe a win streak helps along the way, maybe a slip hurts.
As the immortal Nasty has said, "I'm not saying...I'm just saying.  Laughing "


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Posted on: April 12, 2011 7:12 am

AL East week one - Different ways to win

Red Sox euphoria with Josh Beckett is short-lived as Dice-K serves up 7 runs in 2 innings as the Red Sox lose 16-5.  Rays bats wake up with 20 hits as they score nearly as many runs in one game as they had scored in all the last nine.  Johnny Damon greets boos with HR.  Fortunes change quickly these days as the division remains topsy-turvy.  Tim Wakefield and Dan Wheeler allowed 4 and 5 runs respectively.
Are the Sox fans worried?

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