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Their timing couldn't be worse

Posted on: November 19, 2009 3:37 pm

THE Minnesota Vikings have been unhappy with their situation at the Metrodome almost since they moved there from the old Metropolitan Stadium.  The lack of revenue-producing extras has hampered a succession of Viking owners in their ability to make the money they see other owners making, and the Wilfs (one in a line of owners) will likely now consider moving the team. 

THE TWIN CITIES have paid through the nose lately for new sporting venues, Target Center for the Timberwolves (not the model of success by any stretch), the Xcel Energy Center for the Wild, and the yet-to-open Target Field for the Twins.  Another previous tenant of the Metrodome, the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, is also leaving.  All of which leaves the operators of the dome, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, with concerts, truck shows, high school sporting events, and well, the Vikings, as moneymaking enterprises.

THE VIKINGS have done everything right from a competitive angle this season, and in part because of that, the Wilfs and the National Football League feel they are dealing from a position of power.  Having an NFL franchise in your town is indeed a feather in any community's cap.  But being asked to fork over yet more money, following the statewide debate over funding a new Twins stadium, and in the midst of a financial downturn... is more than the people of Minneapolis deserve.  The Vikings should sign the lease extension, and buy time until the economy improves.   Not doing so and trumpeting the fact that the team is winning this season makes the Wilfs come off like poor winners.  If it becomes known that the Vikings will ultimately be moving to Los Angeles or anywhere else in 2012, just how committed will the team ownership be to "winning" for Minnesota in 2011?

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