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A stat that lets us, the fans know if we matter.

Posted on: August 15, 2011 9:41 pm
First of all, thanks to all those who read my first post.
For this post, I wanted to get fans involved in the statistical side of the game, but I couldn't find any stats at all that took Fans into account. So, obviously, I made my own. I like to call it fWPA, or Fan Winning Percentage Added.
  1. I started out by looking at all games this MLB season where the Attendance was more than the average draw by the team. For example, Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies Home average attendance is 45,502, I looked at all games with at least that much attendance.
  2. I then recorded the percentage of those games in which the home team won 
  3. And, Finally compared it with the teams home winning percentage.
 Here are the three best, and three worst in fWPA.

fWPA Leaders
  1.  FLORIDA Marlins 10.6%
  2. TORONTO Blue Jays 7.6%
  3. COLORADO Rockies 6.4%

Worst fWPA in MLB

  1. TAMPA BAY Rays -12.8%
  2. BALTIMORE Orioles -12.0%
  3. SAN DIEGO Padres -11.7%

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Posted on: August 22, 2011 4:04 pm

A stat that lets us, the fans know if we matter.

The Marlins have been on the road since the 15th so if I understand the concept my numbers should be the same as yours.  The Marlins attendance (30th) averages 18,197.  They have played 63 home games with a record of 24-39 (.381).  However on those occasions that their attendance is above the average they only win at a .106 clip. 
I guess this is something that the loyals fans of Broward and Dade figured out ages ago, that the best way to support the team is stay home.  And that they have done since the Marlins entered the league. 
I'll check back to see if I understand your method.  yogi

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