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Treff's week 5 Waiver Wire picks ups

Posted on: October 2, 2012 8:46 pm
Okay, not a lot of time tonight, especially if I want to get this out in time for anyone not of the living dead to be up to read it.


Still awfully thin out there at QB..if your having BYE issues, about the best options out there are Kevin  Kolb and Carson Palmer.  I'm not saying I like the idea of having either of them on a team, but beggers can't be choosers.  If a Christian Ponder is still available, you may want to think about grabbing him yesterday.  DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, be tempted by Ryan Tannehills 400+ yard game.  

Seems to get thinner every week here as well.

Brain Bolden will most assuredly be the hot name this week, but keep your expectation low.  He's the prototypical New England RB, situational, and no one outside of the Hoodie knows what those situations are.  He's not a mop up guy, he does get meaningful touches in close games, but Ridley is he lead guy here, and Bolden isn't changing that without an injury

Ronnie Hillman- speaking of situational backs..I thought the New ENgland offensive cooridinator got fired in Denver?? Now all of a sudden we've gone from one ture workhorse back in McGahee to a bonafide RBBC with McGahee, Hillman and Lance Ball, with even a little KNowshon sprinkled in.   Out of all those backs, the one that can make the most of a difference with those limited touches is Ronnie Hillman.

Bernard Pierce-should anything ever happen to Ray Rice, this guy is gonna be money.  It's just that it's a big if.  Ray Rice has been remarkably durable.  Consider Pierce an extreme longshot option, but one that would have huge dividends if given the chance, and if you have the roster space for a long term stash.

dump-Darryle Richardson, Lamaar Miller, Andre Brown, 


 Brian Hartline-isn't it obivous?  I may not be a big believer in tannehill's big week, but this is the second time Hartline has done well.  Don't ever expect another game like this the rest of the eyar, but multiple 100 days are entirely possible.

Andre Roberts (again)-look there's nothing allthat spectacular abo  tthis guy, if he ever gets 20 pts in one week, I'll mess myself, but the fact is he's scoring TD's while the defense is focused on Fitz.  May as well take advantage of that instead of rolling out the Dez Bryants of the world, hoping this'll be the week he figures it out.

James Jones-okay, we've all been burned by James Jones, you pick him up, he has two terrible weeks, you drop him, he scores twice..or even worse, you leave him on the team, but on the bench and he scores twice.  picking Green Bay receivers outside of Jordy and Jennings is always a big gamble, more than half the time you'll lose, but when you win, generally you win big.  And you can't even make that gamble if he's not on your roster.

Chaz Schillens-wiht Holmes out for an indefinite period of time, someone has to catch the ball in NY.  We've alreayd tried the Stephen Hill experiment.  Jeremy kerley doesn't get the targets..enter Chaz.  A veteran reciever who knows who to get open, runs crisp clean routes..something Sanchez desperately needs BTW.  He'll be the go to guy with no Holmes around in NY, whatever that's worth.

Still can't beleive guys like Chandler and Owens are available out there.  I know they aren't Jimmy Graham or Gronk, but, agian, they score TD's..especially Chandler.  Bye weeks, could do much worse.

Brandon Myeres-bit of a longshot here, as Oaklands offense sucks, and that's including McFadden, but when they throw the ball, Myers is always there, and is usually open.  in PPR leagues, he's a great band aid for bye weeks or injuries.

For the love of gawd people..stop trotting out guys like Dan Bialey, Nate Kaeding, Alex Henery and Rob Bironas.  Greg Zuerlein and Justin Tucker have twice as many points is still get no love.  this crazy notion that a kicker is a kicker is really, i mean REALLY, silly, especially when you lose a game by less than 5 points and your kicker only had 4.

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Posted on: October 4, 2012 7:02 pm

Treff's week 5 Waiver Wire picks ups

Yeah it's hard to break that old axiom of "kickers are a dime a dozen", but it's never really been true.  It is true that the top four or five are about equal, but there's almost always ONE that outshines everyone, and there's almost always three or four that no one has ever heard about that conistantly outscore those "name brand" kickers and sit there on waivers far too long.

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Posted on: October 4, 2012 4:20 am

Treff's week 5 Waiver Wire picks ups

I was sort of one of those ppl that hold onto their I planned on picking up greg zuerlein at the beginning of season, but never went with him. I booted my kicker when he got 4 pts, but when my kicker shayne graham got like 7 or 8 pts I continued to ignore that position for some stupid  Probably partially cuz of the potent offense, but I should have known greg zuerlin gets alot of 50yd attempts.

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