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You Show 'em Mr. Brown.

Posted on: January 24, 2011 12:58 am

   So despite having indoor practice facilities, large scouting departments, and general managers, Green Bay and Pittsburgh made it to the Superbowl. Thankfully Mike Brown will be undaunted by this, because wins and losses, or making it to the Superbowl are not true measures of success for an NFL franchise.

So as a result we here in Cincinnati, have had yet another successful season, based on all the "progress" we have made, and you season ticket holders can be rest assured that another great season of Mike Brown's concept of "progress" is just around the lock out... ehem I mean corner.

  Folks, I really don't know what Mike Brown is smoking. Truth is it seems so obvious to me. There are two model franchises bordering the state I live in, one in Indiana and the other in Pennsylvania. One of them we see twice a year, even once a year up close like and all, the other is about 1.5 hour drive up I-74. In the AFC if you are not modeled or attempting to model yourself after three franchises you, are kidding yourself and just spinning your wheels. After Superbowl 45 of the last 10 superbowls, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, or New England will have represented the AFC in nine of them. These teams are the models of success in the AFC, Pittsburgh especially. I hate Pittsburgh but you can't argue with how they do things. Six  World Championships and now, soon to be, 8 Superbowl births, and what is it? 15 AFC title appearences don't lie.

So I guess though, here we should accept what Mike Brown considers "success," and accept that the coming media black outs due to an empty stadium, are indeed Mike Brown's way of trying create wholesale change of the definition of success and the way it is achieved in the NFL.


God, Maybe the Irsay family will move the Colts in the dead of night again, this time to Paul Brown Stadium, so we can at last have a real NFL team in this town. Oh pretty please.

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