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Wk 24:Sox wilt under hot Rays, help Yanks clinch.

Posted on: September 19, 2011 8:21 am
Wk 24:  Sox wilt under hot Rays, help Yanks clinch.

Shades of April?  Sox droop in Sept under Rays, wild card at risk.  Boston fans are rooting for the Yanks (!) to slow Tampa.  But it's looking like a spectacle for their last series.  

as of sunday, 9/18/11:

New York Yankees   (87-57) --> (91-59)   wk 4-2 + sunday, 91-60
Boston Red Sox       (85-60) --> (87-64)   wk 2-4                   87-65   -4.5
Tampa Bay Rays      (80-64) --> (84-67)   wk 4-3                   85-67   -6.5, 2 back of WC
Toronto Blue Jays     (73-73) --> (76-75)   wk 3-2                   77-75
Baltimore Orioles     (58-86) --> (62-88)   wk 4-2                   62-89

In Sept:

Red Sox:    4-13
Yanks:      10-7
Rays:        11-6

Ironic the way things are working out.  Do the math:  Yanks have a magic # of 7 with 11 to play.

1 = Twins
2 = split with Rays
2 = split by Sox/Balt
Leaves 2 for the Boston/NY series...

So ONE win among those 3 games means the Yanks CLINCH at home in the big ballpark, with Mo's 602, having their good pals the Red Sox as company.  priceless.   What a nice gesture, I say.  Colorful backdrop, great photos, rest the last few games.

Imagine that.

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