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My Superbowl Holiday

Posted on: February 7, 2010 10:01 am
This is the day I have been waiting for, the Superbowl. Football is one of the few major U.S. professional sports that has one game for the Championship. Not hockey, baseball, or baskeball does this happen. Sure there are the college games which I also enjoy tremendously, but this is the Christmas in my sports watching. One day to watch a game from beginning to end and not feel guilty about any "honey do list" or my sick twice removed cousin that I do not visit. I am declaring my fun day without guitly.

Okay so it sounds like a need therapy, but this last for only 12 hour at best. I hope the game does not fall intothe catagory of being boring, or I fall asleep on the couch during the game. This is why I am going to a "Superbowl" party. I am going to cook some chicken wings and spend it at one of my friends home.

I will watch the commercials and hope there are some interesting ones. I do have a test for anyone who wish to reply to this blog, can you remember any of the commercials from last year? Only one comes to mind, the "Go Daddy. com" commercials. I guess T and A commercials do work.

I do not care who wins, but I did put my name in a superbowl pool. I have some bad numbers so I do not think I will win anything. I am going to enjoy myself with my wife and friends on my holiday.

I hope all who enjoy sports enjoy the game as well, on this holiday. If you are home, I wish you peace on your couch. If you a going to a bar, happy drinking and partying. If you are depressed I recommend go out and find a bar, and grab some wings and a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and make some friends. Bring you significant as well she/he might have some fun too (okay so that sound like a diss, I do not mean it as that).

Just remember Monday is around the corner so do not get to excited, do you hear that New Orleans and Indianapolis. When victory comes I do not want to hear how someone did something foolish and spent the night in jail. I wish it was my team in the game, but this is the way the football bounces.

Enjoy the Superbowl everyone!!
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