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Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?

Posted on: May 9, 2011 9:07 am

AL East Status - Week Five
:  Shining Rays, quiet songbirds, and the Yanks tote lumber.

With 32 games played for most clubs, 20% of the season is enough to take stock of who they are so far.  Grades at the one fifth point:

Rays: A
The Rays once again did what Boston wished for - another recovery week plus a day 5-2, now 6 over .500 and sharing 1st.  Pitching is carrying the streak, Whip = 1.18, dropping both the Blue Jays and Orioles.  And Longoria is back.  Good balance of pitching with slugging.  Tampa Bay Rays:  3.23 era / .399 slugging  (20-14)

Yankees:  B
The Yankees looked sluggish dropping 3 of 4 to the Tigers and asleep at the plate. Despite the slumping play of Arod, Cano, and Posada they held onto a share of 1st Sunday with a 12-5 win banging out 16 hits and 5 HRs to cover 4 errors by several players who are still asleep, now in the field.  Slugging still, pitching good enough, could use consistency and better basic averages. New York Yankees:  3.70 / .461  (19-13)

Red Sox:  B-
Back at Fenway but can't build the streak they want.  Although they looked good against LA (their favorite punching bag these days), they lost an 11-0 finale and then gave up 9 to the Twins.  Home cooking is helping but pitching is still inconsistent, pen a question, and bottom half of batting order is still behind in production.  Lots left on base, BA-Risp is 30 points *under* their basic average.  Boston Red Sox:  4.31 / .393  (16-18)

Jays:  C+
Tough competition vs. Rays, is anyone hitting besides Jose Bautista and Adam Lind?  BA-Risp is .234.  Toronto Blue Jays:  3.87 / .393  (15-19)

Orioles:  C
Has the Buck factor faded?  Hitting just .233, pitching hurting of late, ranked 28th in run differential.  BA-Risp is keeping them around ranked 10th, 36 points above their basic average, Baltimore Orioles:  4.78 / .372  (14-19)

What happened to the Cervelli Great Gazoo helmet?   We'll take a grand slam with lighter headgear anytime.  

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 11:14 am

Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?


.279 Baltimore
.236 NY
.232 Tampa Bay
.231 Toronto
.224 Boston

RISP w/2 outs BA

.296 Baltimore
.274 Boston
.207 NY
.197 Toronto
.157 Tampa Bay


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Posted on: May 12, 2011 8:33 am

Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?

In an amazing display of ineptitude, the Yankee bats managed to strand 15 runners and, after a comeback to avoid a loss, find a way to lose.  Walking the leadoff hitter in exta innings is bush league. But the putrid awards go to the bats for tons of 2 on, no out chokes and at least 3 based loaded zeros.

Pitcher is wild, count is 3-1..  take a pitch and get on base?  naww...Pop up a bunt?  sure.
Arod might be able to concentrate better if he leaves that mouthful of crap on the bench when he is at the plate.

The cruel facts:
Derek Jeter, SS             6
Curtis Granderson, CF    3
Mark Teixeira, 1B           1
Alex Rodriguez, 3B         2
Robinson Cano, 2B         2
 Eduardo Nunez, PR-2B   1
Nick Swisher, RF              5
Jorge Posada, DH           2
Russell Martin, C            8
Brett Gardner, LF            4

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 4:25 pm

Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?

The Royals also loaded the bases with one out in the seventh, but Robertson struck out Escobar and Getz to escape the inning, and Kansas City went quietly the rest of the way.

This Getz AB was a key moment in this game. Too bad Hickox decided, on his own, to help Robertson out of the jam. The replay showed the check-swing was close enough to ask for help. Would have been nice if Robertson would have earned the Getz strike-out rather than a "wanna decide the game right here" ump taking the matter into his own hands.

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 12:26 pm

Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?

Update Wed., May 11:

;     &nbs
p;     &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;    ERA /  Slug     &
New York Yankees  3.62 / .457  (20-13)  2-0  Garcia sharp, Joba-Robertson-Mo shine, Jeter disarms critics, Help needed for Swisher, Posada
Tampa Bay Rays     3.26 / .403  (20-15)  1-1  Indians still hot, Rays still pitching, Matt Joyce, Ben Zobrist, Evan Longoria.. nuff said.
Boston Red Sox      4.25 / .399  (17-19)  2-1  A-Gon can mash, Bullpen questions, ba-risp 33 points lower than BA, Rotation shuffle iffy
Toronto Blue Jays    4.09 / .398  (16-20)  1-2  Jose Bautista is huge, Cooper greets Alpers fastball with plane ticket
Baltimore Orioles    4.75 / .377  (15-19)  1-1   Slip sliding from fine start, still better than 2010

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Posted on: May 10, 2011 7:57 am

Spring Rays shine - Did Yanks bring spf 50?

From the Sox laundry:  Wins on Sat. & Sun. over the admittedly limp Twins have brought the scrappy beantowners to within a game of .500 and in the middle of the pack in the warzone that is the AL East.  Will the RS nation stay humble and keep a vivid memory of the dreadful start to temper their enthusiasm?

The gods of self-inflicted wounds can be cruel especially when recent painful lessons are repressed or dismissed.  It's good to see the division looking like a fun summer of rivalry is likely, so don't celebrate a walk off without a nod to the blown save.  Victory can be a millimeter from the jaws of defeat.  Stay humble - I know it's hard to do.

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