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Treff's Waiver picks for Week 4

Posted on: September 25, 2012 10:25 pm
With minor RB injuries abound, there are a lot of decent possibilities out there, but none are intended for long term solutions, as none of the more recent injuries appear to be serious.  So don't get all panicky and start dumping potential stars for a one week solution..not unless you feel your already in desperation mode after three weeks (hint-even if your 0-3, it's not desperation time just yet)

QB's (even though these guys aren't owned in less then %50 of leagues..there's just simply not any worthy QB's that are, hopefully one or more are avialable in yours)

Ryan Fitzpatrick-listed him last week, and he didn't dissappoint.  he'll never be an every week starter, but if your #1's bye falls on a favorable matchup for the Bills, he's a must add for you.

Carson Palmer-  Now, before this gets started, let me re-iterate, I am not a fan whatsoever of Palmer's, even though I am a card carrying member of Raider Nation.  His arm strength has dissappeared, he makes ridiculous decisions at times (based at elast somewhat in part on his failure to aknowledge that his arm strength has lessoned), and he's often hamstrung by his coache's playcalling. BUT, the results can't be argued with.  Especially not if your huritng at QB2.

Desperation stash--

Christian Ponder-  The offense in Minnesota will revolve around Peterson until the day he leaves town, ther'es no getting around that. But Ponder has shown significant improvement since last season, and with the ultra athletic Jerome Simpson entering the mix, he could very well be a viable starter at some point this season. 

Cut bait on-Freman and possibly Cutler


Tashard CHoice-ok the obvious choice and will undoubtedly be the #1 picked up player this week.  My suggestion, pick him up, find the Spiller/Jackskon owner, and try and make a trade for a sleeper stashed away on their roster.  YOu may lose the one week decent game, but you'll gain long term value, and hopefully, weaken a team in your league for later on.

Daniel Thomas/Lamaar Miller-So I listed them together as I feel they have virtually the exact same value.  It's obivous that Miller is a superior runner, but it's just as obvious that Thomas has a better understanding of the offense, especially in the passing game.  So, PPR leaguers should take Thomas, and standard leaguer's can flip a coin.

Biliai Powell- the only RB to be mentioned that MIGHT be a longer term answer.  We all realize that Shonne Green pretty much sucks, but this Powell guy?  ehh I wouldn't go dropping anyone with any real prospects of being a big contributer, but if you've still got Darryl Richardson banging around on your roster, why not?

Ronnie Hillman-some say the smart money is on Lance Ball if McGahee misses this weeks game, not me.  I'd rather have Hillman, this kid has some explosion and could breakout if given an opportunity..too bad it'll only last until McGahee ocmes back.  No way the Bronco's trust Mannings backside long term to a rookie with a knock on pass protection.

Javon Ringer-It's obvious now, to even the most adamant Chris Johnson supporters, that he's jsut not going to get it going, and if he does, it'll only be in short spurts well after you've given up starting him, and thos epoint will be on your bench.  Javon Ringer is going to start cutting into his workload, just as he did last year.  Ringer is not hte all world talent that Johnson is, but he is a strong, smart runner, that will take the yards the defense gives him, and not give many, if any, back on screwing around in the offensive backfield.  Coaches love that sheet, even if it is only 3.5 yards a carry.

cut bait on-Darryle Richardson, McCluster, Gerhert, David Wilson


Andrew Hawkins-easily my picck up of the week, and he jsut barely qualifies, beigns owned in %48 of leagues right now.  I must say that Andy Dalton has made a believer out of me, and I was exceptionally skeptical all last year.  And even though Hawkins rarely sees more than 3-5 catches, he obviously knows what to do with them once they are in his hands.  Not only is he a must add, he's nearing must start territory.

Jerome Simpson-this is the quintessential "gamble" pick.  Simpson flashed some true brilliance last season before the injury and subsequent suspension, and the Vikes are ACHING for a decent compliment to Harvin on the outside.  Given the ground attack that Minnesota has, and the attention that Harvin commands, Simpson has every possible reason to succeed.  the only quesiton is, where is his head, and will it stay there?  I'm banking on yes.

Leonard Hankerson-So long as Garcon's vagina is still sore, Hankerson is starter worthy, after that, it's very doubtful.  Even though RGIII has set the fantasy wrold on fire, his passing stats leave much to be desired, and it's not likely that he'll be able tosupport two roster worthy WR's at the same time.

desperation long shot-
Golden Tate-the "inaccurate reception" not withstanding, Tate is an intriguing possibility.  He has vertical speed and apparently, excellent ball skills at the point of the catch, Russel Wilson has one of the strongest Howitzer's in the NFL, and the Seahawks desperatly need to stretch the field.  If they can find some real chemistry, it's a natural match..but it's a big if.

cut bait on-McCluster, Ogletree, G. Little, R. Cobb, James Jones, Devone Bess


Heath Miller-virtually the only option owned in less the %50 of leagues that's even mildly appealing.  But he and Big Ben are not only on the same page, but they may be reading the same line.  He'll never wow anyone, but much like Cris Carter, "he just catches touchdowns!"

Kellen Winslow Jr.-  there's is absolutely no way that WInslow even begins to duplicate Hernandez's stats.  the guy couldn't even pass a physical a month ago.  But, there's a chance, however remote, that he has a five catch, two TD game somewhere before Hernandez returns.  Good luck picking it.

cut bait on-Keller.

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Posted on: September 26, 2012 9:39 pm

Treff's Waiver picks for Week 4

Good as usual. I guess Ryan Williams didn't make the cut, althouh he'd been dropped in a lot of leagues by last week.

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Posted on: September 26, 2012 8:46 pm

Treff's Waiver picks for Week 4

Thanks Sam, good to know at least one "in the know" dude bothered to read it, even after I snatched victory from you last weekend! Cool

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Posted on: September 26, 2012 12:28 pm

Treff's Waiver picks for Week 4

Good read TREFF. Picked up Palmer in one league and Heath Miller in another last night so I surely agree with you there. Put a bid in on Simpson in 2 leagues and came up 0-2 but agree with your take there also. 

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