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Breakdown of AQ OOC scheduling

Posted on: August 17, 2011 2:49 pm
Alabama:    Kent State(MA)       Penn State(Big Ten)   North Texas(SB)       Georgia Southern(FCS)
Arkansas:   Missouri State(FCS)  New Mexico(MW)        Troy(SB)              TAMU(Big12)
Auburn:     Utah State(WAC)      Clemson(ACC)          Florida Atlantic(SB)  Samford(FCS)
Florida:    Florida Atlantic(SB) UAB(CUSA)             Furman(FCS)           Florida State(ACC)
Georgia:    Boise State(MW)      Coastal Carolina(FCS) New Mexico State(WAC) Georgia Tech(ACC)
Kentucky:   W. Kentucky(SB)      Central Michigan(MA)  Louisville(Big East)  Jacksonville State(FCS)
LSU:        Oregon(Pac12)        Northwestern State(FCS) West Virginia(Big East) W. Kentucky(SB)
Mississippi State: Memphis(CUSA) Louisiana Tech(WA)    UAB(CUSA)             UT-Martin(FCS)
Ole Miss:   BYU(Ind)             Southern Illinois(FCS) Fresno State(WAC)    Louisiana Tech(WA)
South Car:  East Carolina(CUSA)  Navy(Ind)              The Citadel(FCS)     Clemson(ACC)
Tennessee:  Montana(FCS)         Cincinnati(Big East)   Buffalo(MA)          Middle Tennessee(SB)
Vanderbilt: Elon(FCS)            Connecticut(Big East)  Army(Ind)            Wake Forest(ACC)
ACC-5, Big12-1, BigEast-4, BigTen-1, Pac12-1, CUSA-4, Ind-3, MA-3, MW-2, SB-7, WAC-5, FCS-12
zero FCS: none.

Baylor:       TCU(MW)            S F Austin(FCS)      Rice(CUSA)
Iowa State:   North. Iowa(FCS)   Iowa(BigTen)         Conn(BigEast)
Kansas:       McNeese State(FCS) North. Ill(MA)       Georgia Tech(ACC)
Kansas State: E. Kentucky(FCS)   Kent State(MA)       Miami(FL)(ACC)
Missouri:     Miami(OH)(MA)      Arizona State(Pac12) W. Ill(FCS)
OU:           Tulsa(CUSA)        Florida State(ACC)   Ball State(MA)
OSU:          La-Laf(SB)         Arizona(Pac12)       Tulsa(CUSA)
Texas:        Rice(CUSA)         BYU(Ind)             UCLA(Pac12)
Texas A&M:    SMU(CUSA)          Idaho(WA)            Arkansas(SEC)
Texas Tech:   Texas State(FCS)   New Mexico(MW)       Nevada(WA)
ACC-3, BigEast-1, BigTen-1, Pac12-3, SEC-1, CUSA-5, Ind-1, MA-4, MW-2, SB-1, WAC-2, FCS-6
zero FCS-OU, OSU,Texas, Texas A&M
2 FCS- none.

Illinois:   Ark State(SB)    South Dak St(FCS) Arizona St(Pac12)      W. Michigan(MA)
Indiana:    Ball St(MA)      Virginia(ACC)     South Carolina St(FCS) North Texas(SB)
Iowa:       Tenn. Tech(FCS)  Iowa St(Big12)    Pittsburgh(BigEast)    ULM(SB)
Michigan:   W. Michigan(MA)  Notre Dame(Ind)   E. Michigan(MA)        San Diego State(WA)
Michigan St:Young State(FCS) Florida Atl(SB)   Notre Dame(Ind)        C. Michigan(MA)
Minnesota:  USC(Pac12)       New Mex St(WA)    Miami(OH)(MA)          N. Dak State(FCS)
Nebraska:   Chatt.(FCS)      Fresno St(WA)     Washing.(Pac12)        Wyoming(MW)
Northwest.: Boston Col.(ACC) E. Illinois(FCS)  Army(Ind)              Rice(CUSA)
Ohio State: Akron(MA)        Toledo(MA)        Miami(FL)(ACC)         Colorado(Pac12)
Penn State: Ind. State(FCS)  Alabama(SEC)      Temple(MA)        E. Michigan(MA)
Purdue:     Mid Tenn(SB)    Rice(CUSA)        SE Miss State(FCS)     Notre Dame(Ind)
Wisconsin:  UNLV(MW)         Oregon St(Pac12)  N. Illinois(MA)        South Dakota(FCS)
ACC-3, Big12-1, BigEast-1, Pac12-5, SEC-1, CUSA-2, Ind-4, MA-11, MW-2, SB-5, WAC-3, FCS-10
zero FCS: Michigan, Ohio State

Boston College: NorthWest.(BigTen)   UCF(CUSA)        Mass(FCS)        Notre Dame(Ind)
Clemson:        Troy(SB)             Wofford(FCS)     Auburn(SEC)      South Carolina(SEC)
Duke:           Stanford(Pac12)      Tulane(CUSA)     Florida Int(SB)  Richmond(FCS)
Florida St:     ULM(SB)              Charle.(FCS)     OU(Big12)        Florida(SEC)
Georgia Tech:   W. Carolina(FCS)     Mid Tenn(SB)     Kansas(Big12)    Georgia(SEC)
Maryland:       W. Virginia(BigEast) Temple(MA)       Towson(FCS)      Notre Dame(Ind)
Miami(FL):      Ohio State(BigTen)   Kansas St(Big12) Bethune(FCS)     USF(BigEast)
North Carolina: Madison(FCS)         Rutgers(BigEast) E. Carolina(CUSA)Louisville(BigEast)
NC State:       Liberty(FCS)         S. Alabama(FCS)  Cincin.(BigEast) C. Michigan(MA)
Virginia:       William&Mary(FCS)    Indiana(BigTen)  South Miss(SEC)  Idaho(WA)
Virginia Tech:  App. State(FCS)      E. Carolina(CUSA)Arkan St(SB)     Marshall(CUSA)
Wake Forest:    Syracuse(BigEast)    Gardner-W(FCS)   Notre Dame(Ind)  Vanderbilt(SEC)
Big12-3, BigEast-6, BigTen-3, Pac12-1, SEC-6, CUSA-5, Ind-3, MA-2, MW-0, SB-5, WAC-1, FCS-13
zero FCS: none
2 FCS: NC State

Cincinnatti:    AustinPeay(FCS)  Tenn(SEC)       Akron(MA)        NC State(ACC)   Miami(OH)(MA)
Connecticut:    Fordham(FCS)     Vander.(SEC)    Iowa State(Big12)Buffalo(MA)     W. Mich(MA)
Louisville:     MurrayST(FCS)    FloridaInt(SB)  Kentucky(SEC)    Marshall(MA)    N. Carolina(ACC)
Pittsburgh:     Buffalo(MA)      Maine(FCS)      Iowa(BigTen)     Notre Dame(Ind) Utah(Pac12)
Rutgers:        N. Caro Cen(FCS) N. Carolina(ACC)Ohio(MA)         Navy(Ind)       Army(Ind)
Syracuse:       Wake Forest(ACC) Rhode I.(FCS)   USC(Pac12)       Toledo(MA)      Tulane(CUSA)
South Florida:  NotreDame(Ind)   Ball State(MA)  FloridaA&M(FCS)  UTEP(CUSA)      Miami(FL)(ACC)
W. Viginia:     Marshall(MA)     Norfolk St(FCS) Maryland(ACC0    LSU(SEC)        Bowling Green(MA)
ACC-6, Big12-1, BigTen-1, Pac12-2, SEC-4, CUSA-2, Ind-4, MA-11, MW-0, SB-1, WAC-0, FCS-8
zero FCS: none

Arizona:        N. Arizona(FCS)   OklaState(Big12) La-Lay(SB)
Arizona State:  UC Davis(FCS)     Missouri(Big12)  Illinois(BigTen)
California:     Fresno State(WA)  Colorado(Pac12)  Presbyterian(FCS)
Colorado:       Hawaii(WA)        California(Pac12) Colorado St(MW)    Ohio State(BigTen)
Oregon:         LSU(SEC)          Nevada(MW)        Missouri St(FCS)
Oregon State:   Sac State(FCS)    Wisconsin(BigTen) BYU(Ind)
Stanford:       San Jose State(WA)Duke(ACC)         Notre Dame(Ind)
UCLA:           Houston(CUSA)     San Jose St(WA)   Texas(Big12)
USC:            Minnesota(BigTen) Syracuse(BigEast) Notre Dame(Ind)
Utah:           Montana State(FCS)BYU(Ind)          Pittsburgh(BigEast)
Washington:     E. Wash(FCS)      Hawaii(WA)        Nebraska(BigTen)
Wash. State:    Idaho State(FCS)  UNLV(MW)          SanDiegoState(MW)
ACC-1, Big12-2, BigEast-2, BigTen-5, Pac12-2, SEC-1, CUSA-1, Ind-4, MA-0, MW-4, SB-1, WAC-5, FCS-9
zero FCS: Colorado, UCLA, USC

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 8:30 pm

Breakdown of AQ OOC scheduling

You are so right.  The SEC has made a habit of playing FCS teams and the poll voters don't realize it.  They just look at the win-loss record and vote. That's why I like the . It produces odd results, but you can't argue and win against the logic.

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Posted on: September 24, 2011 8:10 pm

Breakdown of AQ OOC scheduling

Good Blog Charlie!   Interesting info that is more proof that all too often allowing teams with 6 or 7 wins to go bowling is a joke when so many pad their OOC schedules to ensure 4 victories.  

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Posted on: August 17, 2011 2:51 pm

Breakdown of AQ OOC scheduling

Here's what can be seen right off the top. If you can actually see this thread because CBS gave the initial post a -20.  They just don't like informational posts not one bit. I'll probably have to post this on my blog and they gave it a -31. Whoopee!.

The most FCS games(proportionally) played by any conference is by the Big East.  They have 13 FCS games scheduled.  NC State plays 2 FCS teams this season.

The fewest FCS games played(proportionally and by total, only 6) is the Big 12. OU, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas A&M don't play any FCS teams. Next best is the Pac-12 with only 9 games against FCS teams, Colorado, UCLA, USC don't play any FCS teams. The Big Ten comes in third with only ten games against FCS teams, Michigan and Ohio State don't play any FCS teams.

Every team in the SEC and the ACC plays a FCS team.

Probably the most unusual non-conference game is Colorado and California which was scheduled before Colorado was added and it's a non-conference game.

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