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Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

Posted on: November 27, 2010 3:17 am

It's that time of year again where we dive into all of the various NFL playoff race possibilities...including division clinching scenarios, homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, wild card spots, seeding possibilities and the inevitable elimination scenarios and ultimately draft positioning.

This year, much like last year, I'm going to post tiebreaker updates to this blog on a regular basis, react to scenario questions both in the blog and in appropriate threads and work with the production team on providing the earliest and most up-to-date playoff scenarios available.  I'm also going to try and live blog this year more often with key updates DURING NFL games and provide updates for you the same way I do with CBS Sports and team personnel with an interest in scenarios.

For some background, I handled the official tiebreakers for the NFL from the 1992 playoffs through the 1999 season and have worked with the League and their official stats source (Elias Sports Bureau) in compiling the official tiebreaker scenarios since leaving the League to join CBS SportsLine in 2000.  I have transitioned jobs from Executive Producer at CBS SportsLine (now to being the liaison for CBS Interactive to the CBS Entertainment Network and CBS TV Studios in Los Angeles...but I keep my fingers in sports through this venture and working with the CBS Sports division and various NFL teams and media outlets on playoff scenarios.  This allows to publish what is typically the FIRST look at what will be OFFICIAL NFL tiebreaker scenarios.  I'll try and blog my way through the you can get an insight into your favorite teams prospects (or maybe your mortal enemies) and get a better understanding how NFL Tiebreakers work and the interesting nuances that will surface.

As I stated last year, please DON'T BE SHY with the questions as I often get extremely insightful feedback from fans and closet tiebreaker gurus (there are many of you out there that will be ever-present on this board...and I LOVE IT!) that help me along the way.

With a large number of teams bunched at the top of many divisions, this is sure to be a complicated, challenging but very enjoyable tiebreaker ride in 2010.

FYI:   We already have CAROLINA (Week 11) AND DETROIT (Week 12) ELIMINATED THIS YEAR and may still add others to the mix during Week 12.  Stay Tuned! 

Joe Ferreira


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Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

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Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

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Posted on: December 8, 2010 1:01 am

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

So i just realized that the Vikings somehow aren't eliminated from playoff contention going into week 14. What all has to happen for them to make it?


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Posted on: December 7, 2010 4:51 am

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

Tchoup - 2 errors there.  1) Common Games are BEFORE Conference Record.  2) The games against each other don't count in the Common Games so Atl would be 11-1 (loss to Pit) and NO would be 10-2 (losses to Cle & Ari).  And yes, Atl would get it there.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 9:54 am

ATL clinch with loss to NO?

Would ATL still be able to clinch the NFC South with a loss to the Saints if both teams run the board on the remaining games?

Both teams tied at 13-3, head-to-head 1-1, NFC South both at 5-1, both with NFC record at 10-2.  With common games, Atlanta would be 12-2 (losses to NO and PIT) and New Orleans would be 11-3 (with losses to ATL, CLE and ARI).

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Posted on: December 4, 2010 5:12 pm

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

To NFLrules and Lensova and Joe(or anyone else),

For one......sorry about giving wrong credit to you Ivan.  I kinda thought I had that wrong after I posted you with the credit, but you still provide me with many tools that I use.  Especially those schdules for the next season, those strength of schedules for the next season, those how many teams are alive after certain # of weeks left charts.  Thanks again for all those.  And Lensova....indeed thank you for the seeding possibilities.  Everything I said about those in the prior post applies to you my friend.  Thanks indeed.  Lets me know where I have things wrong when I try to see the best a team can finish.  I like to have you give me the lowdown on why teams can get to certain seedings when I can't see it so clearly.  And Joe.......of course we thank you for all of your hard work that you do for us and speaking for myself, I greatly appreciate it.  Makes the end of season extremely fun.  Could you do me one little favor Joe?  Could you get the site to fix a point totals for some teams?  Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh's points have been wrong for awhile and now San Francisco and Arizona are slightly off.  Pitt should have 181 PA, Tampa Bay should have 219 PF, San Fran should have 187 PF, and lastly Arizona should have 319 PA.  Thanks..........I know I can be a stickler about certain things.  Hahaha..........Jeff  

P.S.--------Lensova......kick butt chart there showing the only way the Cowboys can win the division.  If all this somehow happened, then I will say you were the 1st to indeed to note such an amazing possibility. 

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 11:48 pm

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

The PHI over HOU makes for a fun scenario for the Cowboys.  There are now 13 games remaining involving NFC East teams.  If ties are not included as a possibility, the Cowboys require every single game involving an NFC East team to go a specific way in order to win their division:

Week 13:
DAL over IND
WAS over NYG

Week 14:
DAL over PHI
TB over WAS
MIN over NYG

Week 15:
NYG over PHI
DAL over WAS

Week 16:
DAL over ARI
GB over NYG
MIN over PHI
JAC over WAS

Week 17:
DAL over PHI
WAS over NYG

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 10:08 am

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010


Always great to hear from you and wanted to say that you are always a valuable member to our team.  And don't worry about not being able to contribute like before, I wish I could contribute more myself but am usually tied up with work and also working on some pro football history projects at the moment.

Regarding the seeding possibilities you are referring to, the credit here goes to our friend Lensova.  Thanks Lensova for the fine posts.  Always look forward to seeing your "Who's In Control" and "Spectrum of Possibilities" posts.  Always a good read.  Keep up the good work!


(NFL Rules)

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Posted on: December 2, 2010 2:38 am

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010

Hey all........Joe.......and all the fellow tie break gurus..........this is the time of the NFL season we all live for indeed.  It's hard for me to do all the calculating that I could do back in 2007 when I was unemployed.  But I indeed love to check all yer posts and will even throw in a few obvious tidbits here and there.  Just to still be a little part of this.  Not that I wish to be unemployed, but it was fun back in 2007 season when trying to figure out all these multi-faceted scenarios.  Once again NFLrules, thank you again for the post that shows the highest possible seed each team can obtain.  That's the stuff I love the most, because it lets one know what teams can still earn byes, which can't, which teams will only be a road team(aka wild card) for the 1st round of the playoffs and all that good stuff.  Also it lets you know which teams can't play until the championship games of each conference.  Things like the 1 seed can't play the 3 seed until the championship game or the 5 and 6 seeds can never meet until a championship game.  Great stuff and I am definitely looking forward to these final 5 weeks of the regular season.  Then on to a crazy playoff season.  Go Packers Go by the way too.     Jeff   Wink

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 2:30 pm

Here We Go Again! Playoff Race Blog 2010


Thanks for confirming that.  And that is true that no divisions were clinched with two weeks to play.  These are the notes I have for clinches in 2000:

MIA:  AFC East title (Week 17)
IND:  Wildcard (Week 17)

TEN:  Playoff spot (Week 15), AFC Central title and homefield advantage throughout AFC playoffs (Week 17)
BAL:  Playoff spot (Week 15)

OAK:  Playoff spot (Week 15), AFC West title and first-round bye (Week 17)
DEN:  Playoff spot (Week 15)

NYG:  NFC East title (Week 16), homefield advantage throughout NFC playoffs (Week 17)
PHI:  Playoff spot (Week 15)

MIN:  Playoff spot (Week 14), NFC Central title and first-round bye (Week 17)
TB:    Playoff spot (Week 16)

NO:   NFC West title (Week 16)
STL:  Wildcard (Week 17)

Also of note was in 2002, when no team in the AFC had even clinched a playoff berth with two weeks to play.



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