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Lies, Romors & Results week4, 2011

Posted on: October 5, 2011 1:11 am

MaxStout League Eyeing International Expansion?

Rumors have begun to circulate that the MaxStout Family Football League is considering expanding the League with the new franchise located in the international market. Word on the street says that the League is looking at Mexico as the next logical step to build upon an already established MaxStout League following south of the border.  While uncharacteristically avoiding the press last week the paparazzi caught League Commissioner Max Stout entertaining the director of tourism for the state of Baja California del Sur so there’s been speculation that the League is thinking about either Cabo San Lucas or La Paz as host cities.  However, there are also reports that Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican “Gold Coast” is under consideration.  Those in the know think it’s likely that the Commissioner will be heading south sometime this fall to finalize the deal.   Would the League also want to add a 14th team?  Some pundits are saying yes.  Their thinking is that the new Mexican team would fit into the Coastal Division and the League would also want a team for the Chicken Fried Division but there’s been no word on where this new team might be located.  So far it’s all smoke and no fire but that could change at any moment. Stay tuned.

Hellions Hammer Gangstas

Angelo Katasse’s Got Gansta Wit made the long trip from Juneau to the Hollar to face Richard Cooper’s Hollar Hellions this week.  Angelo, didn’t mind the long flight spending the time telling the gorgeous flight attendant how he had just been elected senator. It looked like she was still on Angelo’s mind when the game started as the Gangsta’s fell flat.  They didn’t get a player into double digits in the early game but things weren’t going much better on the Hellions sideline.  The Hellions new coach, Maynard G. Krebs was a no show.  The Hellions floundered in the early game but Krebs waltzed in just in time for the late game.  Building the legend that he’s a fantasy football savant coach Krebs whispered something into Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers’ ear and sent him in.  Rogers was lights out.  He threw for 408 yards and 4 TDs that had the scoreboard spinning.  Rogers scored 54 on the day to give the Hellions the lead but fell just short of the League record for the most points scored in a game currently Mike Vick’s 57 scored for David Stout’s Bulls in week 10 last year.  The Gangstas didn’t have an answer and the Hellions hammer the Gangstas 120 – 62.

Lumberjacks Punch Out Panthers

Bill Cooper’s Fort Worth Panthers were in the piney woods this week to take on Steve Bruner’s East Texas Okie Lumberjacks at the Tomato Bowl.  Steve had chartered the Cannonball Express to bring in Lumberjack fans from Pixlie and a capacity crowd was on hand by kickoff.  Chicago running back Matt Forte had the Tomato Bowl rocking in the early game with 228 yards and a TD that was good for 29 points on the day.  The Panthers weren’t fazed by noise from the big crowd though and took the early lead with 34 points from Carolina quarterback Cam Newton. The Green Bay D added 17 for the Panthers in the late game but the crowd really got loud as the Lumberjacks rallied.  San Diego wide out Vincent Jackson dominated in the first half before being injured but still posted 17 for the day.  The Tomato Bowl was whipped into a frenzy as the Lumberjacks closed the gap and when Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan threw the TD pass that gave the Lumberjacks the lead people in Pixlie reported that they heard the roar that erupted from the Tomato Bowl. The Panthers didn’t have an answer and the Lumberjacks punch out the Panthers 110 – 105.

Goons Deck Dads

Alan Stout and the Goon Squad was on the left coast this week in a father son rivalry game against Mike Stout’s Whose Yo Daddy.  It was a beautiful day for football and Dad’s fans had packed the stands under the power lines behind the Redondo Beach Power Plant. The big crowd groaned when the Dad’s leading receiver, Houston’s Andre Johnson, left the game with an injured hamstring in the first quarter but the Tennessee defense gave them something to cheer about posting 18 points.  The Goons would answer with 19 from New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham and 23 from Houston running back Arian Foster and take the lead when Detroit quarterback Mathew Stafford threw two fourth quarter TDs.  The Dads would try a comeback in the late game but New England quarterback Tom Brady’s 20 point effort wouldn’t be enough and the Goons deck the Dads 105 – 77.

Bulls Over Nobody

David Stout’s 2010 League Champion CowTown Bulls were at Farrington Field this week taking on Sam Stout’s Nobody in a father son rivalry game.  Sam was talking to Nobody all week about how important this game was and told the media that he knew that Nobody could beat the Bulls.  With all the pressure to perform Nobody came out flat and it didn’t take the Bulls long to capitalize.  They got 25 from Dallas quarterback Tony Romo despite his three picks to take the lead.  Nobody tried to rally with 20 from San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers in the late game but the Bulls answered with 22 from New England slot machine Wes Welker and put the icing on the cake with 27 from the New York Jet Defense in the Sunday Night game and it’s the Bulls over Nobody 158 – 83.

Drunks Take Bus

Mike Roubadeaux’s Ken Kesey’s Bus hosted Bunky Stout and Drunks at Texas Stadium this week.  The Drunks felt right at home as the legendary tailgate party raged outside Texas Stadium and were hooting when they took the early lead behind 34 points from Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick.  Bus fans were hoping for more than the 17 New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees posted in the early game and were looking for Denver receiver Brandon Lloyd to start a rally in the late game.  Lloyd had the crowd on their feet a couple of times but couldn’t get into the end zone and ended the day with 14.  That wouldn’t be enough.  The Drunks would slam the door with 21 from Atlanta running back Michael Turner and the Drunks take the Bus 122 – 86.

Lions Lick Pugs

Frank Katasse’s Smashing Lions and Stacy Stout’s Pugs met on the Juneau Ice Field in a huge rivalry game this week.  Frank was busy on the waiver wire this week getting the Lions ready and both teams were doing some trash talking but it was the Pugs that jumped out of the gate. Dallas wide out Dez Bryant  scored two first half TDs in the early game but Dez and the Pugs ran out of steam after halftime. That’s when the Lions started rolling. They got 25 from Tennessee quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and Carolina wide out Steve Smith and Kansas City’s Dwain Bowe combined for 35 as the Lions took the lead.  The Pugs were looking to the Ski brothers in the late game but Gronkowski and Gostkowski couldn’t get it going only posting 8.  The Lions put the nail in the coffin in the Sunday night game as the Baltimore defense lit it up for 41 points just missing the League record of 43 set by Ryan Stout’s Rednecks with the Philadelphia defense back in ’09 and the Lions lick the Pugs 153 – 93.


Hitting on All Cylinders Award

 The Hitting on All Cylinders Award goes to CowTown Bulls owner David Stout for having every starter scoring in double figures.  The Bulls ran off a hundred and a half this week led by 27 from the New York Jet defense but even the lowest scoring player, Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy pitched in 11.  “This is a team game and that was a team win” David said addressing the press after the game.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda Award

 This week’s WCS goes to Fort Worth Panthers owner Bill Cooper.  When the Panther Poobah saw that San Francisco running back Frank Gore, who came into the game questionable, wasn’t going to start he decided to move Cincinnati running back Cedric Benson into his lineup.  Benson had a good outing going over 100 yards rushing but he didn’t find the end zone.  Turned out the news on Gore was just a head fake and Gore had his best day of the year rushing for 129 yards and a TD.  If Gore was in the Panthers lineup they woulda, coulda, shoulda been a 116 – 110 winner.

Good Luck to all next week!

Max Stout

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