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2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

Posted on: November 27, 2009 5:12 am
Starting Rotation
C.C. Sabathia
John Lackey (Signed if Wang is non-tendered to free agency)
A.J Burnett (Not as consistent as Lackey but still dominant, so Number 3 starter)
Andy Pettitte (This guy wants 300 wins, he'll be around for another World Series ring)
Joba Chamberlain (No more Joba Rules, its time to crack the rotation full-time)

David Robertson (2nd string set-up)
Phil Coke (1-2 out appearances)
Damaso Marte (Dominant agains Ryan Howard) (Will be turned to for power hitters like David Ortiz)
Brian Bruney (Middle Relief)
Chad Gaudin (Middle Relief)
Phil Hughes (Rivera is aging and will eventually faulter even though he hasn't really showed the signs, his future replacement needs to be in New York by now and Hughes is the future) (1st string set-up)
Mariano Rivera (This man has been around since Jeter wore turtlenecks back in "96) (Proved himself best closer of baseball in 2009 playoffs due to the fact that he did not faulter when even Papelbon did) (There's always room for the best closer in the game, so this is Girardi's man in the 9th)

Defensive Alignment
C Jorge Posada (Platooned with Cervelli/Molina) (If not starter here, will DH)
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Robinson Cano
SS Derek Jeter (Some DH)
3B Alex Rodriguez (Some DH)
LF Json Bay (Moves to RF when anyone besides Johnny Damon is the DH) (Replaces Matsui's roster spot)
CF Melky Cabrera (Benched if anyone besides Johnny Damon is the DH)
RF Nick Swisher (Moves to CF if anyone besides Johnny Damon is the DH)
DH Johnny Damon (When not at DH, he will be in LF)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (Infield/Outfield Replacement)
Eric Hinske (Replaces at DH when anyone is given night off)
Brett Gardney (Outfield Replacement)
Francisco Cervelli/Bengie Molina (Catcher Replacement) (Molina is on team only if returned, Cervelli is only on team if Molina is not there)
Manager Joe Girardi (Will Last 2010 Season easily)
General Manager Brian Cashman (Same status as Girardi)
This is what I want to see Brian Cashman achieve next year. If Lackey is not signed, Wang better be on the team. If that occurs, Wang becomes 4th starter while Burnett and Pettitte slide one starter up. If Matt Holliday is signed instead of Jason Bay, same rules apply with my DH system. If the Yankees cash in on Roy Halladay, same rules apply in rotation as if Lackey was Halladay. Halladay would be #2 starter, nothing else changes. If Bengie Molina is on the team than Francisco Cervelli is not, but if Cervelli is on the team, then Bengie Molina is not. Thank Hideki Matsui for those wonderful years as a New York Yankee and hope he signs with the Mariners rather than Boston.


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Posted on: January 2, 2010 6:53 am

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

I'd like to state that my newest blog has came out concerning the Yankees of 2010. Please feel free to take a look at my newest blog and air out any concerns like you see in this one since this blog concerning the Yankees is no longer a Cashman option. Thank you.

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Posted on: December 4, 2009 6:27 pm

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

This is an excellent blog. The one thing I disagree with is I do not think both Hughes or Joba will be a Yankee in 2010. This Roy Halladay deal will get done I will say by the end of next week. Hank and Hal Steinbrenner realize with a rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, Pettite, and Halladay would be a rotation that can win multiple championships. Personally, as much as I like Hughes, I am nervous about him in big spots in the playoffs as a reliever, while Joba looked good in his role. I think they make Gaudin the number 5 starter or how about a bargain price on Job Garland with incentives.

As for the lineup, Damon should be the LF and he will end up getting a one year deal, but I think Matsui will not come back. Therefore, if Vladimir Guerrero does not return to the Angels, could Matsui and Vlad switch teams ? A real posssibillity. I think if they get Halladay, they will not bring in a Bay or Holliday, but Bay would be a good fit in NY with his playoff experience.

I would not start Austin Jackson in LF if Damon does not return, but I would play him once or twice a week at first to get him used to the Major Leagues and is good for his speed off the bench. Cameron or Winn should not be playing LF for the Yankees. I would rather have Jermaine Dye than those two.

As long as the deal for Halladay gets done, I am happy with this offseason. Although, the loss of Figgins hurts the Yankees because Seattle is looking to win the AL West in 2010.

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Posted on: November 30, 2009 12:29 am

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

The yankees are going to do very good next year

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 7:21 pm

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

I still would not sign Bay or Holliday.  Its just my opinion but I think Damon wants to play only for the Yankees.  Who else is going to sign him? Maybe if Yankees sign Bay, Damon would go back to Boston.  Who knows what Boras is thinking?

I would want Lackey for sure.  I love Andy but lets be honest, i would count on a .500 record, 4 something ERA, I guess for a third starter its ok.

Wangs future is what?

Jaba, Hughes? Who knows with those knuckleheads, just when I get excited by an outing they seem to blowup eventually.  Starter 4 and 5 is questionable.

Outfield seems ok with Swisher, Damon and Cabrera.

Posada looks unstable at catcher, lots of pass balls.

Relief? Marte might regain his form from when he was a Pirate, great postseason.  Bruney? Coke?

Cashman has some work to do when it comes to the future but I think there is enough for next year by resigning Damon, Pettitte.  Boston has more holes than the Yankees and the Rays want to slash payroll. 

Cant wait for Pitchers and Catchers to report.

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 3:57 pm

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

I understand where you are coming from and when I mention Jason Bay or Matt Holliday they're simply just options if Matsui or Damon decide not to return. IM not saying the Yankees shouldn't sign Damon, cause they will atttempt to. What if Damon pulls what he did when the Red Sox offered him a contract at the end of the 2005 season. The Sox were willing to pay the same amount. IN Matsui's case, he's got the bad knees, and that story is getting old in New York. We love Matsui after his major performance in the postseason, but what about the regular season? As the year's go by, Matsui's numbers have shown gradual signs of regressment. With Jeter and A-rod growing old fast, they need that DH spot open and Matsui has got to go if they want Damon locked in. Damon wants DH time since his speed is no longer as dominant as it use to be (check his deterioration at bases stolen) as well as an arm that's clearly the worst on the team. I love Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, but their flaws are becoming more noticed as the years go by. With someone like Jason Bay, the Yankees take a great player from the Red Sox. What does that do to the aging Red Sox lineup? Makes it worse. That's why Jason Bay should be signed by the Yankees, to hurt the Red Sox and bolster depth to the Yankees. I agree with you on Matt Holliday, I don't think he's better than Bay, but then again we're judging him on the one bad play he made last postseason. You named five players in the outfield correct? Well there's only three spots and they should be solitified. Cabrera is really ify since he lacks consistency when he hits. He's clutch though ill give him that. Damon is going to be resigned and if the Yanks get Bay and a pitcher, then their wont be questions on their team. If Pettitte retires then get Lackey or Halladay so that the Red Sox don't gain an advantage. The Yankees have a reputation of splashing into the free-agent market year after year, I think they're going to keep it that way.

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Posted on: November 29, 2009 10:33 am

2010 New York Yankees: A Possibility Cashman

Halladay or Bay?  im a big Yankee fan as well but enough already.  While we are at it why not trade and add Joe Maur at catcher. 

Yankees should resign Damon at one to two years. i would think he would rather remain a relevent baseball player and accept a smaller deal.  Remember, this is the same guy who left camp a few years back and considered retiremement.  Who is going to give this guy a three year deal? Agree with your take on Matsui, rotate Posada, Arod, Damon thru the dh spot.  They all need the rest.  Between Cabrera, Swisher, Hairston, Gardner, Damon, the outfield should be stable.  remember, this is a team coming off having the best record in baseball in 2009.
Holladay wasnt productive in Oakland last season and we all know his limits as an outfielder, is he really an upgrade at left field over Damon? i dont think so, considering the length and amount of contract holliday is seeking. 
Bay is a good player, not a great one, just look at his stats with the Pirates prior to coming to the Sox.  He tailed off big time second half last season and might be a product of playing in Fenway.  Same question posed, is he really a big upgrade over Damon? Same as Holliday, the terms of his contract and length are too much.  Damon should be resigned. 

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