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Rays sweep, Yanks snoozed, Sox neatly folded

Posted on: September 12, 2011 9:03 am
AL East, Week 23:       Rays sweep, Yanks snoozed, Sox neatly folded
New York Yankees  (84-53) --> (87-57)   wk 3-4
Boston Red Sox      (84-54) --> (85-60)   wk 1-6   3.5
Tampa Bay Rays     (75-63) --> (80-64)   wk 5-1    7   (3.5 back of WC)
Toronto Blue Jays    (69-70) --> (73-73)   wk 4-3   15
Baltimore Orioles     (55-82) --> (58-86)   wk 3-4   30

Bleached, Oxycleaned, folded with care, Lester is less, 16 to play?  Rays coming back for 4 in Fenway.  Youk's back isn't back, Bullpen messy, ...  oh snap.

Pitching futures drop like the market.  Fans talk Steelers, What weekend?  Turning to the Pats, forgetting the peanuts and crackerjacks.

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Posted on: September 13, 2011 10:05 am

Rays sweep, Yanks snoozed, Sox neatly folded

The are closer to the than the Yanks right now.  Big series with Jays and Rays.  A few things: 

- Will the Sox fans be rooting for the Yanks to smack the Rays?
- Sox are only in trouble if they lose one of these 1st 2 to the Jays - then the Rays can close in.
- The Rays hurt in BA (.244?) , and have a BA-Risp about 20 points *under* that... so it's due to rise up to match. Look for the Rays to hit better with runners on.  But Pitching is their strength.
- Sox have more home games, weaker opponents over these last 16.

I still think the Sox will pull through...  just a wake up call to infuse some energy.   Or a warning?

As NYNasty put it...

also need to be concerned with the Yanks clinching the east, when and if they do it.

  Their last three are against Tampa. If the division's sewn up, you know Joey G's going to be trotting Scranton out there.

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