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Blue and Orange Laundry

Posted on: September 17, 2012 5:11 pm
I think it was probably after the '93 season that i realized it.  I'm going to root for this team the rest of my life.  This team which has broken my heart more times than not.  I blame my mother.  She would make a point to take my sister and me on excursions to Shea.  Usually for double-headers in July.  (ugh!)  Anyone who can remember that far back remembers that the '70s Mets were mediocre at best and absolutely terrible most other times.  My mother had me fooled.  She made it seem as if going to the games and rooting for this team was the thing to do. (Then again, that might've had something to do with that new rookie Mazilli)  So i STARTED rooting for this team when they were bad, and spent grade school waiting and assuming that they'd be year.  Sometime in Junior high assumption turned to hope.  Freshman year in high school, hope turned to desperation.  Then '86 happened and i was totally hooked.  That one dribbler through Buckner's legs re-energized my faith in this team.  A faith that wasn't tested again until '93.  <br /><br />59 wins.  The season ended on my birthday that year.  It couldn't end fast enough.  I Hated Bonilla.  And Anthony Young.  And Chico Walker (partly because his two names didn't seem to match) and I HATED what Doc had become.  The season was a loss.  I distinctly remember thinking to myself:  I can't wait for spring training.   This terrible season was barely over and i was looking forward to the next season.  Because I love baseball and i root for the laundry.<br /><br />However, once again my faith in this team is being tested.  Last season when they lost Reyes, i wasn't happy.  But much like Piazza before him, and Alfonso before him and Kent before him, I knew that I'd eventually get over it.   But this?  This, long standing ineptitude?  This constant mismanagement?  This team apathy?  It's becoming tough to bear for me.  But worst than that, and what the Wilpons and the rest of the Mets braintrust should be worried about?  I have two little girls of my own now, one of which plays softball, and I have no interest in subjecting them to this level of maltreatment.

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