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Wk 19: One half game, short division.

Posted on: August 15, 2011 9:59 am
Wk 19:   Who wants the Division?

Road trips next week or so - Sox hit less well there.  Both NY and Sox party with Royals (no Pippa, sadly), then NY plays with Twins >> Texas re-arRangers Sock drawer?  

Boston Red Sox      (73-45) --> (73-46)   wk 0-1
New York Yankees  (72-46) --> (72-46)   wk 0-0   1/2
Tampa Bay Rays     (64-55) --> (64-55)   wk 0-0    9
Toronto Blue Jays    (60-59) --> (61-59)   wk 1-0   12.5
Baltimore Orioles     (45-72) --> (46-72)   wk 1-0   26.5

Youk BA at .191 on the road?  ouch.  Let's hope the division race stays real.   ARod returns, Garcia stops doing kitchen prep, Will we see some B's in pen or maybe a DH callup?  Down to the wire - stop the dang rain.

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 9:04 am

Wk 19: One half game, short division.

Freddy Garcia needs to understand that in order to throw an effective split-fingered fastball, you don't actually *need* to split your finger.

Tuesday was "3" day for the Red Sox:  3 hits game 1 vs. Rays (eeked out a win), 3 hits game 2 (got eeked), triple play. 
Scutaro out?  Ortiz out?  #3 = ____?  

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