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AL East: Month One is Done

Posted on: May 1, 2011 2:38 pm

End of Month One:  April in the East

After a good week for sunshine and birds:  Rays 4-1, Jays 4-2, O's 4-1, Yanks 3-3 hold 1st with subs and sac-flies while Red Sox find their hole familiar.     April, 2011 (before sunday's games):

New York Yankees  (12- 6) --> (15- 9)  wk 3-3
Tampa Bay Rays     (11-11) --> (15-12)  wk 4-1
Toronto Blue Jays     ( 9-12) --> (13-14)  wk 4-2
Baltimore Orioles      ( 8-12) --> (12-13)  wk 4-1
Boston Red Sox        (10-11) --> (11-15)  wk 1-4

Rays did what Boston wished for - a fast recovery, now 3 over .500 and knocking on 1st.  Pitching is carrying the streak, ERA = 3.40, Whip 1.19.  And Longoria is due back, adding an Xtra-Ray.

O's rebounded this week from recent slump, but pitching slides to 4.47 and still not much hitting.  Buck dancer's choice.

Jays hang near .500 with their offense led by Bautista 9 Hrs, .361 in April.  Pitching is holding opponents to under .238, best in the East.

Sox drop 4 of 5, to O's & Sea after good west coast boost.  Last Monday they were near even, now 4 under .500 after some bullpen let downs  - Bard isn't writing sonnets, Jenks not showing strengths.  Clutch hitting is suffering, with 202 LOB near bottom of the league - Youk mired around .218, Crawford still a woeful .155 and hearing it from fans. Salty, Cameron, McDonald, and Vtek are still struggling.  Maybe the incoming Twins can offer some lighter lifting, but who knows?  Minny is due to rebound.

The Yankees slugging has been carrying the club (.475, 43 HRs) and now the starting pitching is contributing, dropping the ERA to a better 3.79 (from an early 4.84). The problem is the weak distribution of hits, with more potential runs LOB - Posada and Gardner really hurting, Swisher having one good game but still not seeing the ball well.

 - They can't continue using a leadoff hitter who's never on base and a DH who hits less than .123 despite his homers. 

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 7:07 am

AL East: Month One is Done

Sunday Update, May 1st:

Yankees (16-9) top Jays 5-2 (13-15) as Ivan Nova looks good into the 7th, 2 runs and 5 Ks, Robertson, Logan, Sori, Mo close it.  Homers now almost 2 per game, with Teixeira (solo) and Granderson (3 run shot).  Jeter, Arod and Swisher did squat. Gardner had 2 walks and a hit - he has going to have to do this much more often - or the team better find a new leadoff hitter.

Red Sox salvage a win over Seattle 3-2 on Crawford's single up the middle scoring Lowrie from 3rd in the 9th.  5 people were hospitalized in severe shock but are reported stable.  The Sox need to follow the Rays lead and build a streak because they are still under .500 in last, and the competition in the East hasn't folded.

Orioles over White Sox 6-4, pull even at 13-13.   Rays fall to the Angels 6-5, 2 & 1/2 back in 2nd.

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