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AL East Wk 11: Ice cream rises to the top

Posted on: June 20, 2011 10:45 am
AL East Wk 11:  Ice cream rises to the top

Sox clean up, NY close, division spreads with only O's slipping.  

In June, Sox 13-3, Yanks 11-6

Boston Red Sox      (38-26) --> (42-28)   wk 4-2  +1 sunday
New York Yankees  (35-27) --> (40-29)   wk 5-2  +1 sunday
Tampa Bay Rays      (34-30) --> (38-33)   wk 4-3  +1 sunday
Toronto Blue Jays     (32-33) --> (36-35)   wk 4-2   -1 sunday
Baltimore Orioles      (30-32) --> (31-37)   wk 1-5  +1 sunday

Balled up Sox continue to roll.  Pitching and hitting with the beginning of some injuries to deal with.  Yanks win as well but still have issues:  Bases loaded, 1 out, gotta score.  Streaks of zero key hits.  Wasting good pitching several times.  How bad a baserunner is Gardner?  Hitting is up, stealing and bunting inept.  Let him lead off - where do you bat the Capt?

Anyone notice that Cano's fielding has been strange?  Getting to ground balls but no throw, confused or brainlock?  Missing a few under the glove, notably bad on catcher's throws.  Watching him it looks like poor concentration, mind elsewhere, lazy and distracted.  What gives?

Granderson has carried the club, though he is striking out vs, lefties more often now - another coaching lesson due?  Gotta love the HR lead with both him and Tex.  Find that mojo, please.  Jorge had a good streak but will it be sustained?  Martin throwing out runners, bat coming back.  Swisher looked ok in leadoff - please continue to hit.

Road games wil be tougher for Boston, looking to Phillies to cool off MLB's top club.  AGon is MVP so far, maybe triple crown - ouch.   Old Macdonald heads to the farm?  Eieio.  Drew too few.  Sox can tolerate a few slow bats these days, alas.   Who gets under Beckett's thin skin?  You know it will happen.


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Posted on: June 22, 2011 8:15 am

AL East Wk 11: Ice cream rises to the top

and outpacing the league in several ways:

  • Both are slugging 30 points or so above 3rd/4th ranked teams, 60 point above league average.  On base and BA of course are similar.  OPS near 800 - smoking.
  • Congrats, Sox, ERA finally dropped below 4 a few days ago.  Still above average but improving.  Yanks 3.55 ranks 8th overall (no one would have predicted that!).
  • Sox still have a high LOB number, part from the heavy hitting residuals, Sox have raised the BA-Risp clutch hitting 46 points since mid May (220 -> 266), and BA is up 21 points.
  • Yankees are up 34 points in the same month (231 -> 265), BA up 12 points.  

By comparison, teams with BA-Risp too high dropped back to reality, losing 30 points or more:  Texas -41 points (301 - 260), - 30 (301 - 271), - 28 (304 - 276), -39 (269 - 230).   Teams a lot lower than their BA climbed about 30 points:  , A's, .

   Conclusion: any team hitting in the clutch 30 points higher or lower than their basic BA will return to earth or improve over a 3-4 week period, so expect to be the hitters you are.

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 7:54 am

AL East Wk 11: Ice cream rises to the top

Andruw Jones?  Meet Davey Jones - DPs are one thing, not running is another.  Bush league, resignation, bah bye.  No mas.  Get gone.

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 4:25 pm

AL East Wk 11: Ice cream rises to the top

Why the heck would Jones start tonight instead of Gardner?  All that Jones is good at striking out with a big smile.  Hell, we have plenty of regulars that can do that.  Girardi has taken too many foul balls...  dolt.

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