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10 Random NFL Thoughts (August Edition)

Posted on: August 6, 2010 11:08 am
1) Anyone who has or has had a 4-year old knows how trying it can be to try and reason with them.  Coach Shanhan is running out of options with his 6-6 350 pound 4-year old.  The only thing left to do is tell him he can't watch Dora The Explorer until he passes the conditioning test. 

2) On Tuesday, once "The Favre News" broke, ESPN started showing a "Favre retrospective" within 90 minutes of the news hitting the wire.  I watched the first five minutes only to realize it was the EXACT SAME retrospective they did last summer and are just replying it.  Between the Farve story and "The Decision" and the other mindless dribble they are putting out would you really be surprised if it was revealed the Perez Hilton has been the CEO of ESPN for the past 6 months?

3) I'm still a little shocked at all of the troubled and washed up stars the NY Jets collected this offseason.  you heard it here first but I'm betting that within the first 2 episodes of Hard Knocks, Sanchez is going to get hit over the head with a guitar during a scrimmage and by the recently signed Honky Tonk Man.  It's that much of a circus.

4)  Nicks, Bryant, Maclin.  Teams in the NFC east need to be very worried there is some kind of curse knocking out talented young receivers. In a related note, being void of such talent the Redskins are not concerned.

5) Ocho AND TO on the same team.  I am pumped for some of these end zone dances.  I exact them to go all out.  you might even see there first end zone celebration mirror the last 5 minutes of Dirty Dancing.

6) Anyone who saw the two Eagles/Cowboys games from the end of last year saw how bad the Eagles O-Line looked.  As of this writing they appear to be in even worse shape.  Phlly hasn't seen a starting 5 this bad since the sixers season ended 3 months ago.

7) All-Pro LT Clady, hurt and won't be back to start the season.  All-Pro DE Dumerville, hurt and out for the season.  Most popular QB is the 3rd stringer.  First and second string RB's out for a month.  All-Pro WR traded in the offseason.  You know that look the Willy Coyote gets when he unkowingly runs off a cliff chasing the roadrunner, gets halfway accross the canyon and then realizes he's about to fall FAR and he looks right into the camera....Watch for that look on Josh McDaniels face this week.

8) This week Commisioner Roger Godell was caught reciting the following in an elevator...."with the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select".....

9) I would not be surprised if Favre calls it a career.  Did you see the beating he took in th eNCF championship game.  I haven't seen beat down like that since Drago/Creed in 1986.

10) My picks for the playoff teams this season:
Saints- Super Bowl Champs return pretty much in tact, under the radar andplay in a weak division.
Cowboys- a lot of jobs, hopes, dreams and expectations fall on.... Doug Free?
Packers- Nothing like playoff football at Lambeau
Niners- This team is young, hungry, talented and plays in a weak division
Cards- see Niners. 
Eagles- see Niner (sans the weak division).  I had Minn here but even if Favre comes back I think he gets hurt early in the season (that 40 year old foot is just not right).

Jets- Finally knock off the Pats.
Bengals- they can run, pass, and shut down the pass. 
Colts- Payton.  next.
Chargers- who in the AFC West can stop them, even without Jackson and McNeil.
Texans- These guys are primed and ready on both sides of the ball (but can they stop the pass)
Miami- I think Henne answers the call and gives Miami the QB they have lacked since Marino hung up his cleats.

10) Hall of Fame Game on Sunday, Madden drops on Tuesday, Hard Knocks debuts on Wednesday.  I am pumped!!  All this and the season doesn't even start for over a month.  I feel like that roommate we all had in college that starts drinking at 7 AM for a party that doesn't start until 10 PM.... the next day.

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Posted on: August 8, 2010 7:29 am

10 Random NFL Thoughts (August Edition)

Not a bad article.. but dude, ever heard of spell check? You had a PILE of typos and/or puncuation errors. I'm just sayin'.

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Posted on: August 7, 2010 6:24 am

10 Random NFL Thoughts (August Edition)

hilarious, great article, great points, I agree with your pics, miami will definitely be a contender this year now that they'll have a legitimate passing game with the addition of marshall, and it may be a long shot, but if carson palmer can get some chemistry with. terrell owens they will have a legitimate shot at the lombardi trophy.

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Posted on: August 6, 2010 9:35 pm

10 Random NFL Thoughts (August Edition)

Don't jump too fast on that Saints bandwagon before you pay heed to a few things:

Whether coincidence or not, here are 3 facts working against the Saints:

1- NO team has ever repeated as Division Champs in the "weak" NFL South
2- The 2 teams making it to the Super Bowl out of the NFC South both had losing seasons the following year
3- NONE of the past 5 Super Bowl Champions has made it past the Divisional Playoffs the following season

In these days & times of parity, it's not a good bet to take a defending Super Bowl team to go far the following season!


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Posted on: August 6, 2010 4:32 pm

10 Random NFL Thoughts (August Edition)

Great stuff Tdogg01.  Very amusing.

"you might even see there first end zone celebration mirror the last 5 minutes of Dirty Dancing"  Good God I hope so.  I'm more of the "just hand the ball to the official" school of thought, but that'd be well worth a 15 yard penalty.  Who's gonna be Baby though?  Lol.

I agree with most of your picks as well, although I'd have only the Cards OR 49ers making it, not both.  For now, I'll stick with the bandwagon and go with the 9ers.  I'm not a big Leinart believer.  Regardless, I just can't see a wildcard coming out of a division where 10-6 virtually guarantees you've locked it up.

Favre or no Favre, I'm definitely not ready to write them out of the playoffs.  With him, they could well be fighting for a bye or homefield again.  Without him, they'll still be in the wildcard hunt at least.  That's a heck of a talented team, even if there are some aging pieces.

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