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10 Random Baseball Thoughts (August Edition)

Posted on: August 2, 2010 4:02 pm
1) Who else is taking bets that the stress of chasing #600 will force A-Rod back on the juice.  Over the past week and a half he has had that same look on his face everytime he's in the batters box.  It's a cross between anxious, nervous, scared and trying to play it cool all at the same time.  It reminds me of the expressions Jeff Daniels' character Harry makes in the movie Dumb and Dumber after the laxitive Jim Carrey gives him kicks in on the way to his date with Mary.  I'm sure when he finally hits 600 his face will again resemble Harry's after he takes out the downstair toilet.  Urgency Emergency!!

2) I watched a Giants/Dodger game over the weekend and decided to time Pat Burrell as he ran from first  to third on a base hit.  As of this writing he is just now rounding second.  That dude runs like my Aunt Grace.

3) This may upset the 8 or 9  people who think the AL central has team that can contend for the pennet but I would REALLY like to see the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox and Rangers battle it out in the playoffs.  But I'll have to swap one of them for the Twins or White Socks.  The world is a cruel place.

4) Yesterday, at the Mets game on Citifield's JumboTron, they showed video of Ryan Howard twisting his ankle lunging for second base and the crowd actually cheered.  I'm not judging BUT if the situation was reversed and Philly fans cheered a NY player getting hurt, it would be ALL you would be hearing about on SportsCenter this morning.  This double standard has been around for a long time and is rivaled only when Fox News breaks down a State of the Union Address by a democratic president. 

5) I agree with Ozzie.  Hispanic player should be provided translaters if needed.  While we're at it, get one for Ozzie.  Wait..What? He's speaking english ?  Oh.  Did you guys know that?

6) I read an article today that would scare the crap out of me if I were a Nationals fan (assuming there is such a thing as a Nationals fan).  It said that Stasburg (who is already feeling fatigue in his shoulder) has the exact same throwing mechanics and imperfections as Mark Prior.  That's like hearing "He has the temperance of a young Darryl Strawberry".  Not Good.

7)  Trade deadline winners..... Phillies (Are we SURE Ed Wade isn't still working for the Phillies?), Texas (Cliff Lee is the best pitcher is baseball in my opinion), Yankees (they wanted EVERYONE.  I hear they actually tried to trade for Pedro Cerrano.

8) The Tigers are in trouble.  One guy leads them in Avg, RBI, OPS and HR's.  The rest of the team is either hurt or REALLY bad.  Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons when Bugs plays all 9 positions on the field and strikes out 3 batters with one pitch?  Well, unless Cabrera can do his best Bug Bunny impression I'd say baseball is done in Detroit for 2010.

9) Wanna know how bad things are in Baltimore?  They are on pace to finish more than 50 games out of first place.  In the past 50 years only the legendary '62 Mets have finished more than 50 game out (60.5).  Who would come watch this team?  If I'm managing the front office I'm running a contest for every home game where one lucky fan gets to pitch the 9th inning.  What do they honestly have to lose by doing that?  Can you imagine your wife/girlfriend/mother winning that contest on Sunday afternoon and having to pitch against the Yankees for an inning?  Who wouldn't tune in for that?

10) Interesting stat that makes me a little dizzy... Jamie Moyer is the oldest player in the major leagues at 47.  He would have to still be playing 13 years from now to become the oldest player in MLB history.  Satchel Paige played in a MLB game when he was 59 years old in 1965. 
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