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Fenway is wicked old

Posted on: April 21, 2012 10:49 am
Its two weeks or so into the 2012 baseball season.  By the end of the weekend we'll be 10% along the way to playoffs.  Here's how things stand:

The O's and J's insist they'll compete in the toughest division in the majors and they are, so far.  Both riding ok starters, so-so hitting but good on base averages.  Can they hang come August?

The Sox and Rays are struggling as their slugging can't overcome weak bullpens.  Sox starters have yet to gel and the hangover from the end of last year looks to be still hurting the chemistry.  Dusty tells Bobby V that's not the way we do things around here... airing barbs with the media.  Bobby V knows no other way or he's looking to rally teamates around Youk.  Not working so far.

The Yanks starters have been shakey - CC still rounding into form and Kuroda looking great one start, corroding in another.  Nova shines, Hughes can't challenge hitters inside.  Garcia?  bet the over.

But it's the bullpen that shines, giving the Yanks confidence that as long as they slug they can overcome those early runs by sloppy starters.

The little lyric bandbox that is Fenway turned 100 - Fans cheered a tipsy Kevin Millar and the 212 Sox players, but the 25 Yankees in old style uniforms put 5 solo homers into the seats and held the Red Sox to 2 runs to cool an otherwise sunny party.  Sox fans are hoping the pen improves after sending Melancon down to Pawtuket but it's the starters 2 through 5 that may be a bigger worry.

Spring is here, let's play two.   

AL East:     Era Starter-Pen,   OPS

NY Yankees (8-6)  5.40 - 1.71,  835
Baltimore     (8-6)  4.30 - 2.44,  760
Toronto         (7-6)  3.92 - 4.57,  701
Tampa Bay   (7-7)  4.02 - 8.49,  762
Boston         (4-9)  6.09 - 6.13,  762


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Posted on: April 23, 2012 8:01 am

Fenway is wicked old

My speculation:  Bobby V. meets the GM late Saturday.  GM says "ok, let's skip Bard's start and use him in the pen."  Bobby: "What about Sunday?"   GM:  "Ain't gonna happen."  Bobby: "We could play earlier."   GM:  "Hush your puppy.  Let's hope the still haven't figured things out."

Because Sunday night's game was scheduled to be on ESPN, Francona was supposed to be in the booth to analyze his former team. The rainout saved the from that awkward situation.

Rest, recover. move on.  Root for the , LAA and Detroit to even things out. 

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Posted on: April 22, 2012 4:17 pm

Fenway is wicked old

Saturday the Yanks, down 9 (!) early came back with 15 runs (two 7 run innings in the 7th and 8th) to top the Red Sox.  Aceves, the last pen pitcher most figured was capable gave up a bunch.  Bobby V gets a visit from his GM after the game and they weren't just talking about welcoming Byrd. 

;     &nbs
p;    ERA starters - pen,  OPS
NY Yankees (9-6)  5.84 - 2.14,  861
Boston       (4-10) 5.75 - 8.44,  788
Sunday's game was never going to happen.  White towel, move on.  Called 5 hours before it would have been played.

Both teams have awful rotations.  One at least has a pen... and some alternative starters. 

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