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Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Posted on: September 27, 2012 12:32 am

Treff’s week 4 predictions


Welcome back ya’ll.  Week 3 was the second disaster in a row for me.  I will give myself a W with my start of the wee kin Peterson, even though he didn’t score a TD..again, double digits is what we’re after in this spot, since I generally pick my starts of the week based on players that you would normally sit based on matchups.  But, the Steelers blew it for me on my sit of the week with McFadden.  One run, 60+ yards and a TD was all it took..and frankly that basically all he did get.  I wouldn’t be shouting “McFadden’s back!! McFadden’s back!!” from the rooftops just yet.  If anything it’ll give his trade value a slight boost,  potentially enabling you to actually get something of real value for him.

My pick ‘ems were once again awful as well, I could’ve broke .500 had I not second guessed myself and went ahead with the Niners over the Vikes, but I hedged, and came up empty.  Such is life.  At least I did foresee the Seahawks beating the Packers, not to mention saying you should go with someone else other than Aaron Rodgers if you had a decent alternative.  My ability to use the Force may have weakened a bit the past couple weeks, but it still shows up in spurts.

I won’t be clogging up my blog space with full sized recaps anylonger.  For a couple reasons, one, being that I have no evidence that anyone has ever read them.  And, two, they take up valuable time that could be better used on the upcoming week’s games.  So the only recap I’ll be giving is a quick rundown on my highlights and lowlights from the previous week, a quick listing of my record, and then it’s on to the next week, and hopefully, some serious improvement.


Stat of the Week- 2-1

Sit of the week- 1-2

Pick ‘em record- 24-23—geesh that’s U…G..L…Y..!!

So before I touch on week 4, I would like to mention that for the first itme all season, I had the privilege of watching more than one half of football, plus the Monday night games.  I don’t even get the Thursday night games seeing as I’m attending my RCIA classes.  (no that isn’t anything like AA or drugs, it’s adult catholic confirmation classes..trying to be a godparent for my nephew).  So needless to say, I feel so much better about trying to help out other owners now that I’ve seen these guys in a little more extensive action instead of just box scores and highlights on NFL and ESPN networks. But enough about me, on to the games!

Start of the week-

Going out on a limb here with, Ryan Williams.  The Cards defense alone should be enough to put the Cardinals in clock kill mode versus the ‘Phins.  And with Beenie’s turf toe issues, coupled with last week finally giving Williams some much needed confidence, I project 100 yards and a score for him this week.

Sit of the week-

Seeing as how my sits of the week have bombed two weeks straight, I’m going to play just a bit safer on this one and see how it goes. Mike Vick gets my call this week, and I’ll even double it up and throw DeSean Jackson in there as well.  The Giants pass rush should eat Vick-burgers for dinner this Sunday, especially on anything headed downfield towards Jackson, there simply won’t be enough time to run those types of plays, not with that offensive line.


Thursday Night

Browns @ Ravens- Torrey Smith, need I say more?  What an incredible story.  I never knew he graduated college early, never knew he was basically the man of the house for his siblings growing up.  In this day of me first and where’s mine, Torrey Smith is a welcome breath of fresh air.  And the fact that he’s damned fine WR is pretty nice too.  I’m truly hoping last week was a wakeup call to the Ravens coaching staff, but more specifically to Joe Flacco.  Throw him the ball, he won’t let you fail.  I’m projecting another big week for Torrey Smith, especially with Sheldon Brown still nursing injuries.

A’s-Flacco, T. Smith, Ray Rice, Raven’s D

B’s-Boldin, Pitta.     Trent Richardson

Sits- Dickson.  Clev D, Weedon, Little.

My pick-Ravens 38, Browns 10

Sunday AM

Raiders @ Broncos-  Okay, so DMC finally broke free and got his owners some points, at the same time making me look a fool.  But if you saw that run, yes he made a great move to jock strap the safety, but that’s not a play you can ever count on happening again.  No way another defense parts like the red sea after seeing that one on tape.  And DMC struggled the rest of the game, gaining only 49 yards on 17 carries, that’s the stat to pay attention to, not the one long run.  

Denver’s defense has been exposed lately, most notably the secondary, too bad DHB is in his own Land of Oz right now, but things are looking up a bit for Streeter, as Denarious Moore will no doubt draw Chump Bailey in coverage more often than not.

  As for the Donkeys?  Well, Peyton isn’t Peyton any longer, that much is obvious, but he’s still better than most QB’s in this league, and as the weeks go by, and he gets more and more accustomed to Decker and Thomas, the points will come.  Playing the Raiders should be a nice start to that.  If Tannehill and Hartline can go for a buck on these guys, Manning/Decker/Thomas should be able to as well.  I would avoid Denver RB’s in this one if at all possible.  McGahee’s status is currently up in the air, and his backups haven’t shown much to get excited about yet.  Should be quite a few fake points to be had in this game

A’s- D. Thomas, E. Decker, Manning.   Streeter

B’s- Tamme.   Palmer, Moore, DMC

Sits- Denver D, Dnever RB’s.   Oakland D

My pick-Raiders 35, Broncos 34


Niner’s @ Jets-  What an awful time to lose Revis for the season.  Not that there’s ever a good time, but with a pissed off Niner’s team coming to town?  Not to mention the entire Jet’s offense is in shambles.  This should really be a blow out, anything less would really shock me.

A’s- V.D., Gore, Niner’s D. 

B’s-Crabtree, Randy Moss, Alex Smith.   Holmes

Sits-Manningham.  Stephen Hill, S. Green, Balai Powell, Keller

My pick-Niner’s- 28, Jets 6

Panthers @ Falcons-  So cam newton owners got an unpleasant wake up call last week.  And that’s what you get with a young QB, I don’t care how many times he fuax rips his jersey exposing a make believe Superman ensignia.  His game revolves around breaking down the defense through his ability to extend plays, and when that’s the case, eventually defenses are going to learn to stop doing that.  That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen from now on, but it is a reminder that this guy shouldn’t have been picked nearly as high as he was in drafts.  But, his potential to score 30 against anyone is still there so you can’t sit him.  I’m just saying don’t be shocked when he gets another low teens score.

The Falcons are simply on fire, and if they can ever just give Rodgers the feature back role and get it over with, man what a fantasy dynamo we’d have.  But until then, Turner is still a prospect for 30 yards and a score, while Rodgers is a high risk medium reward possibility.  Rodger’s role is expanding, but it’s taking forever.  Ryan may very well be the best fantasy QB by years end, especially with Rodgers, Brady and Brees struggling.

A’s- Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, GONZO.  Steve Smith

B’s-Turner, Falcons D.  Cam Newton, DWILL

Sits- Panthers D, Greg Olsen, JSTEW.

My pick-Falcons 28, Panthers 17

Patriots @ Bills-Even the best coach alive let me down last week.  What was his record after a loss??  Like an 85 win percentage or something like that??  I wonder what it is after back to back losses??  Apparently there’s too little evidence to have any real idea.  So did week 3 teach us anything?  Maybe, we did see that without Aaron Hernandez the Patriots reverted back to their old ways and went three and four wide most of the game.  They had reasonable success when they tried to run, so I do think it was by design and not because the Raven’s dictated it to them.  So that tells me, Wes Welker will be fine, Brandon Lloyd is still a heavy target hog, and Gronk was simply taken away by the Ravens, both in coverage and by the pass rush forcing more blocking than normal.  All three should be in your starting lineups for this one.

Bills with no Spiller and no FJAX?  No thanks, I’ll pass on everyone not named Stevie Johnson.

A’s- Brady, Welker, Lloyd, Gronk

B’s- Ridley, PAT’s D.  Stevie Johnson

Sits-Branch, Woodhead, Winslow Jr.  Bills D, Choice, Jones, Fitzpatrick.

My pick- Patriots 31, Bills 13.

Vikes @ Lions-The Vikings pretty much shocked the world, even those that bet on the Vikes didn’t actually think they’d win vs the Niners, even I wanted to pick them to win, but just couldn’t.  Bummer.  Anyway, Peterson showed he’s still a beast, one five yard run in particular told me he’s all the way back.  I simple dive play, bottled up, bounced outside, spun back around, shot through a hole that wasn’t even there, juked a linebacker nearly out of his shoes and was one more broken tackle away from busting a big one.  Only elite talent can do things like that, and Peterson is still there.  Those of you that had the stones to draft him in the second or even third rounds, enjoy your trophies.  But perhaps an even bigger storyline to follow in this one is the usage of Jerome Simpson, that’s what I’ll be watching very closely.

Oh the poor 0-2 Lions, the Cardiac cats from a year ago are seemingly without their de-fibulators.  And now they may be without their QB.  My assumption is that Stafford will play, but fantasy owners need to be prepared with option B, especially since the Lions by week is next week, it’s entirely possible they throw Sean Hill to Jared Allen and let their golden boy have two weeks off.  If that’s the case, Megatron becomes the only starter from the WR corp even worthy of consideration and Leshoure’s value doubles in my opinion.  SO his owners should also be ready to place him in the starting lineup, if he isn’t already.

A’s-Megatron.  Peterson, Harvin

B’s-Stafford, LeShoure, Pettigrew.  Rudolph, Simpson, Ponder, Vikes D

Sits-Lions D, Burleson, Young.  Gerhert

My picks- Vikes 24, Lions 20

Titans @ Texans-  Just what Chris Johnson owners wanted to see, on of the tip top defenses in the NFL on the schedule..again!!    Eventually he’s going to bust a long run, and there will be countless threads on message boards all over saying I told ya Johnson wasn’t a dog, I knew he was still a stud.  I simply revert back to my comments about DMC a little early.  One long run doesn’t mean squat.  Darryl Richardson had one a couple weeks ago, where’s he now?  Back on the waiver wire, where he belonged in the first place.  If  you want a RB from this team, go get Ringer before it’s obvious to everyone else that he’ll be taking the bulk of Johnson’s carries. Just don’t start him yet.  Oh, start Kenny Britt in this one, long plays might not mean squat in the long term, but week to week they are gold, and not only is he due for one, but the Titans will be throwing often.

Foster, Foster and Foster.  All you need to know.  Sprinkle in the occasional bomb from Schuab to Johnson, rack up a win and go home.  Who says it’s hard to win in the NFL??

A’s-Foster, Andre Johnson, TEXANS D.  Britt

B’s-Schuab, Walter. 

Sits- Daniels, Tate.  Chris Johnson, Locker, Ringer, Washington

My pick- Texans 24, Titans 10

Chargers @ Chiefs- Wow, did Jammal Charles show up or what?  Wish I had been watching that one, so I could get an accurate read on what was so different between week 3  and weeks 1 & 2.  Regardless, you cannot bench Charles again….ever, that potential is just too great.  Well maybe if the Niner’s or Texans are on the schedule it could be considered, but otherwise, he’s a starter.  The same cannot be said for anyone else on the entire roster.

The Chargers live and die on Rivers, it’s just too bad that he no longer has a true go to WR, nor is was he all that stable to begin with.  There was a point a couple years back where was entering that territory that he was actually making crap WR’s look like studs, but that didn’t last long.  I’m sure the ability is still there, but it’s not going to show up very often.  Start him with caution, as well as any other Chargers.  I do think the Chargers win this game, but it’s ugly all the way around.

A’s- Charles.  Chargers D.

B’s-Mathews, Rivers, Gates.    Bowe, Chiefs D

Sits-Floyd, Meachem.  Cassel, Baldwin, McCluster.

My pick- Chargers 17, Chiefs 13

Seahawks @ Rams-  After finally getting an extended look at this ‘Hawks defense, I must say I’m thoroughly impressed.  But I’m equally as disgusted by that offense.  Every time Wilson wen tot pass..that was just ugly.  The O-line might be able to run block, but they can’t pass protect for anything.  And on top of that, none of the WR’s even looked like they cared to be there, save for Golden Tate, and he’s just not good enough to be that difference maker in fantasy land.  So I won’t be listing anyone from Seattle as s tarter other than the D and Lynch until proven otherwise.

As for the Rams?  Still haven’t seen enough of them to get an accurate read, but Amendola jumps off the stat sheet, and SJAX is as rock steady for 8-12 points as you can get, usually.  And if Gibson can just get going, Bradford can finally step up to being truly roster worthy instead of a fringe guy.

A’s-Lynch, ‘Hawks D

B’s-SJAX, Amendola, Rams D 

Sits-Russel Wilson, Rice, Tate, McCoy.  Gibson, Bradford.

My pick-Seahawks 17, Rams 10

Sunday PM

‘Phins @ Cardinals-  It may finally be time to say the Cardinals are for real.  I was truly shocked that they were able to not only beat the Eagles but to completely dominate them.  It was almost pathetic how the Cardinals defense just tossed aside any threat the Eagles had.  This could be interesting going forward.    But, much like Seattle, there’ s not much to like offensively here.  Hopefully this turf toe injury to Beenie lights a fire under Ryan Williams which MIGHT finally break Fitzgerald free a little as well.  Kolb finally appears to be comfortable in his own skin, but I’m skeptical as to how long that will last.

The ‘Phins are in serious trouble even IF Reggie Bush plays, which is a longshot at best.  IF he doesn’t, there isn’t a guy on the team I’d want to start this week.  And I really wouldn’t’ want to start Bush either, but there are worse options out there.

A’s- Fitzgerald, Cardinals D , Ryan Williams

B’s-.  Reggie Bush**

Sits-Kolb, Andre Roberts.  ‘Phins D, L. Miller, Daniel Thomas, Tannehill, Hartline, Bess

My pick-Cards 31, ‘Phins 10

Bengals @ Jags-  Andy Dalton has fully arrived on my fantasy radar, and I was one of his biggest detractors.  The guy is a player, simple as that.  Nothing about him is all that great, but he’s found that certain something that can make the average seem great.  Of course, having AJ Green around doesn’t hurt, and with Hawkins emerging as a legit second option really seals the deal.  I’m actually benching Romo for him in one of the three leagues I actually care about,  and he’s my backup to matt Ryan in one of the others.  I’m a believer.

Jag’s are just horrible, minus MJD.  Gabbert is awful, Blakcmon can’t beat coverage, and when he does Gabbert can’t get him the ball.  Laruent Robinson is nothing more than the most recent incarnation of Alvin Harper the Buccaneer, it’s a real CF down there in Jacksonville.

A’s-Dalton, AJ Green, Hawkins.  MJD

B’s-Bengals D, BJGE, Greshem.

Sits-Jag’s D, Blakmon, Gabbert, Mercedes Lewis

My pick- Bengals 24, Jag’s 10

Saints @ Green Bay-  even when faced with what should’ve been a fairly easy win, the saints can’t get it done without Sean Peyton, such a shame.  Not even Jimmy Graham had a good game, sure he scored, but that was about it.  Honestly, the Saints need to scrap this pass first mentality, abandon this ridiculous Sproles project, and start smashing people in the mouth for a few quarters with Thomas and Ingram.  Because whatever it is that they are doing, it ain’t working.  And it’s highly doubtful it’ll get better on its own this week with a pissed off Pakers team coming to town.  I won’t go so far as to say to sit Brees, he’s proven too much against better defenses over his time for that, but until things change in New Orleans he’s not an automatic like he used to be, and neither are any of his receivers.

I sure hope someone snuck in a commercial sized jug of Vaseline with the Packers cheese order this week, cause that ass raping on Monday night had to sting something fierce.  I have never seen anything that ridiculous in my 20+ years of watching the game.  And anyone who says the recent movement on the official’s lockout negotiations wasn’t a direct result of it, is quite frankly full of bunk.  As for the game this week, now is when I think Aaron Rodgers finally gets back on track.  Maybe it took this monumental screw job to wake him up and realize that defenses won’t just fall at his feet because he’s the league MVP?  Maybe it’ll refocus him a little.  Let’s hope so, because he’s been far from what was expected for those that wasted a top 3-5 pick on him attempting to prove everyone wrong about drafting a QB in the first round.

A’s- Rodgers,Jennings, Nelson.  Jimmy Graham

B’s- Finley, Cobb.   Brees, Colston, Moore, Sproles

Sits-James Jones, Benson, Green Bay D.  Saints D, Thomas, Ingram.

My pick- Packers 42, Saints 27.

Redskins @ Buccaneers-RGIII had yet another lackluster game, and it still resulted in 20+ points.  I can’t seem to figure it out, but there’s something severely lacking here, and eventually it’s going to translate into fantasy losses.  But, like I said last week, until that happens you continue rolling with him.  It’d be great if Alfred Morris would show up again, or if Shanny would finally realize that he’s the least talented RB on the roster and start giving the rock to Helu and Royster, either way would be nice.  Garcon’s status needs to be checked early and often Sunday morning, have either a late alternative ready, or be prepared to start a player form the morning games just in case.

I’m not sure what the Buc’s changed defensively to go from swiss cheese in the pass defense against everyone else to a brick wall against Romo and all those talented WR’s, but it sure worked whatever it was.  Hopefully they’re on their A game once more, or RGIII wil have yet another baffling good day, and that’ll just make my head hurt even more.  Offensively, the Buc’s do have players, they just don’t have a QB.  What little glimmer of hope that Freeman had two years ago with that big season from Mike Williams is nothing more than a faint speck in the rear view mirror.  He’s regressed to the point where the Buc’s need to seriously start considering a new direction at the position.  And that doesn’t translate well to VJAX or Mike Williams, not even against the ‘Skins who got smoked deep repeatedly last week.

A’s-RGIII, Garcon***

B’s-Morris, Skins D, Hankerson.   D. Martin.

Sits-Fred Davis, Helu, Royster.  Buc’s D, Freeman, VJAX, Mike Williams.

My pick- ‘Skins 17, Buc’s 7

Sunday Night

Giants @ Eagles-  the Eagles are lost without Maclin.  Vick simply cannot continue making these ridiculous decisions and/or holding on to the ball waiting for something to happen downfield.  Any type of real commitment to the run game would surely help, not to mention be a welcome change for McCoy owners.  With Osi, JPP and Tuck on the D-line, Vick doesn’t stand a chance if something isn’t changed.  Maclin and Reid both claim Maclin will play in this one.  But the previously mentioned Giants pass rush may render it pointless as to whether he plays or not.  That same pass rush will basically eliminate DJAX, as his bread and butter, deep routes, will never have time to develop.

Eli is rapidly climbing the ranks.  He may not have had another stellar day, as in no more 500+ yards, but, he took a guy, basically from off the street, and turned him into a 130+ yard receiver.  That’s impressive.  Generally, I wouldn’t strongly suggest WR’s that are going up against Nmandi and A. Cormartie, but inthis case I’m making an exception.   Nicks should be back for this one, so you lucky few Ramses Barden owners can safely toss him back into the pond, with M.Bennett, Cruz, and Nicks around, and the fact that the Giants will never stray too far from the run game unless forced too, there’s not enough to support the third WR consistently.  Speaking of the run game, yet another injury status that needs to be checked thoroughly before gametime is Bradshaw.  If healthy he’s a decent starter this week, if not, Andre Brown is.  Hopefully he’s active and we’ll all get a good look at the touch distribution between the two.

A’s- Eli, Cruz, Nicks, Bennett. 

B’s-Celek, Maclin, McCoy.  Bradshaw/Brown***, NYG D.

Sits-Vick, DJAX, Eagles D.  Bradhsaw/Brown***, Barden.

My pick-Giants 30, Eagles 14

Monday Night

Bears @ Cowboys-  So, just like my Raiders, I’m a big Cowboys fan, and this instance it was bread into me, the whole family has been Cowboy supporters, so I’ve just always been that way.  That being said, I couldn’t possibly be more disappointed with them.  How on earth Romo couldn’t muster more than five standard fantasy points against a Defense that had been torched by Cma Newton and Eli Manning, with his full compliment of weapons available is well beyond me.  Of all the supposed slam dunks on this early season, Romo tossed for 300 and 3 scores seemed like a given.  But it just wasn’t to be.  An dnow, he’s faces the Bears.  I honestly don’t know what to expect here.  The Bears always have a strong defense, so that worries me, but the best defense tha the Cowboys have faced this year, is the only one where they showed up to play offensively.  Maybe that’s what it takes for this team to gain focus, the underdog role??  I dunno, but it’s getting awfully frustrating, and I’m not recommending Romo or any of the Cowboys receivers as anything more than B list starters until proven otherwise.  If they shine this Monday night, then I’ll have a little proof to my “plays to the competition” theory.

Defensively, I like the Bears, offensively they’ve got a buttload of talent, possibly as much, if not more, as they’ve ever had in the past twenty years.  And that’s even taking Forte out of the equation.  Marshall is as good as they get, Alshon Jeffrey can be a beast if given the opportunity, Bush is just simply put, a battering ram at RB, and Cutler has all of the tools to succeed, except for a functioning brain.  I can’t imagine what goes through this guy’s head when he’s trying ti figure out where to throw the ball, it’s like he’s seeing an entirely different field than anyone else on earth.  I still think that at least part of it is that strange helmet opening he’s got.  Take a look at that thing sometime, the top of the opening goes so far down his forehead, it has to be cutting into his vision.   You’d think eventually someone would change that.  But surely, that can’t be the real reason, or it would’ve been changed by now.  He just simply doesn’t get it is about what it boils down to.  So, much like a few other teams I’ve covered, as goes the QB down the crapper, so goes the entire team.

A’s-Murray.   Marshall

B’s- Romo, Austin, Bryant, Dallas D.  M. Bush. Bears D

Sits-Witten, Ogletree.  Cutler, Jeffrey, Hester

My pick- Cowboys 17, Bears 13.

Okay, I count fifteen games, two teams on bye’s, I think I’ve finally posted a full list this time, although I’m sure I overlooked something.  By all means call me out on it, tell me I’m full of it, compliment me, whichever you feel is correct, all comments are appreciated and taken into account for future consideration.  And thanks for reading.






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Posted on: September 29, 2012 11:40 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Great post Treff.

Since: Aug 12, 2006
Posted on: September 29, 2012 5:52 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Wings..I have ni idea on thier 40 times or anything like that, but both are damned speedy out there.  A better answer as to why Harvin returns kicks is that he has some unncanny vision, agility and intincts on how to set up blocks or make slight moves to force degenders to miss.  This is another reason as to why he's givena handful of rush attempts every game.  Whereas Simpson is more of a straight line burner, and hasn't really shown much in the way ofjuking and jivibg defenders after the catch..thus the "deep threat" moniker.  

Now, will Ponder use him in that capacity??  It's my belief that that role would be the best way to utilize him, but it'll take a game or two before Simpson earns that trust where Ponder can put it uo and know that Simpson won't allow anything worse than an incompletion.  When you see deep threats start knocking down overyhrows, or doing anything possible to avoid interceptions, that's when you start thinking about starting them, becuase the QB is more apt to try that bomb even though it's covered.  Of course all bets are off of the attention commanded by Peterson and Harvin leads to broken civerage and Simpson wandering around by himself..but that'll only happen once! 

Since: Aug 15, 2011
Posted on: September 28, 2012 9:54 pm

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Yeah no missed games or wrong names this  You're probably right about vick blowing up. He likes to do that when ppl start to think he sucks. He can't handle being called He played greatest when he came back after prison.  Maybe prison ball is better than the NFL if it made him that good.  I decided to bench simpson this week. I think he will get targeted and earn around 6 pts or so, I just don't see ponder using him as a home run threat like everyone is projecting.  I think ponder will definitely look for him to help move the chains, but I don't think he will become a star. Percy Harvin is a pretty good deep threat, but ponder hasn't used him for the deep ball so I don't think he will use Simpson.  I thought Percy Harvin was faster that's why he returns punts and kick returns am I wrong?

Since: Aug 12, 2006
Posted on: September 28, 2012 12:14 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

you bet Brazil, I really enjoy doing them, even though they do take a bit of time, but if it helps anyone out there, or hell, even if it just gives someone a good's all worth it.

Since: Sep 16, 2012
Posted on: September 27, 2012 7:57 pm

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Yup saw both of these. Thanks a lot for the response. I will look forward to your weekly updates from now on Smile

Since: Aug 12, 2006
Posted on: September 27, 2012 7:52 pm

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

gotcha on the boards, but In case you check here first, Torrey Smith

Since: Sep 16, 2012
Posted on: September 27, 2012 5:00 pm

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Great read. 

Do you think I should start Demaryius Thomas or Torrey Smith for week 4? 

Since: Aug 12, 2006
Posted on: September 27, 2012 1:52 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

yesI do think that was a good deal.  I'm not yet a full on beleiver of Leshoure, especially consdiering how little the Lions actually run the ball, especially this year considering they haven't exactly had the lead much.  I really hate seeing Gates being on the chopping block by so many owners, I really dont'think he's done yet, but I agree that Lewis can be a satisfactory fill in if needed.  And Spiller will be getting if not his full job back, enough of it that he'll still be a must start once he returns

Jerome Simpson was my first thought on the start of the week, but it just seemed to iffy, and I do htink Ryan Wiliams will be better this week than previous, and with Beenie out/limited, he'll probably be picking up much more htan just garbarge yards.  But even then, that should be plenty on it's own agianst that team as garbage time should be the majority of the second half.

As for Benson, I generally won't compare performances agianst certain defenses when the styles of the two backs in quesiton are such polar opposites.  What a slash and burn guy like Charles can do to a defense is completely different to what a bruiser like Benson may or may not be able to do.  So I don't put alot of credence into what happenned last week possibly spelling success for Benson.
As for Fitzpatrick, I really just don't see much there without a running game, and I honestly don't see Choice, or the early returning Jackson as being enough to make a difference.  To be frank, he's probably right htere in that grey area between a iffy starter and a sit, he'll surely score more than Tannehill, but how many other QB's that are acutally on fantasy rosters??  probably not many.

Yea, Vick was a bland pick..sort of a cop out, but I really don't see very many suppossedly sure things that have a better than average chance of falling on thier faces this, so i went with the guy that still has a huge following, especially in fake football land, I'm sure some still consider him a must start regardless of situations, unfortunately.  Watch, he'll put up 350 and four scores just to spite ous both!!

 hell, I'm jsut glad I didn't miss another effing game this week..christ that was getting embarassing!

Since: Aug 15, 2011
Posted on: September 27, 2012 1:21 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Oh wait I forgot one big one. I guess this can be my start and wild card of the week. I'm going to say Cedric Benson is a must start. A potential against the saints this week. I give a ton of credit to jamal charles, but I'm also going to have to give alot of that credit to the saints D.

I just traded leshoure and gates for spiller and mercedes Lewis. Do you think that was a good trade? Gates was wasting my bench space and is not a droppable player and spiller had 4 carries before he went down and still manage 11pts as well as the two 20 pt games before that.  Mercedes is a nice sleeper TE for the latter season, but I can always drop him if someone more important emerges off of waiver wire.

Since: Aug 15, 2011
Posted on: September 27, 2012 1:13 am

Treff's week 4 starts and sits

Oh come on treff usually your start/sit of the week is some interesting crazy Ryan williams continues that trend, but Vick is a bit of a bland pick.  I think you should have put Fitzpatrick as your sit of the week.

Now with that said I don't have much disagreement on this one.

B's-Fitzpatrick,Hawkins,Ryan Williams, Nate Washington

Fitzpatrick has had a good history against New England and without spiller the offense will be a bit stagnant, but still NE D got beat by kolb and Flacco. Locker played an ok game against them stat wise. Over 200yds 1 TD 1 int. I don't want to call this NE D a joke, but they don't seem very threatening. Now I have Hawkins on my team and I love him for his fluke plays, but because of his flukeness I can't exactly say he is "A" caliber I would like to see him get more receptions first. When Ryan Williams isn't fumbling he is running garbage yards. I would like to see him do something while the game counts before I give him "A" credit.  The cardinals may not always be in the lead.  Eric Decker shredded the texans so I feel nate has the potential to play that role while britt is running about.
Sit's- NE D, Washingtons D

I feel buffalo is still going to manage to score enough to drop NE D below double digits and I'm afraid to play Washingtons D against  Everytime they play it is a high scoring game.

My pick and wildcard of the week was right when I chose the Cardinals D unfortunately I didn't pick them for myself I went with ATL  It wasn't much of a difference only 6 pts, but still Cards D is now owned by somebody else because I didn't choose them that week.

My pick of the week would have to be Simpson. There's not much merit to this one I just wanted to choose something crazy this  He might just blow out.

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