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Treff's week 8 waiver add's

Posted on: October 23, 2012 9:58 pm
So here we are in week 8..teams on a bye are Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Houston.
major players on with a bye week include:

Qb's-Flacco, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, Schuuab
Rb's-Jckson, Spiller, Ray Rice, BJGE, and Foster
WR's-Stevie johnson, AJ Green, Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, and Andre Johnson
TE's-Chandler, Greshem, Pitta, Daniels

Other than the QB and TE spot, where the only true possible every week starter is Owen Daniels, maybe Dalton, there are yet agian a lot of massive names on a bye this week, so expect some competition for those picks

Sam Bradford- Facing NEwengland this week, he should be able to fill in for your QB this week quite nicely.  And even without Amendola, he's been able to retian a decent amount of value.  Chris Givens and Gibson are doing enough to make him relevant as a solid QB2

really no other QB's under %50 ownership that are attractive, either for this wek, or the long term. 

Rashad Jennings-obivously everyone's #1 waiver grab this week. MJD's injury could be for 2-4 weeks, could be the rest of the season, either way Jennings is the starter for the time being.  Nuff said about the obivous.

Jonathon Dwyer-more of a hsort term option, Mendenhall will be back soon, if not this week, next.  Redman will also be around, Batch, and now Chris Rainey thrown into the mix it makes for a dicey situation.  But until mendy is back, expect a minimum of 15 touches for Dwyer..not to shabby for those looking for a one week fill in for Foster or Rice.

Shane Vereen-again, not a great option long term, as Ridley, Woodhead, and Bolden are still around, but he gets touches in the Patriots offense, he has to be a consideration, especially for Ridley owners who have an extra spot.

Phillip Tanner-just in case Murray's foot injury is slightly worse than they are letting on, it owuld be smar tto grab this guy, especially if someone higher up in the waiver order grabbed Felix last week.  Fragile Felix exited the game for about a quarter with a knee injury last week, it's only a matter of time before he's out for an extended period of time.

Larod Stephens Howling-I'm not about to buy the the "hyphen" gets another 20+ carry day, and if he does, cahnces are he'll be the next RB with a season ending injury.  But, if the coaching staff lost fiath in Powell after the early fumble, they're obivously ready to yank teh plug onhim agian next weeek

I would NOT consider Jamie Harper, or Montario Hardesty, I don't think Richardson's ribs are THAT banged up, and even if they are, Hardesty isn't getting the job done regardless.  And  Harper is nothign more than a gola line back on a team that rarely gets goalline work.  You can't really extrapolate much form them having the success they did vs the Bills pathetic run defense.

Jeremy Kerley-so after three weeks of flip flopping on who ithought the Jet's #1 WR would be, it's clearly evident that I was right the second time.   Kerley is easily the most targetted reciever in NY, not that that is such a great thing, but itoucld save your week with some big name WR's on byes.

Chris Givens-sitll not gettign the targets he deserves, yet making the most of them when they come.  Hard to aruge with 5-8 pts a week, even when they are the result of one long bomb.  Those usually aren't reliable, but Givens has turend in at least one in every game save one, so it's almost a "Given".  And facing the patriots, not only will the Rams be forced to throw, but the Pat's have a quesionable pass defense to begin with, excellent play this week, possibly even long term every week WR#3 value.

Cecil Shorts-long shot here, Gabbert sucks, pure and simple, and I'm not sure how this left shoulder injury plays out going forward, and Chad Henne isn't any better, but someone has ot catch passes in JAX, and thus far the best one is Shorts. 

thankfully not many good TE's on byes' this week, as there aren't many TE's under %50 ownership worth a damn

Dustin Keller-this is easily the best of the scrap heap.  He got plenty of catches Sunday afternoon, and othe rthan Kerely, is probably the only other option truly worth even a bye week fill in start.

I don't endorse any of these teams as long term options, but givne the mathcups, they may be suitable fill ins for Blatimore or Houston.

Oakland Riaders-playing the Brady QUinn led Cheifs
Detriot Lions-playing Seattle, if the front line can contian Lynch, which is possible, they could be a good play.

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