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Sugar Bowl Thoughts

Posted on: December 6, 2010 3:26 pm
It’s official now: Ohio State to play Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl the night of January 4th.  I think a great deal of Buckeye fans myself included wanted another shot at the almighty SEC who currently own an 8-0 record over us in bowl games.  This will be an important matchup for both teams as tOSU obviously wants to end the streak and the Razorbacks want to establish themselves as an elite SEC school.  A BCS win would work wonders for their recruiting.

Some of the keys to the game:

Arkansas struggles a bit defending the run, and Tress must establish the two-headed monster of Herron and Saine early and often.  Don’t force Pryor to make the plays all by himself.

It seems obvious, but it is imperative to get pressure on Ryan Mallett to force him out of the pocket.  tOSU has some All-America caliber defensive backs but they will be worked all day.  Some big plays are inevitable, but we need to do a better job at getting the gunslinger uncomfortable than LSU did.

Field position will be key if the Bucks hope to force the Hogs into their style of play.  Special teams will be important, and of course solid ball possession.

I think at the end of the day Ohio State has the capacity to win this one by a small margin, 28-24.  I think this game may steal the BCS show; best of luck to both teams and no injuries.

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Posted on: December 23, 2010 11:50 pm

Sugar Bowl Thoughts - Different but the Same!

First, nice avi, username, and blog idea.  (Found you on a friend of a friend's profile - quite by chance

Second, behind Arkansas and off-n-on "affairs" with UGA, GT, and the Falcons, I've always had a strong affinity towards The Steel City's franchises - especially the Steelers and followed by the Pirates.  Even made the effort of traveling to a Braves-Pirates game the final season of old Three Rivers Stadium.  Only Pitt - the college team - leaves an UNsweet taste in my mouth, after personally experiencing the dagger-to-the-heart of Dan Marino pulling out the last-second win over Georgia for the National Championship in the '82 Sugar Bowl.

... which brings me to the reason for posting here.  As a decades-long, die-hard Razorback fan/alum living in Georgia, I too feel like a fish out of water - often yearning to be closer to my team.  Seemingly, your circumstances being similar to mine relative to a pair of Georgia programs I've really latched onto over the years of living outside Arkansas. 

Anyway, we both picked the same predicted final score, 28-24.  After reading hundreds of Bucky comments, during which I became familiar with "Tressel-Ball", I finally arrived at the conclusion that one of these two teams would win by this score.  Initially, I leaned towards a Buckeye win, but since have flipped it after much consideration.  It took about another hundred Hog comments to balance my view and then swing in favor of Arkansas. 

While no doubt the outcome can go either way, I strongly believe it will be similar to a grinding game we played against Mississippi State towards the end of the season, in which it took an overtime to decide a winner.  Except against OSU, it won't be a game in the thirties.  Arkansas has been in a position to win every game this year going into the 4th quarter, has succeeded all but twice, and won its final six (including wins against a No. 19, No. 21, and No. 5).

Barring some last-minute fluky occurence like nearly happened this week with OSU/tatoos and actually did happen to Arkansas the day before the Liberty Bowl this past January (last-minute suspension of 3 players over a Beale Street incident), I honestly believe the Razorbacks are unstoppable against anybody at this stage - the LSU game representing the case-in-point.

So, again, my opposite prediction to your own -

Arkansas 28 - Ohio State 24, in a Thriller! 

I also believe this to be the best BCS matchup, either way it goes.

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