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My Knicks dream.

Posted on: October 22, 2009 2:50 pm
As the sun is about to rise on a new season, a dream is born. The dream that iv had ever since i was a child. BAck in those days Patrick Ewing was being drafted and the Knicks were looking like a power house, by consistantly making the playoffs.

As time went on many things have crushed my dreams the biggest being Reggie Miller draining Threes back to back to back. Another dream killer was a man named Michael Jordan. With this all said i still have hope. There has been times in the past couple years that iv almost lost my hope, but i have stayed with them.

When Larry Brown came to town and nearly destroyed my dream for good, i was still cheering for them. i was at one of the last games of that season. We played the New Jersey Nets, and i went to there home and cheered on my team. Even though we lost to there scubs, and they clinched about 2 weeks earlier, and the KNicks had no shot at any thing, i still had my dream that one day we would make it.

When the knicks were eleiminated by the Pistons in the first round one year, i stayed wiht them. when they drafted Sweetny i was excited and ready to make it.

then i realized the knicks never make it. They never make it easy to be a knicks fan. The thing is iv gotten excited so many times in the past wioht my KNicks, that even though now, with this rebuilding effort that we are in right now, i wont allow my self to get excited. I mena i know David Lee is un real; at times, and i know that we got a coach now, and i know there is a long shot that King LeBron James is coming to the garden. i still wont allow my self to get ha;ppy. not till see progress.

REally im just a normal guy at work blogging about the knicks, so im not really trying to make any real poiunt. Juat want it to be known that i have a dream, and that dream is to one day beable to say that i stuck wiht them and that they finally have won a championship.

To conclude, if they go in to a trading frenzy and get rid of players for other palyers that might get us a first round eleimination then id be greatly disapointed. This stratagy had proven it self not to work time and time again. What needs to happen is we need to take our time and let things build naturaly. We need to begin to develope players in our system. David Lee, Nate Robinson, Deangelo Gallinari, Jordan Hill these are yopung talented guys who we vcould develope, and hopefully be peices to our puzzle, leading to champion ship. So lets not go crazy at the thought of Lebron Coming to town. By this i mena lets not trade away all our vital players that we have developed, lets maybe hold off. What would that look like LEbron comes to town and we let go of everyone then what do we have? We have the Texas Rangers. They signed A man by the name of Alex Rodriguez, and they didnt do a thing wiht him and his huge contract.
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