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Treff's Week 2 review

Posted on: September 19, 2012 9:20 pm

Treff’s Week Two Predictions-Starts Sits

Well my pyschic abilities fell flat on their faces last week.  Bobmbed the start adn the sit of the weeks, and was below .500 in the pick 'ems.  Man thats was brutal. 

Start of the week, 1-1 

Sit of the Week, 1-1

Pick ‘em record, 17-13 (this week 7-8 with no pick recorded on the Monday game)


Start of the Week-Jacquizz Rodgers.  –well I laid a stinkin’ rotten egg on this one.  For the life of me I did not think the Falcons O-line would control Dummervil and the Denver, the screen pass was never needed, and the one that was ran went to Turner of all people (who got zero yards on it BTW)


Sit of the Week-Doug Martin--"The ONLY thing that can save Doug Martin is a short TD brought on by a long pass to a wideout who is tackled inside the five"—well that’s what I said last week, and that’s exactly what sunk me..a five yard touchdown yard, woulda coulda’s still a loss


Thursday Night-

Bears @ Packers
I was expecting much more from Cutler in this one, as were most people.  Whoops.  Guess some things never change.  Starting to get a little concerned about Rodgers not scoring a lot more than he has been.

A’s-Rodgers, J. Nelson, J. Jones, R. Cobb.  Cutler, Marshall, Fortte

B’s-Finley.  M. Bush, A. Jeffrey

Sits- Both D’s, C. Benson, Hester

My Picks- Packers 28, Bears 24


Sunday AM-

Buccaneers @ Giants

This one ended the way I thought it would, but what a wild ride to get there.  Eli can ball, no doubt about it, but Iwouldn't expect an encore anytime soon.

A’s-E. Manning, V. Cruz, H. Nicks, M. Bennett, NY D

B’s-BradshawMike Williams, VJAX

Sits-D. Wilson.  D. Martin, Freeman, TB D

My pick-Giants 31, TB 10


Raiders @ Dolphins

Well I'm done believing in my Raiders.  That defense that looked so good holding the Chargers to relatively little all things considered, was pathetic..and that was agianst a pathetic team!!  Bush owners don't start posing withthe trophy just yet, this was his once a season big game.  It's back to normal from here on out.

B’s-Streeter.  R. Bush

Sits-every Dolphin other than Bush

My pick- Raiders 27, Dolphins 7


Texans at Jaguars

Finally, some sanity, a game went as it was suppossed to from start to finish, alhtough it was about the only one all weekend.

A’s- Foster, Andre Johnson TEXAN D

B’s- Schuab.  MJD

Sits-O. DanielsGabbert, R. Jennings, L. Robinson, J. Blakmon

My pick- Texans 35, Jag’s 10


Browns @ Bengals

So this much improved Browns defense..yea, that's what I get for believing in week 1 results.  Where was it?  Richardson showed a little something something, let's see him do it agian though.

A’s-both Defenses

B-s= Richardson.  BJGE, Hawkins

Sits-Dalton, AJ Green, Greshem.   Weedon, Little

My pick- Browns 13, Bengals 10


Cheifs @ Bills

At last the Bills showed up, too bad the season started two weeks ago.  Spiller continues to impress, Charles and Hillis continue to disappoint.  McCluster is still an intriguing matchup play...

A’s- Charles, Bowe.  Spiller, S. Johnson,

B’s- Hillis, McCluster, Cassel. , Fitzpatrick

Sits- both D’s, J. Baldwin.

My pick- Cheifs 24, Bills 17


Ravens @ Eagles

I just about got the score dead right one this one, had one too many FG's for teh Eagles, and was one point off on the Ravens..wish they could all be that close, maybe I could get a job in the cellar of a Vegas casino??  Maclin probably wasn't an A starter, but I give props to a guy that gut's it out like him when he cashes in his only catch for seven or eight fantasy points.  As for he isn't this years Gronk or even this years Bennett.  won't ever happen again.

A’s-Ray Rice.  McCoy, Maclin

B’s-Flacco, T. Smith, Pitta.   Vick, DJAX, Celek

Sits-both D’s, Boldin. 

My pick- Eagles 27, Ravens 24


Saints @ Panthers

Gotta give props to the Saints for proving what I've been saying all off season, they won't be nearly the same without Sean Peyton around.  And they haven't been.  LAst week was an improvement, and they did show that they can run the ball..perhaps that's what they should continue trying??

A’s- Brees, Moore, Sproles, Graham.  Newton, Smith, Olsen

B’s-Colston  DWILL, Lafell.

Sits-both D’s

My pick-  Panthers 35, Saints 31


Cardinals @ Patriots

Show me anyone that honestly thought the Card's could beat the Pat's and I'll show you a bald faced liar.  What's really interesting to me is that Fitzgerald has been nuetralized two weeks in a row now.  If I were a Fitz owner, i'd be starting to panic.

A’s- Brady, Ridley, Gronk, Hernandez.  Fitz

B’s-Lloyd, Welker, NE D Roberts

Sits- Woodhead.  ARZ D, Kolb, Beenie, R.Williams

My pick- Patriots 38, Cardinals 13


Vikings @ Colts

Luck is still a viable alternative if your QB is struggling, there's just so many pass attempts, eventually it adds up to quite a few fantasy points.

A’s- AP, Harvin, Vikes DWayne

B’s-Fleener, Luck

Sits Rudolph.  Colts D, D. Brown.

My pick- Vikes 27, Colts 10


Sunday Afternoon

Redskins @ Rams

Okay, here's the deal, RGIII put up the points, I gotta give him that.  But if you want ot depend on rushing scores from your starting QB, be my guest.  That's always been a bad idea, and that isn't changing.  Congrats to those of you that started him, but realistically you had yet another mediocre passing day from your QB..not bad, but not this amazing 30 point a week performance, this isn't going to last long, sell while the price is sky high. And BTW, no I'm not counting Tebow, that's the one instance where you would be justified in expecting rushing scores from your QB


B’s-Amendola.  RGIII, A. Morris

Sits-Gibson, Kendricks, RAMS D.   Helu, Davis, Royster

My pick- ‘Skins 27, Rams 13


Cowboys @ Seahawks

And agian my team lets me down.  they seemed like world beaters in week one, now they seem like, well, like the Raiders.  Did they seriously only have the ball for six offensive plays the entire fourth quarter??  Three of which came with less than a minute to play?  that's pathetic.

A’s-Romo, Murray, Bryant, Miles.   Lynch

B’s-Witten, Ogletree, Cowboys D.

Sits- Russel, Rice, Edwards, Bladwin

My pick- Cowboys 35, ‘Hawks 10


Jets @ Steelers

ehh,Hill pulled a disappearing act, but the rest went about as planned.  Redman got the score, but neither ran well.

A-s-A. Brown.  S. Hill

B’s- Wallace, Dywer, Big Ben.   Holmes.  Both D’s

Sits- Sanchez, Greene, Keller.   Redman, Miller, Mendenhall.

My pick-Steelers 21, Jets 17

Titans @ Chargers

Still no Chris Johnson sightings and surprise, Javon Ringer plays next week..sell CJ2K while you can.  Britt returns but doubtful that helps Johnson, at least not the way Locker has been throwing the ball.

A’s-Rivers, Floyd, Gates, Chargers D

B’s-Chris Johnson, K. Wright, N. Washington Meachem

Sits- Titans D, Lcoker/Hasselblah.   Ronnie Brown

My pick- Chargers 27, Titans 10


Sunday Night


Lions @ Niners

Thought maybe the Lions had a big game in them, not so much.  Stafford really needs Titus Young to step up and beat some single coverage if this offense is to live up to it's billing, 

A’s- Stafford, Calvin Johnson.   V. Davis, Gore

B’s-Pettigrew, Young, Kevin Smith.   Moss, Crabtree Niners D

Sits- Burleson, Lions D  Alex Smith

My Pick-Lions 24, ‘Niners 21


Monday Night

Broncos @ Falcons

Who'd have thunk it?  the only thing keeping this game from being a shoot out wasn't the Denver pass rush, it was Peyton manning staking the Falcons to an early lead, leading to a much more conservative offense from the Falcons.  Bummer, and I was so pumped for a high scoring game.

A's-Ryan, White, Jones, Rodgers.  Manning, Decker, D. Thomas.
B’s-Gonzo.  McGahee, Tamme

Sits-Both D’s, Turner.

it would appear that I forgot to pick this game..damn, and being the good Raider fan that I am, everyone knows I would've picked the Falcons, but oh well 


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