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Why there will be fewer Bowls next year.

Posted on: December 4, 2009 2:17 pm
If the economy stays pretty much status quo in 2010, the problem of having too many bowls and having undeserving teams playing in those bowls will be self corrected.  The ONLY reason we have so many bowls today is because there are advertisers willing to put up big bucks to sponsor bowls and the teams that participate in those bowls get a nice paycheck for playing.  

If the economy doesn't improve, I believe you'll see a reduction in sponsors just like we've seen a reduction in sponsors in NASCAR and other sporting events.  Corporations are scaling back left and right and I think another year of a down economy will probably result in a sizable reduction in the number of bowl sponsors.  Of course there will be new companies to fill in, but I don't think there will be more companies coming in than going out.  

Bottomline, the problem of having too many ridiculous bowls may be corrected in 2010.  We may not see any Hawaii, Meineke Car Care, Eagle Bank or Poinsettia bowls in 2010.  Of course, as the economy improves these types of bowls will return, but at least we may get a reprieve for a year or two. 

Any guesses on what the lowest payout is for a bowl and what the bowl is?  That would be the bowl at a mere $300k payout.  The biggest non-BCS bowl payout goes to the Capital One bowl at $4.2mm.

Just a tidbit for your trivia knowledge.  All BCS bowls are paid the same payout at $17mm.  That explains how the haves keep having and the have nots keep....well, having not. 
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