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Revis for MVP

Posted on: December 31, 2009 11:15 pm
Now, I'm not even a NYJ fan, but how can anyone not give an argument for this guy. He shut down every #1 receiver on the opposing team on a weekly basis. By far he is the top cover corner in the NFL. Here is what he allowed some of the "best" WR's in the game today to do
against him:

Week 1: Andre Johnson 4 rec. 35 yards 0 TD's
Week 2: Randy Moss 4 rec. 24 yards 0 TD's
Week 3: He played Tennessee, do they really have a #1 WR.
Week 4: Marcus Colston 2 rec. 33 yards 0 TD's
Week 5: Miami, No #1 receiver
Week 6: Terrell Owens 3 rec. 13 yards 0 TD's
Week 7: Oakland, again no #1 receiver
Week 8: See Week 5
Week 9: Bye Week
Week 10: Mike Sims Walker 3 rec 49 yards 1 TD, and who knows if he was assigned him all game long.
Week 11: Randy Moss 5 rec. 34 yards 1 TD
Week 12: Steve Smith 2 rec. 2 yards 0 TD's 2 INT's
Week 13: Terrell Owens 3 rec. 31 yards 0 TD's
Week 14: Antonio Bryant 2 rec. 22 yards 0 TD's 1 lost fumble
Week 15: Roddy White 4 rec. 33 yards 0 TD's
Week 16: Reggie Wayne 3 rec. 33 yards 0 TD's(I know Peyton and Reggie didn't play the whole game)

The numbers speak for themselves. 3 TD's all season and NO 50 yard receivers allowed. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Very worthy of MVP considerations.

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Posted on: January 7, 2010 2:24 pm

Revis for MVP

I just think if you take Revis off of this team a few of those receivers may have gotten loose and had much bigger games.  Now with that said, the bigger games may have resulted in a loss or 2 more, which would have knocked them out of the playoffs all together.

I just can't give it to Manning again this year.  I don't think he deserved to win it last year to be completely honest.  If you want to go with Manning you'd have to include Brees, Brady, and possibly Schaub in that conversation.  Those 3 teams would have been "doomed" as well.

Chris Johnson should win the award, but something you have to look at about him is, he didn't start really really playing well until the QB change.  I had Johnson in fantasy play this year, and I was almost tempted to trade him and then they went and made the QB change.  Kerry Collins didn't scare defenses like Young did, Young brought a different element to that offense, he opened up things for Johnson.  Now I rode Johnson to a championship, I don't think he is the true MVP of his own team.

Brett Farve made an improvement to that team, no agrument about that.  But, with that Defense and AP, they are still a playoff team.  Teams had to respect the run, which made teams play alot of 7 and 8 man fronts.  Which gave Farve alot of 1 on 1 on the outside.  He definitely made Sidney Rice and Shiancoe better receivers.  I just think that you take Farve off of that team, they still win 9 or 10 games and make the playoffs as a wild card not a division winner.

Revis was on a island every game, pretty much by himself with very little help from the safties.  Now I know the league very rarely gives the award to defensive players, but in my opinion, if there was ever a year to do so, this is the year.

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Posted on: January 4, 2010 8:05 pm

Revis for MVP

Ok this how I think it should go down. Revis is a very very good corner back. Probably the best in the league at the moment, but I do not think he deserves the MVP. I think Revis should win the Defensive MVP, but the MVP should go to Brett Favre, or Peyton Manning.  Revis did shut down all these great recievers, but I think even without him, the Jets wouldn't have been that bad. However if the Vikings didn't have Brett Favre, or the Colts didn't have Peyton Manning, they would be doomed. Peyton Manning didn't play two full games for the Colts, and they lost both of them. Manning went 14-0 this season. Also Favre took the Vikings on his back the whole season. If he wasn't the quarterback, then probably Tavaris Jackson, would be, and if that was the case then the Viking would most likely be fighting for a higher draft pick, to draft a quarterback. Altough all this, I think the real MVP should be Chris Johnson of the Titans. He was a 2,000 yard rusher this season, and broke the total yards from scrimage record. Also he broke mostly all the Titans rushing records. He was the best player to play the game this season, and he deserves the MVP trophy.

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