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Inside the White Lines (July Edition)

Posted on: July 21, 2010 9:12 am
-First USC, now Florida. Word is that Alabama is also having issues with NCAA violations related to agents contacting players. I think the sanctions against USC were appropriate and hopefully force teammates to hold each other accountable and check on each other so that games/titles/awards are stripped because one diva player (I’m looking at you Reggie) decides the rules don’t apply to him. Side note… Reggie, how could you look into a camera and flat out lie about “being innocent” of all of these charges. USC fans and your fans deserve better. You and your parents are nothing but a punk extortionists.

-On that same note, Pete Carroll is a liar. He had to know that something was going on with Reggie Bush. He recently said on Real Sports that “There was defiantly something going on” and that “I wish my awareness was better then and as good as it is today”. He’s like the Honky Tonk Man after hits his opponent with his guitar when the ref isn’t looking and then throws his hands up and looks surprised when the ref disqualifies him because his opponent is “knocked out” and there are guitar shrapnel scattered all over the ring.

-“I’m going to play to the Miami Heat”. 1.7 seconds. Seems appropriate. You’re a media prostitute Lebron. Man, did your fingers look bare during that special… oh wait, that’s right, you haven’t won ANYTHING.

-Being a Phillies fan right now is kind of like being a skydiver and realizing halfway through a freefall that your parachute was packed wrong and doesn’t work. Then you realize the parachute pack was made by a company named Blanton Moyer. 7 Games out… are you serious!! Better find your heart Phils… QUICKELY.

-Training camps open in a week and not 1 first round pick is signed yet. Could this mean they are all joining forces and taking their talents to South Beach.

-Fantasy Football thoughts of the week. 1) Kevin Kolb and Hakeem Nicks will be the best fantasy bargains in drafts this year. 2)Ray Rice is rated awfully high when Magahee is slated as the back inside the 20’s. 3) Why would anyone touch Steven Jackson in the first 2 rounds when he gets hurt every year and his TEAM averaged 11 points a game last year.

-T.O. is still waiting. Cartwright Four!! Get your popcorn ready T.O., you’ll be watching this season at home on your couch. Side note T.O., you’re the only one calling Buffalo “North America’s Team” and San Fran, Philly and Dallas are also in North America. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.

-Fact you may not be aware of…. The last place Kansas City Royals are leading the league in hitting. Correction, they are second to last in the central standings…. Sorry for that oversight…. force of habit.

-Is anyone else secretly hoping that Leftwhich throws for 350 and 4 touchdowns a game while Big Ben sits out thus forcing him to remain on the bench and out of our sight for the remainder of the year? (fathers with daughters are smirking and nodding approvingly across the nation)

-What the heck happened Tiger… no wins this year at all…It has to be mental right? History shows you had no trouble getting your balls into 72 holes in one weekend before you got caught.

-Hold on… let me check something…...yep….Sarah Palin is STILL talking. “Refudiat”?? This comes from someone who almost came within a heartbeat of the presidency ? Good Lord!! On a related note, if you want Bristol Palin to speak at your event it will cost $30,000. It will also cost $40,000 if you want to leave the event halfway though her speech.

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