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Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

Posted on: April 11, 2010 8:59 am

The Masters this week marks the return of one Eldrick "Tiger" Woods to competitive golf.  He comes back after a self imposed exile to take care of some personal problems that have, by now, been well doucmented by every media source on the Planet.  This isn't so much a blog about his actual return to the game.  It is more about how everyone has reacted to his return, especially the fans.  Your impressions and those at the tournament is my interest and one Sunday morning host on the radio network with 4 letters had an interesting take on the situation.

So, I'm on my way to work on a sunny KC sunday morning, doing some Sirius channel flipping.  John Kincaid, a Atlanta talk show host and a ESPN host on weekends had something interesting to say.  He apologized for being wrong.  He was sorry he had misjudged the reaction to Tiger and his return at the Masters.  He was under the impression that the fans would not be kind or supportive of Mr. Woods.  Following him for five holes during the tourney and through most of a practice round, John was amazed to see overwhelming support and cheering for TW.  Kincaid heard many comments that were to the effect they didn't care what Tiger did in his personal life, they were still fans.  he also heard comments about how the media made too big of deal aboput the whole affair (affairs to be accurate).  This got me thinking, and thinking and driving are dangerous companions for me.  Why are folks reacting this way?  I wrote awhile back he didn't owe me an apology, yet I was never one of his big fans either,  Why this reaction?

Three things came to mind.  One was sympathy for having his private life plastered a throughout the media, especially the tabloid print and TV.  There are a fair amount of people who are not fans of how this section of the media treat celebrities, yet the watch.  Second was as a nation, we tend to forgive those who come clean with their sins in sports, especially when it doesn't have anything to do with performance.  Cheating on the Mrs is okay, gambling on your own team isn't in the US.  The last is simly no one cares about infidelity anymore.  It's no longer a career fatal scarlet letter for commoners and celebrities alike.  We might get pissed off for a minute that Tiger cheared on Elin, or Jesse james was stupid by obiviously going down several notches in the looks department by cheating on Sandra, but in the long run, it doesn't affect many's opinions about the person as long as they still perform their job or are successful in the sport.  Maybe those are oversimplifications.  Are there reasons I'm missing?

I am very curious to know how everyone else perceives this?  Was anyone else in the galleries at the Masters who can verify this?  anyone else see this the way I'm seeing it or do you have a different take?  Thanks for reading this and I hope to get your reactions about how the golf fans react to Tiger.


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Posted on: April 13, 2010 11:26 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

I do not have mixed feelings about Tiger's Return.  Great article.  I hope Tiger works his cheating on his wife with multiple, multiple, prostitutes out and he turns his life around.  We all as humans have problems and I am not to judge......but I will judge his sportsmanship.  PATHETIC!!!!!!  Thank you Jim Nantz for calling Tiger out on his awful behavior as a competitor.  He is not and has a long way to go before he can put himself in the same class as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer.............Lee Westwood and Phil Mickelson!!  These are class acts whether it be in victory or defeat.  As far as I am concerned, Tiger's father or whoever had anything to do with him growing up never gave him that lesson or it just did not take.  Tiger is a terrific golfer and may well be the best ever between the ropes shot by shot but he has a long way to go for me to put him at the top and it would need to start by chipping away the bratty arrogance and putting home some class.

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Posted on: April 13, 2010 7:50 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

I was really impressed with Tiger's play and how he dealt with adversity both on and off the course.Not me.  While I wasn't rooting for Tiger to bomb, he CREATED this adversity, so why should I care how he deals with it anymore than why I should care who the heck he's shacking up with.

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Posted on: April 13, 2010 3:39 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

I was really impressed with Tiger's play and how he dealt with adversity both on and off the course.  I agree that the whole private life controversy was far overblown.  No one except the #1 golfer of all time would have held the press's focus for as long as they have been
harping on this story.  He's human in all but his golf game.  The temptations were out there and he succumbed to them for a variety
of reasons, one being a sacrifice of his youth (where such wild oats are usually cast) for the mastering of the ancient game of golf.

I did not think he'd make the cut at the Masters largely because of all the pressures put on him from outside and within.  The fact that
he did so well was largely do to his focus and the fact that his worst golf came to fore on Sunday and the rest of the field did not show
up with their best golf Sunday either (including Mickelson).  He kept coming back after all those terrible drives and that unforgivable 3
putt. Most would have walked off the course ala John Daly, but he hung in there and, if Mickelson had dumped that shot into Rhee's Creek as well he might have, the Master's story might well have come out much differently

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 11:31 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

More importantly, can a person cheat in his personal life and not have that mindset creep into his business affairs and does dishonesty in the work place creep inot family life eventually?  Tough questions to answer, especially when many of us are not privileged to know everything about everyone we meet

Forgiveness is a basic philosophy of following God.  Yet, as RR points out, once trust is violated, how can someone trust that person again?

D2M, I've had time to listen to the media frenzy for months now, as has everyone else.  I'm over it.  And after reading your blog, ( another top notch effort by you once again ), I had grandoise thoughts of penning a fine response. 

That being said, your post above sums up my feeling very well.  Good  show my friend.

be safe.  enjoy life.

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 8:00 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

I really don't see why he shouldn't be back or why his fans would turn on him. People like him as a golfer not as a person unless they know him. I personally didn't like him before and don' like him now but I don't think he committed any crimes. I never could stand the media hype around him, he's not the only player out there. I do want to see the best players though so I'm glad he's there but like before, I'd like him to have much less camera time, I don't need to see him getting out of his car.

His personal life is none of my business. His wife might be as wild as him, porn stars and all, she didn't leave him so I won't judge his lifestyle if she's cool with it.

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 2:07 pm

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

#1.  When will we be tired enough of Mr. Nance?  He's over played and over exposed.  He should decide what he likes better - college basketball or college/pro football and concetrate on it.  One example - Woods and Choi did not shoot the same rounds every day = Choi out shot Woods on Thursday by 1 shot, Woods outshot Choi on Friday by 1 shot.  Is JN so large that no one at CBS is willing to correct him or is he too full of himself to admit and correct himself? Second example - enough fawning over Freddie.  We know you two are best buds and ex-college roommates with all the secrets that brings.  You take away from the brilliance of Freddie's golf when you act and commentate the way you do about him and for him.  Enough said.  I don't count him among my "friends".
#2.  Is there so much competition in sports coverage to one up each other, that broadcasters and commentators can't resist trying to make a story where there is no story so you're not viewed as soft or something like that in the profession?  Or is the cable news, sports saturation issue that unless you talk about scandal you won't get the ratings and look bad to another network/personality?  How can golf not be the only story on Master's weekend?
#3.  Thank you Nick Faldo for taking the high road repeatedly when asked about one of the competitors secumming to pressure, loosing it, or not having it during play on the weekend.  The game is a tough one, even with technology upgrades.  And at the theater of Augusta and the Masters, I don't think you can define or quantify the pressure the golfers are under.  Thank you Mr. Flado for trying to do just that.
#4.  Speaking of Technology - Did the Watson interview on Sunday discuss the edge that technology plays in his continued high level of play?  Does he acknowledge its benefit in his game?  I use to consider Gary Player and Hale Irwin for the best use of technology advances (along with good health) to keep their games elevated.  Now it's Mr Watson.
#5.  The return - long overdue.  Personally I think it was a bit much to combine first competitive golf with the Master's challenges.  But that was the decision Tiger made.  I patiently await his next tournament appearance.  I hope his "take some time and re-evaluate things" comment doesn't include a Jordan-esque mini-retirement.  If so, I will get back 10 - 12 weekend afternoons a year.  Hopefully this weekend brings a bit of peace, confidence to go forward and positive energy back home most importantly.
#6.  Does anyone see it as a bit hypacritical for golf and the TV networks not to excitedly welcome back Tiger the Golfer?  Golf viewing and ratings will turn into the level of European Football in the US if he for plenty of reasons hangs it up or plays say a third of what he used to play.  Apologies to Anthony, Phil and Jim but you need Tiger more than he needs you to keep 1st place purses at $1M+.  And the viewers continuing to view as well.  Although that may hasten Mr Nance's departure from golf telecasts.....

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 10:21 am

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

Forgiveness is a basic philosophy of following God.  Yet, as RR points out, once trust is violated, how can someone trust that person again?  That's one tough decision Elin has to make.  On a personal level, I have never dealt with Tiger on a business or personal level so my trust in him is not a concern.  More importantly, can a person cheat in his personal life and not have that mindset creep into his business affairs and does dishonesty in the work place creep inot family life eventually?  Tough questions to answer, especially when many of us are not privileged to know everything about everyone we meet.

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 8:43 am

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

I like how CBS faded Tiger Woods out as he feel out of contention.  The biggest draw as long as he plays well, and when he does not you get recordings of all of his shots.  Hunter Mahan got more live shots that tiger and he was not the story.  Thisis how the media manipulates Tiger now.  Score when you can and get your ratings and then drop him like a bad habit.  Use and abuse.  Tiger did nothing to disgrace the game of golf but more to disgrace himself.  Let it go!!!

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 8:15 am

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

The bottom line is the idiot "patrons" at the Masters would give Charles manson an ovation if he could shooot under par.!!! They do and act exactly how they are told by the powers to be at Augusta.What you are all missing is not that he cheated on his wife but they he portrayed an image to the world that was a total fraud just to sell products.One of his "girls" said it best...."He cares about golf and sex"which is fine but don't sell me that you are Mr.wholesome and a family man.He doesn't have to chaet to win at golf but he cheated all of us with his image.

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Posted on: April 12, 2010 8:10 am

Mixed Feelings About Tiger's Return

As far as golf, I never was a huge fan of nor a big opponent of Tiger.  He has provided many memorable highlights on the course thru his career.  Although I'm not sure what is up when they play the Ryder Cup, he never seems to be a force during that time.

As far as his personal life, it really is none of my business.  However, my feelings are this, cheating on ones spouse is one of the lowest things a person can do to another.  You took an oath, made a promise, to your family, friends, and God to stay true.  If you can't honor this oath, then why should I trust you in any other aspect of your life?

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