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First Month - AL East is a 5 team race

Posted on: April 30, 2012 9:12 am
April 30th

End of April, and the O's and Jay's aren't fading.  The O's are living on starters and a pen (and Buck Showalter), but need some hitting.  The Jay's look weaker all around.

The 3 initial favorites struggle in different ways:  the Rays have won 7 of 8 on their starters - no pen - and hitting 31 points lower with runners in scoring position than overall BA. Once this improves, watch out.

The Yanks have the pen, but must keep slugging to try and outrun no starters. The Red Sox starters are better but suspect along with a pen out of ink, so slugging away has saved them for now.  Dice-K is due back... is that a good thing?  If the O's and Jay's hang in, a tough division limits any one of these five teams total wins.

AL East:      Era Starter-Pen,  OPS

Baltimore  (14-8)  3.71 - 1.88,  742
Tampa Bay  (14-8)  3.44 - 6.17,  775
NY Yankees (12-9)  6.37 - 2.06,  833
Toronto        (12-10)  3.51 - 4.52,  718
Boston         (10-11)  5.19 - 6.34,  797

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