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How the Mighty have fallen

Posted on: December 11, 2009 8:13 am
It used to be that December meant smashmouth football in the city of Three Rivers.  You evoke images of Franco Harris running a trap and grinding out a 6 yard gain, Jerome Bettis lowering his shoulder pads to plow Brian Urlacher into the endzone, and you get a little smile on your face.  The '09 Steelers, however, have decided that on a 14 degree evening in Cleveland, with a -10 wind chill, a 3rd and 1 calls for a shotgun set with an empty backfield.  I am not being overly critical of the players on the team, I can't blame them for doing what they are told.  Bruce Arians has hijacked this offense and shown why he has been unsuccessful at every coaching stop he has made.  With a pro-bowl quality running back getting the ball under 20 times a game one has to wonder, has the NFL changed that much? 

The Browns won a game last night that by all accounts the Steelers should have come in and dominated.  The Browns had the 32nd ranked run defense against an offensive line that has been playing much better in the running game lately.  The Browns came in, treated this as an important game and took care of business, kudos to them. 

I am a Steeler fan yes, I am also a football fan that can say I can respect when the better team wins a game.  This year the Steelers went out beat the Vikings, Broncos, and Chargers which are all quality football teams.  We have also lost to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns that I would have to say would be a walk in previous years.  This year has shown why the NFL is a great league, like everyone says "any given Sunday" which has really hit home for anyone that roots for the black and gold.  For a weird football season that is quickly coming to an end I think it is necessary to say congratulations to all of the teams that have figured out how to take care of business at the end of games. 

It pains me to say it "there is always next year."
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How the Mighty have fallen

Ohhh I loathe thee....

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