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Treff's week 2 starts and sits, predictions

Posted on: September 13, 2012 1:07 am

Treff’s Week Two Predictions-Starts Sits


For those of you who missed the recap, lets recap real quick!

Start of the week, 1-0

Sit of the Week, 1-0

Pick ‘em record, 10-5

(I may be a bit crazy, but I ain’t stupid)

Just to save the keystrokes I’ll be listing ”A” starters (must starts) and “B” starters (will work if you have nothing better) and of course “Sits” and I’m not listing kickers..who the hell has more than one anyways?


Start of the Week-Jacquizz Rodgers.  For one and only one reason, the Denver pass rush is pretty good, best way for a passing team to slow down a pass rush is with screen passes.  Best guy on the team at receiving a screen pass?  Rodgers.  And it’ll only take one breakdown in coverage to make this one come true.


Sit of the Week-Doug Martin.  He did just fine last week vs the Panthers.  The Giants are not the Panthers.  And just take a second to think about last week and Demarco Murray..had Murray not changed direction three times, and broken three tackles, he would’ve only had 9 points, and that was in a winning effort.  Doug martin doesn’t have those sorts of moves, and his team won’t be in a position to be running as much as they did last week.  And this is before we even consider that the Giants front seven could probably drop deuces that are better than the Panthers front seven.  The ONLY thing that can save Doug Martin is a short TD brought on by a long pass to a wideout who is tackled inside the five


Thursday Night-

Bears @ Packers

What once used to be a classic grind out matchup between Norse division rivals, looks to be an aerial display that even the Blue Angels might be proud of.  We all know about Rodgers, and his concubine of talented WR’s.  But now Jay Cutler has two very good receivers where he used to have none.  Alshon Jeffrey is for real folks.  He’s obviously not going to be the first option, but he is going to be the second one as far as down the field goes.  Writing this on Wednesday, Greg Jennings status is in doubt, I must treat it as though he won’t play.

A’s-Rodgers, J. Nelson, J. Jones, R. Cobb.  Cutler, Marshall, Fortte

B’s-Finley.  M. Bush, A. Jeffrey

Sits- Both D’s, C. Benson, Hester

My Picks- Packers 28, Bears 24


Sunday AM-

Buccaneers @ Giants

Eli has a new to in Martellus Bennett and hopefully he fixed the broken hands of his Victor Cruz action figure as well.  I would expect that Cruz’s issues had more to do with this being his first opening day as a starter and being a bit nervous.  He’ll settle down and have a nice day, as will a few other Giants.  TB on the other hand, I’m not so sure about.  Doug Martin is obviously the engine that drives this car, and I don’t like him one bit facing the GMen.  Martin is a perfectly fine RB.  But is that what you look for when you go and buy a car or a home?  Perfectly fine?  You want something a bit more dynamic, a bit more “perfect” if he’s going to be the centerpiece.  Perfectly fine works great when you’re facing the bottom of the barrel teams, but when you’re facing the defending Super Bowl champs, not so much.  The Bucs will be forced to take to the air, something that is not Freeman’s strength, especially with that pass rush

A’s-E. Manning, V. Cruz, H. Nicks, M. Bennett, NY D

B’s-Bradshaw.  Mike Williams, VJAX

Sits-D. Wilson.  D. Martin, Freeman, TB D

My pick-Giants 31, TB 10


Raiders @ Dolphins

So, I’m going to make an attempt at not giving my Raiders too much credit here, but it’ll be damned hard when their opponents are just so pathetic.  What the Raiders defense accomplished last week, despite not being able to flip field position is truly remarkable.  They held Phillips Rivers, Gates, Floyd, Meachem, and Co., to 22 points without the benefit of punts for the most part.  That doesn’t bode well for any ‘Phins offensive player, because none of them, outside of Reggie Bush is even in that school system, let alone that class.  And I don’t see a good answer for DMC on the ‘Phins defense either, Foster ran through them, so will DMC.  I am assuming that D. Moore will not play in this one

A’s- DMC, DHB, Raiders D

B’s-Streeter.  R. Bush

Sits-every Dolphin other than Bush

My pick- Raiders 27, Dolphins 7


Texans at Jaguars

Speaking of Foster, things are still looking up in his world.  Always a must start, as is Andre Johnson, it’s just that simple.  And this week might even be a bigger week than normal, for them both.  MJD is usually a must start, but I’m downgrading him to a “start him, but hope you have better options” type of play this week.  I’m sure he’ll get 50, probably a score, but he’s not getting much else vs this Texan’s D.

A’s- Foster, Andre Johnson, TEXAN D. 

B’s- Schuab.  MJD

Sits-O. Daniels.  Gabbert, R. Jennings, L. Robinson, J. Blakmon

My pick- Texans 35, Jag’s 10


Browns @ Bengals

So this week, I’ll give the Browns D some credit.  And considering how badly I thought the Ravens defense played, and still held the Bengals to a low score, I foresee issues for Bengals players this week, including BJGE and AJ Green.  Somebody has to score for them, but I won’t be guessing either of these two.  My money is on Hawkins.  As for the Browns, they’re almost as bad as the Dolphins, I mean, whose QB gets sacked by the American Flag??  Where is your head son?!? 

A’s-both Defenses

B-s= Richardson.  BJGE, Hawkins

Sits-Dalton, AJ Green, Greshem.   Weedon, Little

My pick- Browns 13, Bengals 10


Cheifs @ Bills

The much anticipated Charles/Hillis tag team was a big fizzle in act one, with McCluster being the one to steal the show, and Matt Cassel playing the vulture.  Bowe is still in the picture too though.  But just because Sanchez blasted the Bills, doesn’t mean Cassel will to.  The Bills forgot to show up last week, pure and simple.  Now they’ve lost Freddie Jackson and taken the leash off of Spiller, who had a great day last week.  Look for more of the same this week.  They also lost their former #2 WR, but it was my personal opinion that Donald Drown should’ve been the #2 to start with, keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.

A’s- Charles, Bowe.  Spiller, S. Johnson,

B’s- Hillis, McCluster, Cassel.  D. Brown, Fitzpatrick

Sits- both D’s, J. Baldwin.

My pick- Cheifs 24, Bills 17


Ravens @ Eagles

Last week the Bengals nearly doubled the time of possession, due mostly to the inability of the Ravens defense to stuff the run.  McCoy is obviously a superior talent to BJGE, however, he doesn’t run the same, so that doesn’t exactly mean McCoy will have all that much success, even though I think he’ll do enough to maintain an elite level production, by hook or crook.  This game I’m treating as if Maclin will play, he finished week one, and so far, according to Andy Reid, he’s on track to play.  So if Maclin and DJAX can do decent impressions of Hawkins and Green (which they can, possibly even better) the Eagles should be able to move the ball, and eventually score some points.  Doubtful that they’ll be getting huge chunks at a time though.  As for the Ravens, Boldin is not going to get open against that secondary, he’s not quick enough anymore, but his physicality will allow for him to rack up short possession type throws, which will (hopefully) open a couple shots up downfield to Smith.  I have no issues with Ray Rice having his way against the Eagles front seven, making Trent Richardson look even worse.

A’s-Ray Rice.  McCoy, Maclin

B’s-Flacco, T. Smith, Pitta.   Vick, DJAX, Celek

Sits-both D’s, Boldin. 

My pick- Eagles 27, Ravens 24


Saints @ Panthers

So how about dem Sean Peyton-less Saints??   They didn’t look so hot without their leader did they?  40 points dropped on them by a couple of rookies and a no name WR that Peyton used to throw to sometimes.  Sad, sad day  for the gold and black.  And now last year’s rookie phoneme QB is on the list, with a better WR and RB’s to play with.  Certainly hope the defense comes to play this time.  Ingram and Sproles must be more involved in the game plan here, because they won’t be able to handle Cam and Co having the ball any longer than absolutely need be.  And it’d be real nice to get a true look at DWILL too, we need to start thinking about simply dumping him if they don’t run the ball more than ten times this game.

A’s- Brees, Moore, Sproles, Graham.  Newton, Smith, Olsen

B’s-Colston.   DWILL, Lafell.

Sits-both D’s

My pick-  Panthers 35, Saints 31


Cardinals @ Patriots

Well the Patriots finally have re-discovered their rushing game.  Now, can they re-discover Wes Welker?  My thoughts on that are this..if the defense makes an effort to stop the run, that they now are aware is a threat, then yes, Welker will be a featured part of the gameplan.  If not, than I would expect stat line fairly similar to last weeks.  The Cardinals basically have no hope in this game.  Kolb is no better than Skelton, otherwise he would’ve started last week.  So there’s no bump in Fitzgerald’s value there.  They have no run game, and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s Beenie or Ryan Williams back there.  That really doesn’t leave much other than hoping for some garbage points in the fourth quarter.  Realistically they’re best shot is to just keep throwing the ball up for grabs in the general vicinity of Fitzgerald.

A’s- Brady, Ridley, Gronk, Hernandez.  Fitz

B’s-Lloyd, Welker, NE D.  Roberts

Sits- Woodhead.  ARZ D, Kolb, Beenie, R.Williams

My pick- Patriots 38, Cardinals 13


Vikings @ Colts

AP is back, and that’s really all that needs to be said.  There’s no longer any need to speculate on how many different ways they’ll get Harvin the ball, or if Gerhert is worth a start, now we can simply concentrate on the matchup.  And I like it.  AP had a great day today, maybe not with jaw dropping long runs, but he’ll get 100+ and a score or two.  Harvin shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this Colts secondary either.  Last week Luck tossed for 300, 3 int’s and was sacked three times, with no scores.  A similar line should be expected this week, but with possibly more sacks as jarred Allen needs to get on the scoreboard and will be hunting the rookie.  But those yardage totals will be there, meaning Collie, Wayne and Fleener are all decent enough option to warrant a start if you don’t have much better options.

A’s- AP, Harvin, Vikes D.  Wayne

B’s-Collie, Fleener, Luck

Sits Rudolph.  Colts D, D. Brown.

My pick- Vikes 27, Colts 10


Sunday Afternoon

Redskins @ Rams

So will RGIII duplicate the performance from last week?  My mind says no.  When you get nearly a third of your yards on one play, that doesn’t exactly prove anything to me.   220 with one score is what he would have without that, so it’s not exactly a dominating performance.  That goes double for Garcon.  If he can do it again, well I’ll stop banging on him, but I need to see it one more time.  But the problem is, it’s not like the Rams are exactly stiff competition.  Sure they held Stafford and the lions in check for a while, I call it a fluke.  What am I saying?  Hell I don’t know, I guess I wouldn’t start RGIII unless I drafted Sanchez to be my starter and he was the backup.  Not until I see it again anyways.  The Rams have had only SJAX now for what seems like years.  Last week they unveiled at least some semblance of a passing attack.  Bradford didn’t have good numbers himself, but since he basically only threw to two guys, they did allright.  Amendola is a PPR wet dream, and Gibson bears watching.  If this offense can just get it’s feet on the ground, they could be, well at least decent, instead of SJAX and pray for the best.

A’s- SJAX.  Garcon, WASH D

B’s-Amendola.  RGIII, A. Morris

Sits-Gibson, Kendricks, RAMS D.   Helu, Davis, Royster

My pick- ‘Skins 27, Rams 13


Cowboys @ Seahawks

IS this a replay from last year?  Dez and Miles seem somewhat poised to have great season, only to have some #3WR steal the show??  Let’s sure hope not (except for those of you that picked up Ogletree of course).  But even if Ogletree does have another good game, it still is an overall positive for any Dez or Miles owner.  If he continues a high level of play, eventually they’ll have to stop concentrating on the outside, and send help on the slot, and both Miles and Dez can beat almost anyone in the league one on one.  Getting a healthy Witten can only help as well.  Murray will have to make the best out of limited touches this week, but he seems to do exactly that every week.  The ‘Hawks did exactly what I said they would last week and shut down Fitz, but they forgot to win the game.  Lynch is a full go, but those recievers and that QB just aren’t going to drive men out of the box, so it’ll be tough sledding for Lynch, but then again, that’s what he’s used to and still seems to get his points when the chips fall.

A’s-Romo, Murray, Bryant, Miles.   Lynch

B’s-Witten, Ogletree, Cowboys D.

Sits- Russel, Rice, Edwards, Bladwin

My pick- Cowboys 35, ‘Hawks 10


Jets @ Steelers

Here we again, Sanchez busts out of the gates with a huge day, prompting owners across the country to pick him up, only to fall back to earth within a week or two.  This team isn’t built to have a 300 yard passing game on even a semi consistent basis.  They simply don’t have the WR’s to get it done like that.  Stephen Hill does add a dimension that makes it seem possible, but Holmes just doesn’t do it for me anymore, and Keller can pole dance all he likes, I’m done with him teasing us fantasy owners.  It’s still a running team, even though their RB pretty much sucks.  So who will Revis shadow in this one, Brown or Wallace??  If it’s Wallace, bench him, if it’s Brown, go ahead and play him.  Brown’s route skills will get him enough to be productive, even on Revis island.  But Wallace streaking down the field isn’t going to shake Revis one little bit.  This of course, is all assuming Revis is playing this weekend after exiting early last week.  I feel the Steelers lean a little more heavily on Dywer and try and pound some life out of this defense before attempting much vertically.  Even though Mendenhall is listed as getting full days in at practice, I’d still be shocked if we see him before week 4 or 5.


A-s-A. Brown.  S. Hill

B’s- Wallace, Dywer, Big Ben.   Holmes.  Both D’s

Sits- Sanchez, Greene, Keller.   Redman, Miller, Mendenhall.

My pick-Steelers 21, Jets 17

Titans @ Chargers

Two questions for the Titans here, will Britt play, and can Chris Johnson ever get going?  My answers?  If Britt plays, he probably won’t do much, plan on week three for Britt to start contributing.  And, simply put no, he won’t.  the long answer would be that Chris Johnson is still an amazingly talented Rb and at some point he will bust a long run or two and put together a very nice week.  But he’s not to be trusted unless you simply have no other viable alternatives.  If your looking at starting mark Ingram or Gerhert or Rashaad Jennings, then yes you stick with Johnson and hope he hits that homerun.  If you’ve got a BJGE or Ridley, or similar, you bench him.  Chargers could’ve done much more versus Oakland last week, but couldn’t seem to punch it through.  Tick tock Ronnie Brown, once Ryan Mathews returns, I have a feeling you’ll be released.  Brown simply just doesn’t have it anymore, no burst, no speed, and no elusiveness.  Stick a fork in him.

A’s-Rivers, Floyd, Gates, Chargers D

B’s-Chris Johnson, K. Wright, N. Washington.  Meachem

Sits- Titans D, Lcoker/Hasselblah.   Ronnie Brown

My pick- Chargers 27, Titans 10


Sunday Night


Lions @ Niners

Hopefully what happened last week vs the Rams were nothing but opening day jitters.  But then again, that’s the way last eyar started out too, the Lions starting late, needing to come from behind and eventually win.  It wasn’t until late in the season that they started really clicking.  As long as boht Stafford and Megatron are healthy, its just a matter of time before they find the endzone.  Nice little shot in the arm from Kevin Smith last week too.  Which reminds me, I wanted to comment on Mikel Leshoure last week but it slipped my mind.  Personally, I don’t see the appeal, he didn’t wow me in college, he didn’t wow me in the preseason, and he couldn’t beat out the guy that has been let go twice by the Lions, please tell me why you drafted him?  LeShoure owners better hope that Best never clears the concussion tests, because if he does, he’ll never see the field.  As for the Niners, It was interesting how they used Randy Moss, mostly as a possession guy and a big redzone target.  Not the greatest news for Vernon Davis owners, or Frank Gore owners for that matter.  I wouldn’t expect that too change, unless that’s simply not good enough for randy and he starts to pout.  Gore is still Gore, despite reports to the contrary.  But Crabtree has finally stepped up his game and is a legitimate WR# with some upside.  I’m actually going with the Niner’s D, because of the potential sack and turnover totals, but not the Lions D, even though I pick them to win


A’s- Stafford, Calvin Johnson.   V. Davis, Gore

B’s-Pettigrew, Young, Kevin Smith.   Moss, Crabtree Niners D

Sits- Burleson, Lions D  Alex Smith

My Pick-Lions 24, ‘Niners 21


Monday Night

Broncos @ Falcons

This one is worth waiting till Monday night for.  If this isn’t a shootout, I don’t know what could be.  Manning with two very good Wr’s, Matt Ryan with two great ones, the only thing that could screw this up would be the Denver pass rush.  So I expect more than a few screen passes to Rodgers in this one in an attempt to slow down Vaughn Miller and CO. and keep those linebackers a little more honest.  It doesn’t need a whole lot of analysis, not in my book.  Start basically everyone but the D’s

A’s- Ryan, Jones, White, Rodgers.  Manning, Decker, D. Thomas

B’s-Gonzo.  McGahee, Tamme

Sits-Both D’s, Turner.

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Posted on: September 19, 2012 9:19 pm

Treff's week 2 starts and sits, predictions

Sorry I never got back to you Immortal, it'd be much eaiser to find me on the boards, I usually don't chekc back on here more than once or twice before the games start.  But thanks for reading and commenting.

Since: Aug 15, 2011
Posted on: September 13, 2012 6:27 pm

Treff's week 2 starts and sits, predictions

I guess it's different for me since my best qb was big ben. I would say start fitzpatrick ahead of big ben and any other qb around that ranking this week. 

I guess I would have to place Trich under the sit category by that definition then. The bengals defense was horrid against the run, but I think the browns offense is worse. Ray rice made them look silly, but i still can't shake the thought that eagles is not spectacular against the run and the eagles offense turned the ball over 6 times and weeden and Trich still could not move the ball.

I have a question. I'm debating on starting alshon jeffery over reggie wayne because it could be a shoot out. If he managed that kind of production against the colts it makes me wonder what he could do against GB when the bears have to throw more. Plus the return of collie might take away some receptions from wayne. From what I saw Luck highly favors Collie when he is on the field. Right now I have Wayne in my starting line up, but I really want to start jeffery. Shoud I?

Since: Aug 12, 2006
Posted on: September 13, 2012 10:21 am

Treff's week 2 starts and sits, predictions

All good points, no doubts.  here's why I didn't.

 Fitzpatrick-in a 10-12 team league, does anyone have a QB that they would bench for the "potential" of Fitzpatrick to get 22??  Not likely as there ae at least 10-12 QB's who are better bets to get 22 without needing to luck into it.

McCluster-I wanted to, I really did, but I'm not read to be quite that bold

Amendola- I jsut don't foresee the Rams scoring more than a SJAX touchdown, and Amendola is a catch machine, not ayards or scoring machine.  But it wouldn't shock me to see it happen

Browns D--yeah maybe, but even then I sitll think they can handle the Bengals. 

Owen Daniels-often overlooked by most, including me.  Your probably right most weeks

Richardson..well yeah sure.  I mean if your desperate, sure, absolutely.  THe potential exists for him to be a really good RB, which makes for a great desperation play every week, no matter who we're talkng abobut.  But if I start listing desperation plays, eventually the only guy I"ll have in the "sits" is Michael Turner!

Since: Aug 15, 2011
Posted on: September 13, 2012 4:45 am

Treff's week 2 starts and sits, predictions

I like it the only thing I would say is

A's-Fitzpatrick, MCcluster, Amendola
So far the chiefs Defense is plagued with injuries and I think fitzpatrick is good enough to get 22 pts or more this contest. MCcluster should be a good weapon against a questionable bills defense, and Amendola will be Bradfords pratically only target. I don't see the rams defense holding down the redskins the way they did the lions.

B's-Browns d because of their loss of Joe Haden, TE O. Daniels I think is a good B option.

C's desperate start-Trent Richardson because I'm not sold on him and if his knee was an excuse then that's 2 things to worry about his knee and his offense's ability to open up the run. I would sit him over most RB's though.

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