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It's Not Tiger Woods... It's the Media

Posted on: December 10, 2009 8:18 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2009 8:51 pm

People need to leave this guy alone. Yeah it is wrong to cheat on your wife multiple times but do they consider what he's going through right now? It's ridiculous... every time I turn on the TV there is another story about him. Just give him a break and let him and his family deal with it. 


Another thing about the women. It's a bunch of bull coming out two days after the whole thing started. We don't care whether or not you loved him or if he loved you. The only reason you tell the public and media about your 'relationship' is because you want money. It's not just a coincidence that all of these girls are coming out. They want some sort of settlement that involves part of Tiger's paycheck. Some of them might not even be true. Honestly, I could say I slept with Tiger Woods and the media would believe it. The next day in the news it would be: Tiger Woods experiences with other men!!!


I don't think what Tiger did was right... but what the media is doing isn't right either. You don't have to look at him as a role model. Look at him as a sports figure. In 10 years the whole thing will be forgotten anyways. Just look at what happened with Kobe.... half a decade later everyone forgets that it even happened and it is rarely brought up. The only people who bring it up are Kobe haters who want to piss off Lakers fans. But of course the media will have to drag this whole thing out for two to three months. 


Plus, put yourself in Woods' situation. People say: 'Oh but he has a hot wife.... who would cheat on a piece of that?' Well think about it. Tiger Woods is one of the most powerful persons in the world. How many times do you think a girl has come up to him and said: 'I'll do ANYTHING for you Tiger'.... A guy will succumb to that after so many times. Power is an evil thing and once you have too much it can ruin your life as well as the others within it.


We all know that there is a ridiculous number of celebrities and athletes that sleep around like Tiger has done... but it won't be recognized or brought up because Tiger has been caught and they have to make his life a living hell. You could blame that on him too I guess for getting caught but the media has to bring it into such a large focus that no one thinks about all the other 'role models' that do the exact same thing. Which just tarnishes one of the more polished figures in sports. Wilt Chamberlain supposedly slept with 1,000 women but everyone made that sound like an accomplishment. But Tiger sleeps with a supposed 13 women and he should be lashed, thrown in jail, put on death row, and have everything else in his life taken away. Just goes to show you how obsessed the media is.


I'm sick and tired of the media and it is about time that they stop chastising Tiger Woods. Let him move on with his life even though you pretty much ruined it like you have with countless others lives.


Once again I don't support what Tiger has done... but the media has made it that much worse.



Why can't you just go away???Yell

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Posted on: January 2, 2010 1:33 pm

It's Not Tiger Woods... It's the Media

Great entry. I agree with you 100%. I dont agree with what Tiger did but he is a human, and the media is acting like he is god and did a devils act!! They have blown what he did way out of proportion. If he never drove his car into a tree nobody would know about this. I think half of the women that "say" they had relationships with Tiger didnt really. Like you said, I could say i had relationships with him and the media would beilieve it. I just want the media to give it up. I may have lost respect to Tiger as a person but I have NOT lost respect for him as a golfer, and thats all anyone should care about because what he did in private should be private.

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Posted on: December 21, 2009 1:10 pm

It's Not Tiger Woods... It's the Media

You make several valid points, but you miss several as well.   We live in the world of instant media as we all know by posting stories as soon as they happen.  You posting this blog is a part of the media attention on Tiger as well as any other sport superstar.   My point being is that any professional athlete these days know it's not just about the sport or their personal life anymore.   There are certain images that they must portray hopefully because they are good people, but usually it's all about the $$/endorsements. 

My point being is that Tiger is very educated and he knew what he was doing over the past several years.   He is so protected and has imagine consultants etc and has many friends that could have easily told him to stop and to not do this and more than anything NOT SET HIM UP at parties etc.  while he's married.   

As much as we all hate the media for their microscopic over reporting on issues like this, it's the consequence of horrific actions from Tiger.   The argument here is from sir Charles back in the '90's - I am not a role model.   Well unfortunately (especially in today's media frenzied atmosphere) he was probably one of the most influential role models in decades across the world.   And what does he portray to these kids - that cheating is ok and I'm bigger than any moral issue and I can get away with it.  Think about his wife Elin - have you ever spoken to a wife especially with kids who has been cheated on?   Noone is talking about her, she is the butt of jokes on SNL, etc.   Is anyone talking about how sad it is for the kids?   No, the media is only talking about his lack of sponsors, how it will effect ratings, how it will effect revenue etc etc.   That is real reporting whne you talk about the effect of something this huge for an athlete this big.   The consequences of this haven't even begun to be felt in the corporate world, etc.   

If people say back off tiger - then shame on you.   He's brought this on himself when everyone w/ half a brain knows that when something horrific happens to a celebrity you're going to be targeted.   
Bottom line is he cheated lied and ruined his family and many other people's lives.    You also missed the point that instead of coming out and admitting it and trying to take responsibility and show how someone can mend a marriage like this and save a family and be a role model he LIED and tried to protect himself.   The lies kept piling up and even worse it wasn't just one girl it was probably 3 or 4.   I could care less about the woman who come out later that are just looking for their 15 min of fame - that's not the story and the media who reports on that is not legitimate media.  The larger sports media outlets that report on the effects on golf/business/economy etc are real reporters.   

He needs to quit hiding and thinking it will pass because it only makes it worse.  Kobe did a horrendous act as well like you said but he came out apologized (whether sincere or not) and moved on and saved his marriage.   Tiger proved that a Stanford education, all the money in the world, a beautiful wife, two beautiful kids, and more power and influence than a sports athlete has ever had is not enough.   I hope everyone can be forgiven in this and that Tiger can come out a better man, but so far he's only made it worse.  (Not because of the media)

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Posted on: December 11, 2009 4:52 pm

It's Not Tiger Woods... It's the Media

Great blog entry I totally agree with you.  I was going to write one just like it but hadn't gotten to it.  Tiger Woods made a mistake just get over it.  What I say to the media is have you done anything wrong.  And anyone who can say no to this can talk about it but anyone else you can't if you don't want me to talk about your mistakes 

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Posted on: December 11, 2009 3:12 pm
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