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Colts = Fixed horse race.

Posted on: January 1, 2010 8:14 pm

What the Colts brass chose to do was pathetic, and bordering on illegal...Having had a career in the thoroughbred racing field, I liken what the Colts brass did to a jockey stiffing a horse. Let me explain...

Let's say that Mike Smith, a famous jockey, rides a Derby contender in the prep for the Run for the Roses a few weeks prior to the big race. Smith does not ride hard down the stretch, wanting to save his horse for the Derby. The horse finishes fourth. He basically uses the prep as a training exercise for his horse, and is careful not to injure the steed so he'll be better prepared for the Derby. 

As many people as are upset now, as would be upset at Mike Smith's ride. Not only the paying spectators though. The governing body of the track, the Stewarts, would act and react very strongly to this poor ride. They would rule that the jockey did not give his mount the best possible ride, and would(I speak from experience in the field) suspend the jockey for AT LEAST A YEAR. Yes, at least a year!

Some say "get over it". I say NOT! Some say "they won the right to bench whom they want". I say NOT!

 I say punish harshly the Colts brass. They made a decision to unfairly sway the result of the game. They took steps where they did not field the best possible players.

Furthermore, kids everywhere were told on Sunday that's it's OK not to try your best.

The kids were taught how to act smug, cheat, and poor sportsmanship.

To say the Colts earned the right to teach kids the above, is farsical.

They stiifed the 60,000 or so fans that paid admission to the game, they stiffed the millions of fans that tuned into the game, and they stiffed the millions of fans that purchase Colts NFL apparel. Anotherwards, they stiffed us all.

I say the NFL should suspend Irsay and the coach for the rest of the season and the playoffs, as deterent from any other team doing the same in the future.

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