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Green and White

Posted on: January 4, 2010 9:12 pm
There is a certain Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde quality to these Philadelphia Eagles of '09 - '10. While they can seem unbeatable at times, running up high scores and demolishing teams, they can also crash back to earth with a magnificent thud. Evidence of this trend can be seen in the Oakland, Dallas, and New Orleans losses, accounting for four of their five losses this season. In those contests the Eagles offense appeared listless and ...lost. Like they didn't know how, or why they were supposed to be functioning at a high level. And also in each of these contests there was no excuse for the listlessness. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Dallas yesterday. The Eagles, winners of their past 6, and clearly rolling, just did not show up in Dallas. Their bodies were on the field but their minds were elsewhere. Maybe they were focusing too much on that second position in the NFC, or maybe they just underestimated the Cowboys, but regardless of what it was, they once again showed that infuriating tendency to lose when they have no excuse for it, indeed when they have every reason to actually fight hard and win.

So which Eagles team will we see next week in the place of their most recent humiliation? Will we see the team that makes the big plays and dominates both sides of the ball? Or will we see the Eagles who walk about on the field as zombies, seemingly content to let the clock run out on their hopes and on their potential? My money is on the juggernaut Eagles. This was a wake-up call if there ever was one, and the Eagles will step up to the challenge. The defense needs to blitz at will like they do when they win. McNabb, Jackson and company need to remember who they really are and step up to it. And they need to score when they get in the red zone, something they CAN do against any team, including the Cowboys, who played way above their heads yesterday. It won't happen two games in a row, not to this Eagles team. Because no matter what you can say about the Eagles, Dr. Jekyll always has a higher average of showing up than Mr. Hyde, especially in the playoffs.
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