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The 2010 Winter Olympics-Curling

Posted on: February 21, 2010 4:16 pm
I have been watching the Olympics, I have seen various events that I know I will not be seeing for another 4 years. Most of these sports are just not shown on a national scale, like the biathlon, or short track speed skating. It is just not shown, because there is no Wide World of Sports that shows them on a Saturday afternoon anymore. 

Since NBC shows the Olympic at 4am, there is sports on CNBC and MSNBC. I have turned on the TV before I go to work and since I really do not want to watch the rerun show of the Olympics that was shown at 8pm I watch the alternative channels and usually catch the hockey or curling. Sometime I do not have a choice and am forced to watch curling.I realize this is not our national sport, so like cross country skiing, or bobsledding I do not expect great competition. I do expect to compete and to be mention on how tough the team is whether it wins or loses. Top 5 honors would be nice to see, but I seeing the opposite.

My comments about curling are very novice and naive. We are getting a beat down in both the mens and womans curling. There seems to be a lack of any winning strategy. The US Olympic squad is losing like a new sports franchise. The mens curling team even benched the captain John Shuster for a game, which seems to put spark back into the Mens team. The Womans team has it problems as well going through line-up changes of their own since Debbie McCormick has lost her edge. Both teams are tied for 7th place in the standings.

There have been some comments about the curling crowd being to rowdy and pro Candian. I say this Olympics and every countrys national pride is at stake including the hometown. So scream at the top of your lungs

I am disappointed that we are not doing better and I feel a depression when I start my day for work. My wife say why I touture myself with this sport, all they are doing is sweeping. If I want to watch sweeping watch pick up a broom and clean the house. I know why, because I suport my team and country so lets go USA.
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