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Snowed in

Posted on: February 26, 2010 8:58 pm
Today I was forced to stay home. Where I live there is 2 feet of snow, and nobody in their right mind (except the kids) is going out there in this weather. So I was starved for some sporting action. Since the Olympics are on TV this afternoon I had little choice but to watch it. I saw the mens hockey in which the United States took a commanding 6-0 in the first periord over Finland and never looked back. They won 6-1.

 I saw my new discover sporting event that I want to try, curling. In woman's action China gave a beat down to Switzerland so bad that they did not finish the game.

The Olympics will be finished this weekend and my mind will automatically focus on March madness. Tomorrow morning I will dig out my car and get some supplies for the weekend. (Okay groceries, but it sounds very rugged). Right now Canada is in a extra end (extra innings or overtime to us American mortals). This sport is very interesting to me, like bowling, I do not know of any curling palaces in my city, but maybe one day someone friend or foe will take me there and I will know the true spirit of the sportSmile

 So as cabin fever sets in I hope to find that the Olympic never end. It has saved me from a honey do list an arm length long and chores I did not want to do anyway.
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