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Treff's Week 2 waiver picks

Posted on: September 11, 2012 4:06 pm

Treff’s Take, Week 2 Waiver pickups

For a guy to be qualified as a “waiver pickup" in my book, he must be owned in less then %50 of leagues (CBS, YAHOO, ESPN)  If there are guys out there in the %75 range, you probably already missed him


Sam Bradford-the guy is an NFl QB, he just doesn’t have much outside of Amendola to throw to.  But you could do worse.

I would put Mark Sanchez here, but I’m not buying it, he’ll revert to form soon enough

Andrew Luck.  Rookie or not, bad team or not, the Colts will be throwing a ton, and when your #1 is on a bye, 250-300 yards with one or two scores looks pretty nice



Jonathon Dywer- owned in less than %40 of leagues, and is easily the best RB currently active for the Steelers, I know Mendenhall is close, but I wouldn’t plan on seeing him until week 3 at the earliest, Dywer can get you bye in an emergency

Jacquizz Rodgers- I’ll keep putting him in here until he’s over %50.  Any Rb on the field as often as he is, in an offense as potent as what the Falcons are, needs to be owned.

Alfred Morris—much as I hate to say it, until further notice he is the starting RB on the Redskins, and as such needs to be owned.  Currently under %20 in ESPN and %32 in yahoo (apparently we CBS fantasy owners are a bit more intelligent as he’s over 550 in CBS)


Kevin Ogletree--  So, is Ogletree Laruent Robinson 2012?  I have my doubts.  But when a defense faces Dallas, they look at Murray, Dez, Austin and Witten.  At some point there’s simply no one left to cover Ogletree.  And there’s no doubt that Jason Garret loves to air it out, so ride him while it lasts, and if that’s all year, then more power to ya.  Almost guaranteed to be available unless your league allowed pickups between Wednesday and Sunday

Brandon Lefell—So this guy isn’t my favorite by any means, but if the panthers are only going to run the ball 10 times a game, and defenses will obviously key on Steve Smith, you may as well gamble on the opposite side. 

James Jones—this pick has a little more to do with the potential Greg Jennings injury than anything else.  If Jennings is limited or misses the game, the best suited to play his position is easily James Jones.  And on that offense, you can always luck into a long TD at any given moment.

Randall Cobb—this Green Bay pick is a little more long term than James Jones.  The way that the coaching staff inserted him into the game says a lot. Using a WR as your third down back tells me that they are dying to get the ball into this kid’s hands.  And we know what he can do with it once it’s in there.

Stephen Hill—while I’m not buying the Sanchez performance, I am a buyer on Stephen Hill.  The headcase that is Santonio Holmes only reinforces the need for the Jets to have a strong #2 and use him often.

Dexter McCluster—10 targets for a guy as explosive as McCluster cannot be ignored.  And if you’re an ESPN player, he has dual eligibility!  Up till Sunday I thought only one WR in KC was worth owning, now I believe in two.


Martellus Bennett—was always on the cusp of being relevant while in Dallas behind Witten.  Now out of that shadow, he’s free to shine.  As long as Eli keeps him involved, his head will stay in the game and he could end up being a monster

Greg Olsen- Much like Lefell, Carolina seems likely to throw more than enough for this guy to be a big factor fantasy wise.  He’s always been well above average athletically for a TE, but was in a bad system in Chicago, and now, for the first time, is the only viable TE in a TE friendly system.

Coby Fleener-a preseason favorite, but doesn’t seem like too many got the message when it came to draft day.  Rookie QB’s usually like their TE, and Luck will be throwing enough that Fleener could fall out of bed and have 50 yards


Cleveland Browns-  I totally overlooked them, didn’t give them a second thought, but they are for real, and are going to be a decent, maybe even strong fantasy defense this year.

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