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Treff's week 3 waiver pickups

Posted on: September 18, 2012 7:43 pm
Players for week 3 that SHOULD be avialable in most leauges


Sam Bradord-  Two weeks in a row Bradford has had a good day.  This is what I was expecting from him last year.  As long as Amendola continues his Wes Welker from the late 2000's impression, Bradford is a great injury fill in or possibly even match up solution.

Ryan Fitzpatrick -  I knew he oculdn't be as bad as he looked vs the Jet's.  Still can't figure out why he was sooo bad then, but regardless, Stevie Johnson is a great receiver, Donald Jones is above average, and the threat of CJ Spiller makes Fitzpatrick a very viable option as a QB2

If you bought into the week 1 Sanchez hype, dump him for eithe rof these two guys, or maybe even Matt Cassel 


Andre Brown-As usal, there isn't much out there as far as RB's are concerned, so even a one week bandaid is looking pretty good.  Given the Thursday night game on tap for the GMen, and the complete ineptitude of David Wilson, Andre Brown is probably the guy you'd want if your desperate to fill the Bradshaw gap.

Pierre Thomas-It is beginning to look like the Saints realize they can't win with this aerial assualt without Sean Peyton calling the plays, as both Ingram and thomas saw an increase in carries, and Darren Sporles as more relegated to third downs.  Ingram would make the list as well, but he's owned in more leagues than he's available..if he's available in yours, grab him, if not, go for Thomas.

Longshot special---
 La'rod Stephens Howlings- I don't really care much for his prospects, short or long term, as I feel there's no way Arizona hands him very much running work, as he's so integral to the return game, BUT, the way Beenie and Williams have failed to really do much of anything, they could always turn to the little guy for a spark, and if your a gambler, you may just pick the right week to start him and hit that homerun.

And I'm still not giving up on Jacquiz Rodgers, Atlanta's offense looks so plodding and average at best when Turner is on the field, there's an entire different feel to it with Rodgers out there


Andre Roberts-As long as Fitzgerald is getting raped up and down the field, Andre Roberts is just as good of an option as anyone else availabe out there.

Andrew Hawkins-The guy had the yards in week one, week two he barely saw the ball, but got the score.  Sooner or later he'll get 'em both as defenses continue to key on AJ Green.

Dexter McCluster- two weeks in row I've had him, and although his targets went down from week one, I"m figuring for a very nice week 3 from McCluster vs the Saints.  They don't have the Db's to cover Bowe and Baldwin, let alone a dangerous slot guy like McCluster.

I'm not ready to cut bait on either of week two's "hot" waiver pickups, as the Cowboys looked completely lost (as they can do at times) so I don'tthink it was a fiar assesment of what Ogletree is capable of, and likewise for the Jets and Hill.


Martellus Bennett-another hold over form week one, but doubtful he'll be around after this week's waiver period.  Especially considering the injuries to Hernandez and if your league had a smart Gates owner last week.

Heath Miller-  Millertime doens't happen all that often in Pittsburgh, but somehow, ithappens in the endzone fairly often.  Often enough that he's dwarfing TE#1's like Pettigrew and Finley.

Do not be fooled by Donte Rosario, Gates will play week 3 and the Chargers are not going to convert thier offense to two tight sets just becuase their fill in for Gates had a nice game

If the Browns, Packers or Seahawks are available in your league, while your staritng the Giants or the Cowboys, ask yourself why, then make the switch.

I'ts time to take a look at Justin Tucker, Greg Zuerlein, and Blair Walsh.  All three have double or more points than popular draft day kickers suchs as Prater, Bailey, Henery and Gould.  No reason to lose your matchup by a few points becuase you simply think a kicker is a kicker is a kicker.

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