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Redskins can hybrid their line.

Posted on: January 13, 2010 10:00 am
With word on the new DC being Haslett it looks like the skins can implement a 4-3 or a 3-4 line.  I ask you why not both?
After thinking this through I think the washington Redskins actually may be in good shape to run the hybrid with our line, Linebackers is a different story, where they are kinda in a wait and see phase, but I think that it could be done, if backups are properly trained, we at least have personnel who fit the physical attributes to play the scheme. 
If Big Al has a problem with the 3-4, then that can work to the teams advantage, this is the classic use your strength as a weakness and weakness as a strength.
Albert played in 12 games this season, he tends to only play 14 or so.  I think when he was playing he averaged playing 70% of the downs.  Also last year there was a problem where Monty was saying he was not getting enough play time.  So here is my thoughts.  We have sufficient depth right now at both spots to really train two different types of lines with little trouble.  I mean you have to cross train everyone to play both, but have the backups of the 4 man line be more prolific at the 3 man line
So we hybrid and when Al comes out we use that as a time to run the 3-4.
You Starting 4-3 line could look like this 
Carter, Andre, DE, 6'4", 253Griffin, Cornelius, DT, 6'4", 303Haynesworth, Albert, DT, 6'6", 350Orakpo, Brian, DE, 6'3", 260
With your backups being (in order at position)Jarmon, Jeremy, DE, 6'3", 277   Jackson, Rob, DE, 6'4", 269    Wilson, Chris, DE, 6'4", 247
Golston, Kedric, DT, 6'4", 300Montgomery, Anthony, DT, 6'6", 330Alexander, Lorenzo, DT, 6'1", 297

We are all familiar with the lineup being something along these lines.  This is what we have seen from the skins the past few years.  It works well enough I mean Orakpo and Carter have 10 + sacks this year so thats good. 
So here is what I have for the staring linup for a 3-4 D.  As well as depth listed below.  The things to note, In a 3-4 you want your DE's to be Ideally 285–300 lbs, so moving one of out depth DT's to the DE position was a necessity.  For a ideal NT you want a guy to be 330+ lbs.  
Jarmon, Jeremy, DE, 6'3", 277   Montgomery, Anthony, NT, 6'6", 330Alexander, Lorenzo, DE, 6'1", 297
With your backups being (in order at position)Jackson, Rob, DE, 6'4", 269    
Golston, Kedric, DT, 6'4", 300
The only weakness I see on the current roster is that Jarmon is a bit light for the 3-4 but its not a deal-breaker and getting him to put 10 lbs on is possible.  The real concern I see is that we don't have much depth at any spot for the starting linup.  Really Jackson and Golston are  way too light to be a regular DE/NT in the 3-4.  Goldy could move to DE in this line as well but I don't see him as a quick DT like Alexander.
Now I am not saying go 3-4 full time, or even have a particularly large play book for the 3-4 , what I am thinking is the roster would go use a 4-3 base 75% of the time and 3-4 base 25% of the time, along with their dime and nickel and 335 packages whenever they need to.  I am thinking the team could get away with having a 10-15 play playbook for the 3-4.  
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