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Arrgh, Matey. Shiver me timbers, 1st in the East

Posted on: June 27, 2011 10:41 am
Arrrrgh, Matey.  Shiver me timbers.  Keel hauled.

AL East wk 12:
New York Yankees  (40-29) --> (44-31)   wk 4-2
Boston Red Sox       (42-28) --> (44-32)   wk 2-4
Tampa Bay Rays       (38-33) --> (43-34)   wk 5-1
Toronto Blue Jays      (36-35) --> (38-39)   wk 2-4
Baltimore Orioles       (31-37) --> (34-40)   wk 3-3

+ everyone won on Sunday.  It's the East, after all.   

Despite their hot streak, the Red Sox were boarded by the Pirates after doing penance with the Padres, and the Yankees took 1st place... for now.  The stealthy Rays heated the field to pull close and create the 3 team race most folks expected.  Maybe the Jays can hang close?

With interleague ending, thank Jeter, we'll get back to better games.
  • The Red Sox get famine and feast, heading to Philly - It's on to the city of brotherly love, Ben Franklin and cheesesteaks  where the fans are gracious and the food is tough - and then Houston.  The AssTro end of the league.  And then the Jays, finally.
  • The Yankees see the Brewers at home and then on the road to the Mets and then Cleveland.  Taking care of business.

Looking to get Colon back soon, maybe even Hughes.  Too much to ask where the hell the lefty relievers are...  the pharmacy probably.  ARod hitting for average and RBIs despite sore shoulder, light power.  Tex, Swisher, Jorge stay hot, looking to wake up Cano and Granderson to click on all cylinders.  Gardner actually stole a base - imagine that!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 9:49 am

Arrgh, Matey. Shiver me timbers, 1st in the East

Sox fans turn to synchronized swimming after Philly loses:

What is WITH you folks up there near Boston???   There's a dead woman in your pool and no one noticed.. for 3 days... swimming around her... *while the pool was being inspected by the City*.    Dept. of Weekend at Bernies, Fall River Dept.    What's up with Massachusetts?

Massachusetts: Dead Woman Unnoticed  By KATIE ZEZIMA  Published: June 30, 2011  New York Times

State officials are investigating how a woman apparently died at a Fall River pool on Sunday and went unnoticed until Tuesday night. The body of Marie Joseph, 36, of Fall River, was discovered Tuesday around 10 p.m. in the Veterans Memorial Pool in Fall River. The authorities said Ms. Joseph went down a slide Sunday immediately after a 9-year-old boy and collided with him. The mayor of Fall River, William Flanagan, said city inspectors visited the pool, which was open to the public and had several lifeguards on duty, Monday and Tuesday, only to report that the water was “cloudy.” Pool staff was suspended and state officials closed 24 pools while reviewing safety procedures and training.

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Posted on: June 29, 2011 10:08 am

Arrgh, Matey. Shiver me timbers, 1st in the East

Tuesday nite:

Cliff Lee dominates the Red Sox allowing just 2 hits.  Beckett not sharp after layoff, leaving early after giving up 5. Interesting response by Francona:

A-Gon in right field, Ortiz at 1st.  Solves the RF hole in the offense, gets Papi in the game, after the Macdonald-Cameron lineup was a weak bottom in front of a pitcher.  Don't expect Gonzalez to be running into the wall or diving, would be my guess.  Might be more fun watching Ortiz in right...   ya think?

Yankees handle Greinke, Garcia does what's needed, Tex homers 3rd game in a row, Swisher 3 run shot.  ARod keeps building the average with timely hits.  Bullpen continues to surprise and get better.  Hit the break on a roll, please.

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Posted on: June 27, 2011 3:32 pm

Arrgh, Matey. Shiver me timbers, 1st in the East

Injury Updates:

  • "Everything's good," Jeter said after some sprints. "Steps in the right direction."
  • Infielder Eric Chavez, out with a broken left foot, took batting practice with Jeter.
  • Right-hander Bartolo Colon, sidelined with a strained right hamstring, threw four innings of 15-pitches each in a simulated game.
  • Left-handed reliever Pedro Feliciano, on the DL with a left shoulder tear, made 15 soft throws off a bullpen mound,

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