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Average Thoughts From an Average Sports Fan

Posted on: May 18, 2010 8:39 pm
-That thud you heard last week was the heart of every Bruins fan in the greater Boston area.  How does what happened ever happen?  Gotta give it to the Flyers, they are playing at a whole new level at the perfect time.

-So if I take a PED, don't get caight and play at a higher level than my peers who aren't taking PED's I get an award.  If I take a PED, get caught and play at a higher level than my peers who aren't taking PED's, I get the same award.  HHMMmmm.  Anyone else see the flaw in that system... look closely.  Seriously WTF?

-There is NO chance Lebron leaves Cleveland, you heard it here first.  The Knicks are going to end up being the AC Slater in this Kelly Kapowski style love triangle with Cleveland playing the part of Zach Morris.

-What does Mel Kiper Jr. do from March-May?  Does anyone actually know the answer to this question?

-Patrick Crayton and Andre Johnson are both holding out of OTA's this week in protest to get a new contract.  Guess which one will get paid and which one will get dropped of at the train station and pushed out without fully stopping the car.

-Jamarcus Russell.... Ohhh Jamarcus... Ryan leaf need your address to send you a thank you card.  He is no longer #1 on a very dubious list.

-TO waiting and waiting for someone to call his name reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where they can't get a table at the Chinese restaurant.  I almost expect the next free agent WR signed to be named "Cartwright".  Do you think he realizes how much GM's DON'T want him on their team?

-Name (1) player on the roster for the first place Cincinnati Reds......go on.... I'll wait.  For bonus points, name one player not named Gonzalez on the first place Padres.... Take your time.  Shaping up to be an interesting year in MLB.

-The NHL regular season is like the latest incarnation on Melrose Place, completely forgettable.  BUT, playoff hockey is like WRESTLEMANIA III for 6 straight weeks.  I'm glued.

-FINALLY!! Someone told A-ROD that the season started a month and a half ago.  This same informant also told Ryan Howard.  My fantasy team thanks you.

-The Big Ten courting Notre Dame is eerily similar to the Ross and Rachel angle during the first season of FRIENDS.  Everyone knows the Big Ten loves Notre Dame.  Notre Dame like the Big Ten but only as a friend.  In the end though we all know they will end up together.
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