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New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Posted on: March 27, 2011 10:23 pm
Edited on: March 30, 2011 7:04 pm
As a huge Yankees fan for my entire life, I follow this team very closing and I'm not afraid to say I did not like a move (such as the signing of Alex Rodriguez after he opted out). This is MY outlook on the team this year. 

Catcher: This is a very tricky position. After having Jorge Posada here for a long time, we now have Russell Martin and Jesus Montero (or maybe Molina from what I've heard). Martin can be a good catcher when healthy an is an obvious upgrade defensively. Montero I feel would be better as a DH or stay in the minors. Fransico Cervilli, who will be back in May will add stability to the back-up catcher role, as he has done a nice job in the past. 

First Base: Mark Teixera will have a bounce back year average wise, which should slightly increase his RBI and Runs total too. He is also very durable so the Yankees are fine here. 

Second Base: Robinson Cano. Nothing else to say. He is great defensively and he has become an huge offensive player. He could be a serious runner for the MVP this year. 

Shortstop: Derek Jeter. The face of the franchise should have a bounce back year as he gets 3000+ hits. His defense will decline but he is still an important piece for this team. 

Third Base: A-Rod. he will have another typical year with all the hoopla, but I expect a slight increase in HRs and RBIs according to his trends. 

Outfield: This is a good group of OFs. They have Nick Swisher who has a good arm and a nice power bat. he will lose in average but he should still hit a respectable number. Brett Gardner is the Yankees speed guy and since he may hit leadoff more often, he has a chance to get over 60 steals. If he stays healthy, he may also hit around .300. Defensively, he fine. Now the question mark I have is Curtis Granderson. I do not think he is a good fit but that just me. 

Reserves: This is a good bench, better in years past. The Yankees also have enough guys in the minor to bring up if they are not fine with the guys they have right now. 

Starting Pitching: I beleive they made a mistake keeping the soft tossing Freddy Garcia in the rotation since teams like the Red Sox and Rangers will whack him around. I thought Bartolo Colon even with injuries and inning limit should have been the guy. Ivan Nova should surprise a lot of guys and so should A.J. Brunett. He had a good first half last year, before blowing up completely. C.C. sabathia is still the ace and Phil Hughes may struggle if he can't find some velocity. The Yankees have a lot of young guys in the minors that can pitch and I expect one or two of them to come up this season to get their licks in the majors. 

Bullpen: The 8th/9th inning guys are not a problem. I did not like the spending on of Rafael Soriano but he is good insurance. Mariano Rivera is still the BEST CLOSER EVER, so he will maintain his part. Robertson and Chamberlain will be good 6th/7th inning guys and can eat up a couple innings if guys are taxed. I don't like Loogan or Marte as a lefty specialist but it is a good thing Robertson has great numbers vs lefties. 

Prediction: They will finish 1st in the AL EAST. When it comes playoff time, they will go as far as their top 3 SPs take them. Now that I can't predict just yet. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 10:24 pm

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Most base hits after first 16 seasons

1. Rose 2964 base hits - played 24 seasons
2. Aaron 2956 base hits - played 23 seasons
3. Jeter 2926 base hits entering 17th season

Jeter needed 39 hits to have more hits than anyone whoever played major league after their first sixteen years in the big leagues.
That's not good enough? 
Seems to me he holds his own.  
But no, Jeter HAD to get those 39 hits to be considered tepidly ok by the haters.
Even having more hits in his first sixteen years than anyone who played the game still isn't good enough for them.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 8:46 pm

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Broken Fingers:
I see what you mean but Hughes did show he can pitch in the Bronx. The Giants were a real surprise but most teams play there best in October anyways. A.J i think we have a good year. His problem is that he has no confidence but he has great stuff. He normally throws one bad pitch and down he goes. This has been a career problem for him. Nova, I think is a type of pitcher we need. The first time i saw him was against the Blue Jays last year. After A-Rod was plunked in the top half, this guy comes and throws one up and in to Bautista. Then he follows it up with a HBP. Granted I dont approve of this but he is fiesty and daring enough not to be afraid. It will get him in troubles at times but at other times it will be good. Its a learning curve for him. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 1:19 pm

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Sounds like YOu are the real hater, Jeter Boy

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 1:07 pm

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

I hope you're not too optimistic about the consistance of Yankees players: honestly I see a good bunch of dangerous sluggers but on the mound I worry about the inconstancy of A.J. and Hughes and the unexperience of Nova.
See last year, I was really surprised from the Giants because they has a weak line up (I think so) but they wom the World Series thanks to their excellent pitchers.
By the way Yankees are always the Yankees and anybody comes to the Bronx is unconfortable because that.

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Posted on: March 28, 2011 5:53 am

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Fast Freddy, you just a hater. Name 1 team that doesnt have anybody past 30 on their roster.Jeter can still hang with the best of 'em, oh he's slowing down, yes, but he can still get the job done.
Our starters will be OK, if not, we'll get another at mid season and our prospects are lookin good. They should be ready next year so we just 1 pitcher away.
 Hey, too bad your team doesnt have the resourses we do, huh? We are blessed to be a
in a major media town and to have an owner who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT WINNING, huh?Too bad the McCourts cant figure out what to do with the Dodgers, huh?
O wait, the Dodgers are in LA right?Another major media town. O, yeah, the McCourts.
We'll be fine so dont worry about us. Worry about the McCourts and what they are going to do with the Dodgers and maybe they'LL win some.
The McCoorts should just sell the team to a qualified buyer and then fight about the proceeds.Whatever problems they have the team is innocent of  and should not belong to EITHER of them. Right now its laughable, the situation is.
So fast freedy,  we will be all right, dont worry bout us. Maybe you should write to the McCourts and tell them to do whatever it is they got to do for the good of the Dodgers. They used to be a great team.

Yeah, we shall survive, despite haters like you.

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Posted on: March 27, 2011 11:47 pm

New York Yankees -2011 Season Outlook

Get serious!  You have to ask yourself, where did my 200 million dollars go?

Catcher: Martin is off the roids and can't hit anymore.  You will be thrilled watching him ground out to short with guys on base.  Posada is shot, sorry.

First Base: If it wasn't for A-Rod, Teixera woild be the most over paid player in baseball.  He will hit .250 again and only get some home runs because he is playing in that Yankee Stadium Little League park.

Second Base:  Here is your best guy.  A real good all around player.

Short Stop:  Jeter is on his way out.  Go watch some old highlights.

Third Base:  A-Rod is also off the roids and on his way down.  If you make the payoffs, he will choke as usual.

Outfield:  Come on!  These three could be playing for the Royals!  This is a Yankee outfield?

Starting Pitching:  Better hope Sabathia can start about 100 games this year.

Relief Pitching:  It better be good with that crappy starting staff.  Rivera better hope that everyone keeps fishing for that stupid slider he throws about six inches off the plate.

With this kind of payroll, I would expect young superstars at every position.  Right now, you have Cano, Sabathia, has beens, and a bunch of run-of-the-mill guys.

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