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Treff's Week 7 Predictions

Posted on: October 18, 2012 8:31 pm
Okay, so i got home extremely late, and as I'm typing this the game is about two minutes form the recap will hav eot wiat until Friday.

Thursday Night
49ers @ Seahawks-Last week we saw a return to the form we all know from Alex Smith.  Not sure what type of smoke and mirrors harbuagh has been using on this guy for hte past 20 or so games, but it sure was working.  But the Giants sure snuffed it out, no reason to beleive the Seahawks can't do the same.  At some point Randy moss needs to stop beign a "decoy" and actually be used in the gameplan.  Defenses won't continue rolling coverage to a guy that gets 1 catch on 3 targets a game, no matter what his name is.  They need to start taking advantage of that.  And if they can, that should open something up for Vernon Davis who has largely been forgotten 2 of the past 3 games.  And as usual, this team will lean heavily on Frank Gore with a decent sprinkling of Kendall Hunter.  thankfully, the Seattle team won't be able to mount much offense, and they should be able ot keep up the running game all night long.

The Seahawks defense is more than for real kiddos, they're damned near scarey!  Very strong pass rush, great shut down corners, and very solid linebacking corps.  If only They could find some sor tof consistancy in that passing game.   And I'm not even going to put it all on the rookie Wilson.  The blame there falls on Pete Carrol.  In the last couple of games, there have been signs that he is willing ot take the trianing wheels off, but nothing that is really concrete.  If given the chance, I beleive Russel Wilson could be good enough to create a fantasy regular out of Doug Bladwin, and maybe even Sydney Rice.  I kinda doub tthe latter, as only Brett Favre has ever made that dream come true, but it oculd happen.  regardless, it won't be this game.

If your a purest that misses the days of defensive battles, the days before all the ticky tacky pass interference calls made the leauge into a pass happy circus, this is the game for you.  A defensive sturggle to the end, where both teams offenses revolve around hard nosed rushing attacks.  Enjoy

A's-Gore 49'ers D.  Marshawn Lynch
B's- Vernon Davis.  Seattle D
sits-Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss.  Russel Wilson, Sydney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate.
my pick- 49'ers 17, 'Hawks 10 
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