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The most overrated/underrated plays in sports

Posted on: October 26, 2009 9:53 pm

The Most Overrated/Underrated Plays in Sports

The Most Overrated Plays in Sports

#1 Derek Jeter dives into stands

Though many people hail it as one of the best all-time catches, Jeters diving into the stands is very overrated. First, the catch was very easy, then after taking many steps Jeter dives headfirst into the stands. coming up all bloody. People argue that Jeter sacrificed life and limb for his team but really this was just bone headed as he could have seriously injured himself or a fan.

#2 The Immaculate Reception 

Many people say this could possibly be the best play in sports. However, I disagree. there was very little athleticism involved on the part of Franco Harris. his role in the play was simply being in the right spot at the right time. An Offensive lineman could have made the same play. Terry Bradshaw made a good play to escape the pressure then made a horrible throw to someone who was clearly covered. The one thing good about the play was the timing as this play saved the steelers season.

#3 Willie Mays' over the shoulder catch

Although in my opinion Willie Mays is the best baseball player ever his over the shoulders catch is overrated. The way he caught the ball was like the way 5-year-olds catch it; underhanded. many people recently have duplicated this catch and every time someone does it makes the Sportscenter top ten. 

#4 Steve Bartman

Cubs fans will definitely disagree with this one but Bartmans incident is not that bad. The catch would have been a very difficult one even if Steve Bartman hadn't  interfered. And even if Alou had caught the ball it didn't mean the Cubs would automatically win.

#5 Leon Lett

This was simply a meaningless play advertised as a game changing screw-up. Enough said.

The Most Underrated Plays in Sports

#1 Trinity University's winning touchdown against Millsaps College of Mississippi

This last second return featured 15 laterals and although few have heard about it, it is one of the most entertaining game winning plays ever.

#2 The Patriots undefeated regular season

People don't realize how amazing an undefeated season is. The New England Patriots may have lost the Super Bowl to the Giants but the way they got to the big game was amazing. The Pats had arguably the best one year connection ever in all of sports. Tom Brady to Randy Moss. the duo shattered NFL records with a Quarterback drafted in the seventh round and a controversial receiver turned good guy. 

#3 The Sport of Rugby

Americans may not realize how athletic Rugby players are. The hits the players take and the harshness of the game itself make rugby a sport only played by the strongest and most durable athletes in the world.

#4 Jim Abbots No hitter

Pitching a no hitter is a huge accomplishment for any pitcher, but pitching one with just one arm is sensational. Though Abbot had half the arms of other Major League he had to work twice as hard just to keep up.

#5 Secretariat

In no sport, in no single game or match has one team or player won by as much as Secretariat did. This is one of the most amazing single handed performance in all of sports. Period.




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Posted on: October 27, 2009 1:19 pm

The most overrated/underrated plays in sports

I stopped reading after number 1.  How is Jeters dive into the stands overrated?!!?  Yes he caught it before and took a few steps before going into the stands, but there was 0 way he would have been able to stop.  He showed is grit and complete dedication to the Yankees by going 100% on that play.  Just another guy jealous of Jeter and all he has accomplished.  That was one of the best regular season games I have ever seen.  Yankees v. Red Sox.  Does not get any better than that!

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