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Treff's abbreviated Week 5 Predictions, Starts/Si

Posted on: October 4, 2012 7:24 pm

Treff’s Week 5 Predictions, Starts/Sits


Last week was much improved, even though I struck out on the starts of the week (BIG TIME), and the double dose sits of the week ended up being a laugher as well..damn that Mike Vick.

Record thus far:

Starts of the week- 2-2

Sits of the Week- 1-4

Pick ‘em- 35-27 (11-4 last week)

Week 4 recap—

Chris Johnson finally showed up, and against the Texans of all people.  But still is without a TD, and even though he found the open field on more than a few occasions, he still didn’t display the moves he had two years ago, I’m still a seller on CJ2K.

Tannehill tossed for 421 yards..big whoop. Sanchez did that once too, so did Matt Flynn, Vince Young, and Chad Henne.  This is an aberration, not a new norm, leave him sit on waivers.  However, you may want to begin starting Hartline every week.

I have been pretty harsh on Michael Turner thus far this season, and thus far he’s made me look a fool.  Outside of week 1, he’s been a very capable RB2, better leave him in lineups until further notice.

Onto week 5, and I’ll be going quickly as I watched the Debate last night on the night I usually do these, and it’s only 75 minutes from kickoff of the game tonight!


Thursday night-

Cardinals @ Rams-Nothing much to get excited about here, the only make or break player on either team is Fitzgerald.  Consider the attention he draws, I never expect much, but you have to start him.  But Andre Brown has become a legit fantasy consideration as he rarely draws any serious attention form defenses and is good enough to beat a lot of single coverage.  Guess I couldn’t have been more wrong about Ryan Williams..keep him rostered just in case, but don’t play him unless you have to.

Rams, Amendola keeps racking up the catches, even though his only meaningful one came from the holder last still counts!  SJAX faces a tough test here, but unless you have two studs to start in front of him, he’s still a must start.  Don’t expect Bradford to duplicate Tannehill’s 400+ day.  Unless the game gets away from the Rams very early.  StL. Just doesn’t throw that often normally.

A’s-Andre Brown.  Amendola

B’s-Fitzgerald, ARZ D.  SJAX. StL. D

Sits-Kolb, Ryan Williams.  Bradford, D. Richardson, B. Gibson.

My pick- ARZ 21, StL. 13


Will post the rest of week five on Friday..there’s simply not enough time tonight!  Sorry ya’ll!!


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Posted on: October 5, 2012 4:34 am

Treff's abbreviated Week 5 Predictions, Starts/Si

cough*(Andre Roberts, not Andre brown)lol anywho your prediction was pretty accurate for the most part. You were pretty much dead on for the start/sit. 

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