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Final Four

Posted on: April 2, 2011 10:08 pm
Congrats Butler!  Good hard fought game and VCU had a excellent year as well.   Now about the Kentucky vs UCONN,  or ask I call it CrookedCal 1 vs CrookedCal 2/ Slim Shady vs Slim Shady.  Can they both not lose?  Both coaches are allegely crooked as all hell.  So who do you pull for?  Im gonna pull for Kentucky bc they are in the SEC and thats the only reason.  But as we all know CrookedCal1 (Calapari) is not so good in the final four so its looking like his team is gonna choke again (Memphis 08 UMass 96 and both vacated) and let CrookedCal 2 win.  Whoever wins I know most of the nation is going to be pulling for the Butler to beat the CrookedCal 1 or 2.   
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Posted on: April 6, 2011 11:41 pm

Final Four

    Hey! I live with a Kentucky diehard and I let her know clearly that to-date...all of Cal's Final Four appearences have been erased due to illegal activities (excluding Kentucky'11). Laughing

     Also, because my lil' Kitty Kat has blown my Vowels to smithereens with the Pearl scandal exposed... I pulled for Butler's Bulldawgs as a result to protest fat-check coaches cheatin' instead of working hard at recruiting.. She hasn't quit hissin' over those brick free throws her boys threw up versus UCONN, and their just as guilty coach too!Surprised

     Thank God for Coach 'Zo in Rocky Top, and Mike "the hammer" Anderson at Razorback Nation!!! Peace.

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Posted on: April 3, 2011 7:22 am

Final Four

Man, I'm sure glad you brought me up-to-speed on CrookedCal 2, who I actually thought I liked - and worse, came close to publicly saying so in a post last night.  haha.  I recall one of the game announcers mentioning that those vacated wins were more due to player-related infractions than Slim Shady.  In the eyes of the NCAA, it's more or less the same though.

Anyway, Butler-VCU was one heck of a great game, and honestly made Cal vs Cal seem almost amateurish by comparison.  Both teams have a style of play I wouldn't mind the Hogs emulating over the next few years (understatement).  I would have been pulling for either one of them Monday night even had it been Kentucky playing - but I'm glad it's Butler.

Finally, that Reliant Stadium setup was one made-for-TV spectacle, wasn't it?  Makes you wonder just how many is too big a crowd for a basketball game!  Guess Jerry World will eventually answer that one! 

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