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10 Random NFL Thoughts (Sept. Edition)

Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:56 am
1) I admit I'm hooked on Hard Knocks this season.  But I can't help but think that they were a year too early when they did the Bengals last year.  I would L-O-V-E to have camera's inside the offensive meetings with TO and Ocho Cinco planning their end zone dances while Palmer is try to talk strategy. Would anyone be surprised if one of those dances mimics the last 5 minutes of Dirty Dancing (you know you've seen it) ending with T.O. holding Ocho up in the air and twirling him around while the PA plays "I've had the time of my life". 

2) Speaking of Hard Knock's... Have to mention Cromartie try to remember all of his 7 children (with 5 different women).  Look, I'm not judging seeing has how he has the means to support them and that's all fine and good. BUT forgetting some of them when he was asked to name them... yeesh.  If I'm him I'm going the George Forman route and naming them all Antonio after him (even the girls).... If you're confused about how to put on a condom, you're probably going to confuse yourself by giving 7 kids by 5 different woman all different names.

3)  You know on the Simpsons when Mr. Burns comes up with some crazy idea and Mr. Smither's if forced to put himself in harms way even though he knows Mr. Burns is crazy and is only capable of making the WRONG decision.  Enter Tom Cable having to put McFadden at the top of the depth chart instead of Bush simply because his insane boss drafted Mcfadden about 100 spots higher than he should have.  Speaking of which... would anyone want to be married to Tom Cable when he comes home at night after having to meet if Al Davis all day... Let's just saw if he goes for the scotch and clenches his fist in anger....either put on a facemask or get the heck outta that.

4) No TD drives for new Eagles starter Kevin Kolb....I don't know if this is one of those "prank the new guy" things that vets do during training camp BUT the Eagles O-Line is blocking like Kolb slept with their their own house....on national TV....and ran over their dog when he left.

5) Numerous GM's have chimed in off the record that they think V-Jax is worth about half of what he is asking for.  In a related story, his advisor David Carruso has told him to pursue a movie career because that always works out.

6) Arian Foster has successfully taken out the two people ahead of him on the Texans depth chart.  In a related story Jeff Gillooly was spotted at the Foster home and will be appearing in their family holiday card this year.  In not saying....I'm just saying.

7) I put the over/under for games played by Farve at 8.  He is already getting his ankle worked on and week 1 isn't even for another week.  His body just can't handle another full season at his age and the number of snaps he has taken over his career.  Just to put it in perspective.  He was drafted in 1991 and the other QB's drafted that same year....Dan McGwire, Todd Marinovich (ouch), Browning Neagle (double ouch), Scott Zolak, Craig Erickson (this was becasue of the Miami rule which states every 1990's Miami QB had to be taken in the NFL draft regardless of talent level).  FYI.. picks 2-4 overall in that draft were Eric Turner, Bruce Pickens (who?), Mike Croel.

8) It's simple Leinert.... you check down on EVERY PASS PLAY.  the defense knows that on passing plays they only need to cover underneath because you will never throw it deep.  Your comp. % is high because you're throws are just long handoffs while Fitzgerald is 40 yards downfield, wide open and screaming for the ball.  I'm calling it now... If Kurt Warner gets injured on Dancing with the Stars I see the recently unemployed Leinart shocking the world by accepting to be his replacement.... and then getting voted off the next week which send him into a Lohan type bender ending in jail time.... you heard it here first.

9) Let's see... I'm Sam Bradford... I'm a rookie QB in the NFL... I have no O-Line.... no receivers....and a defense that will force us to score a ton to have chance.  If I'm him I'm driving Steven Jackson everywhere in the "Pope-Mobile" and rubbing his back every night before bed.  Don't read anything into that last part.... it's all about football.

10) Word is out that Jay Cutler is now dating reality "star" Kristin Cavallari and is all over the TMZ (and those other trash gossip rags).  Runmor has it that in a retaliation move Tony Romo dating the entire Kardashian family (including Bruce Jenner).

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