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Washington Redskins = East Coast Oakland Raiders

Posted on: October 27, 2009 1:53 am
Edited on: October 27, 2009 1:56 am

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a Washington Fan,  However, I am not a Hater.  I am a 68 year old Male that loves the game of Football at any level of Competition.  The Washington "REDSKINS" are the Oakland Raiders of the EAST COAST.  Both teams have the exact same problems.  Those Problems are:

1.  Bad Ownership.  Owners should not interfer in the Coaches Daily Operations of the Team.  The Owners Finance the Team and their only responsibility is to hire a General Manger who agrees with the Owners Philosophies.  The Owner evaluates the General Manager's performance against the 5 year Plan.

2.  Bad General Manager.  It is the General Manager and Owner who develope the 5 year plan, who hire a Head Coach, and approve the Assitant Coaches the Head Coach wants to hire, who Draft the Players  This team of Executives should have a 5 year rebuilding plan and stick to it.

3.  Bad Coaching.  A "Rotating-Door" of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches coming in and being fired after one year, will never be able to build a winning team.  You need consistantcy to build and be a winner.  A head Coach should get a 5 year Contract when hired.  The Head Coach should have Written Measurable Goals to achieve each year.  You need a Coaching Staff that is on the same page Philosophically.  They must agree on the overall Game plan and the execution of said Plan.  They are all Responsible for the Training and Motivation of the Players.  Then the General Manager has a responsibility to evaluate the Performance of the Head Coach against the 5 year plan.  The General Manager also evaluates the performance of all the Coaches and Players to see that they are performing up to expectations.

4.  It is very obvious, to me, that some players have given up on this Team, this Coach and this Ownership and are just putting in time and collecting a Paycheck.  You do not need those kind of Players so they should be Traded if possible, if not Cut them off the team.

5.  I don't care if you are Jason Campbell or Peyton Manning, you could not, on your own make this a winning Team  I will also state that Peyton Manning would not have stats much better than Jason Campbell if he played for the Washinton Redskins.
   It is very hard to throw the Football laying on your back, because your Offensive Line can not block
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